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The Mage and the Xivulare

The Mage and the Xivulare

Posted June 7th, 2018 by ArabellasAura

by Nunya B.
in my own dreams

June 7th, 2018

Hello! I wrote a play for my English class. Enjoy!

The Mage and the Xivulare

Fred (unknowingly possessed by George)

George (a being that doesn’t have a physical presence and must possess Fred to gain one)

Madison Creekside (Fred’s teacher; secretly a mage)

Jo Shmo (Amy and Fred’s best friend)

John Smith (Fred’s other best friend)

Amy (Fred’s girlfriend)

Beth (Fred’s little sister)

Cloud Underriver (the top student and River Overcloud’s cousin)

River Overcloud (the other top student and Cloud Underriver’s cousin)



George’s house – where George and Madison have an argument about furniture

Ms. Creekside’s Classroom – where Fred is possessed and his friends notice his odd actions

School Hallway – where Ms. Creekside tells Jo and Amy what happened to Fred

Fred’s home – where Jo loses her presence and Amy attempts to get George out of Fred

The Cavern of Echoes – where Jo wakes up after losing her presence


 Scene 1

(Madison Creekside paces back and forth across the hardwood floor of an empty living room, with her head in her hands. Irate, she mutters angrily, seemingly talking to herself.)

Madison (frustrated): George, I’ve said this once and I’m going to repeat it again. We can’t place the bench in the dining room. It’s too big! Let’s put it in here, and leave it at that.

(Although George isn’t visible, his voice echoes throughout the room.)

George (patiently): No, we can. The bench is about six feet long, and the closest wall is ten feet long. It will fit there and leave a little more than a yard for the refrigerator, which I believe is more than enough.

Madison (stops pacing and speaks to the ceiling): So? Everything I’ve read about moving into a new place says all couches – and benches count – have to be in the living room.

George (trying his best to keep calm, but not succeeding): Madison, you’re acting like a child. You don’t have to be like the people on the Internet. Stop trying to be “everyone else” and be yourself for once.

Madison (throwing something resembling an adult temper tantrum): But when I’m trying to be “everyone else” I am being myself!

(George gives a sigh that makes it evident Madison is a lost cause. A figurative light bulb appears over Madison’s head as she comes up with an idea.)

Madison: You know what, George? Lately you’ve been more and more domineering. I don’t think this frivolous argument started because I tried to be a normal person. I think this happened because you became a control freak. Get out of my head. You aren’t allowed here anymore.

George (panicked): What did you say?!

Madison: I said get out. Forevermore, your new name is Darlene.

George: You do realize that if I lose my place in your mind for ten minutes I will die.

Madison (smugly): And I don’t care if you do, Darlene. But as a Xivulare, I expect you won’t run into any problems finding another innocent mind to corrupt even if you only have ten minutes.

George (stuttering): W-w-wait, you can’t be serious! I’ll let you move the furniture wherever if –

Madison: Too late! (Madison starts muttering nonsense and waving her hands around. After a few seconds, the incoherent chanting suddenly stops as the lights go dark.)

Scene 2

(Amy, John, and Jo are in Madison’s classroom chatting, waiting for class to begin. It is clear that they are enjoying themselves. A figure stands in one corner of the classroom but cannot be seen clearly because of the lighting. Fred enters the classroom.)

Fred (cheerily):  Hey everyone! Anything new going on?

(He is greeted with several welcoming smiles.)

John: Morning, Fred! Today I got a new spleen!

Jo: And I thought you only wanted a pencil.

Amy: Remember that one time when the whole bookshelf flew out the window? That is what this conversation reminds me of.

(They burst into laughter. The figure in the corner steps forward, revealing an individual wearing a black cloak that covers his features.)

George (revealing himself as the figure, talking to himself): I wish I could be like them… It must be nice to already have a physical presence in this world. (George steps closer to Fred, and sighs dramatically.) I must join them somehow.

(The stage is filled with fog. When it clears up, George is gone. Fred blinks, stunned. There is a few seconds of awkward silence. The other group members glance at each other, worried.)

Jo (glancing around the room anxiously): Something’s off around here.

John (acting as if the strange feeling is only a joke): Is it my spleen? I could get a refund.

Amy (ignoring John and looking at Fred, concerned): Are you alright?

Fred (no longer stunned, but seemingly in a trance): Yeah… Who are you?

(Both John and Jo turn to stare at Fred, gaping in shock. Amy gasps in horror.)

Amy: You forgot my name?! (Heartbroken, she begins to cry.) I’m your girlfriend and you forgot my name!! Why, Fred, why?? (She runs out of the classroom sobbing.)

Jo (troubled by Amy’s outburst): Amy!! (She runs after Amy.)

John (shaking his head in disappointment): Wow, Fred, you really botched that one. Did you ever realize that thinking is an important activity to partake in when talking to a girl?

Fred (looking down at the floor guiltily): No… Apparently, I’ve never realized a thing.

Scene 3

(Fred awkwardly sits next to John, not saying a word. After a few seconds, River and Cloud enter the classroom, in the middle of a conversation.)

River: The quantum cores of hyper-generation eliminated the molecules he wanted. As a result, he augmented the fire gauge, strengthening the core’s effects. (Sarcastically) How wonderful.

Cloud (adjusting her glasses): There may have been a reason for that. The fire gauge forced the molecules that did survive to stick closer together, so he could catch them in groups.

(Fred stands up, seemingly about to join their conversation, but then sits down again.)

River: Why hello, Fred. Did you have something to add to our intellectually stimulating debate?

Fred (taken by surprise and making things up on the spot): Yes... Uh… Don’t forget the pickles!

Cloud: Ah, the pickles. I should’ve brought them up earlier. They were a major factor in deciding whether Mr. Cheese was a legitimate scientist. Thank you for your contribution.

(River and Cloud continue their debate. John gives Fred a surprised look.)

John: I thought you were into the art of slacking off! When did you begin learning about the art of translating professional nonsense?

Fred: Honestly, I don’t know. (Sending a searching look across the room) Shucks, I didn’t bring any of my school supplies. I’ve got to go get them. (He leaves the classroom.)

(Jo and Amy arrive. Amy seems to have calmed down. John waves them over and they sit down.)

John: You good, Amy?

Amy: Yeah. (She pauses, deep in thought.) Fred’s acting a bit odd, though. I met him in the hallway earlier. He apologized for what he did. Then he left to get his school supplies!

Jo: And, as everyone knows, he’s never taken supplies to school.

John: That wasn’t the only thing, either… While you two were gone, he talked to River and Cloud. He was suspiciously professional. Before this, the cousins never got anything from him.

Amy (determined): We should talk to Ms. Creekside. She’s a teacher, so she knows everything.

(Madison enters the classroom. She takes attendance. Fred is the last person to be called.)

Madison (confused, and looking around the room): Where’s Fred at? He’s always been notoriously unprepared, but he’s never been late…

Amy (confidently): He’s been weird all day, Ms. Creekside. We can tell you what happened.

Scene 4

(Madison stands there, shocked, as her students explain how Fred has been acting.)

Madison: All of you felt a chill down your spine. Afterwards, Fred went into a trance, forgetting Amy’s name. Then he claimed that he wasn’t good with girls, contributed to a conversation above his level with something smart, and left politely to get school supplies?!

 Amy (grinning): Exactly!

Madison: I think I know what’s going on. Jo, Amy… Meet me outside in the hall after class.

Jo (whispering to John): I doubt it was a good idea to tell her that.

John (whispering to Jo): I agree with you, but Amy seems happy with it. After all, this is her relationship, not ours. In fact, if Fred asks, we could just blame it on her.

Jo (forgetting to whisper): Yes, that’s a great idea!

Madison (smirking): Mmmm?

Jo (embarrassed): Uh… nothing.

(After class, Jo, Amy, and Madison meet outside the classroom.)

Madison: See, you two aren’t in the kind of world you think you are.

Amy (already confused): What?

Madison: To put it simply, I’m a magician. I lived with a malicious being in my mind, but stood up for myself and kicked him out. Now he is corrupting Fred’s mind instead of mine. Amy, use the powers I just gave you to stop him. Make sure you use his real name.

Jo (disinterested and not taking what Madison says very well): This is the first time I can admit that I can’t believe anything you’re saying.  Why are you telling me this when Amy is the one who has powers?

Madison: I know it’s hard to take in, especially when it seems like something from a story. The reason why you’re here is because Amy can’t stop the being inside of Fred on her own, even if she has powers. Don’t worry about it; you’ll believe me later.

Amy: So we’re supposed to find Fred, and once we do Jo’s going to help me use my powers to defeat whatever’s controlling him.

Madison (smiling): Correct! You two are dismissed for the rest of the day. You don’t have to do any make up work. (Madison heads back into the classroom. Jo sighs.)

Jo: Here goes nothing.

Scene 5

(Jo and Amy arrive at the door of Fred’s house, panting and exhausted.)

Amy: We’ve search everywhere in the school, so this must be where Fred is.

Jo (tired and reluctant): You sure? He could be in California, Texas, Maine, Missouri…

Amy (Jo’s remark goes right over her head): Of course I’m sure! He’s definitely here.

(Jo face-palms herself as Amy knocks on Fred’s door. Beth answers it. She is expressionless and in a trance. She stares past Jo and Amy, not making eye contact when speaking.)

Beth: Hello.

Amy: Hi! This is Jo, and I’m –

Beth: Come in.

(Amy gives Jo a confused look. Jo shrugs helplessly as Beth opens the door. They enter Fred’s house. Beth leads them to the kitchen.)

Jo (to Beth): Who are you?

Beth: I’m Beth, Fred’s little sister. (She takes a plate of sandwiches out of the refrigerator. A disturbing smile floods onto her face as she offers them to Jo and Amy, finally making eye contact.) Sandwiches?

(Amy looks at Jo worriedly, realizing something’s wrong, but Jo thinks nothing of it.)

Jo: Sure. (She takes a bite of one of the sandwiches and then falls to the floor, unconscious.)

Amy (shocked): Jo!! (To Beth, angrily) What did you do?!

Beth (still smiling): It was Fred’s idea.

Amy: What do you mean, this was Fred’s idea?? (She snatches one of the sandwiches and examines it. After a quick glance she throws it back onto the plate. This causes other sandwiches to fall off and make a mess.) These are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, of all things! Fred hates peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Beth: Try one. They’re delicious.

Amy (sputtering): You! I don’t want your sandwiches! Where’s Fred?

Beth (not smiling anymore): You don’t want a sandwich? I have pizza, ramen noodles, candy –

Amy (screaming): WHERE’S FRED?!

(Beth freezes and doesn’t answer. Amy pushes past her and sprints towards Fred’s bedroom.)

Scene 6

(There is only one stage light on, centered on Jo. The rest of the stage is in darkness. Jo wakes up. When she realizes she isn’t at Fred’s house, she sits up quickly and looks around.)

Jo (bewildered): Where am I?

(The rest of the stage lights turn on, revealing a living room. A couch and a TV sit in the center of the room, both clashing with each other and the rest of the room. A clock hangs from one of the walls. George stands in a corner of the room, with the same cloak on as before.)

George (surprised): Why, hello there. Welcome to the Cavern of Echoes.

Jo (alarmed): GAH! (She jumps up.) How long have you been standing there??

George (casually): I’ve been standing here one hundred forty-seven years. But you appeared here six and a half seconds ago. There’s no doubt that you’ve just lost your physical presence.

Jo (while George’s remark is going right over her head): …What?

George: When you consume something you have a severe allergy to, you don’t pass away. You lose your presence on Earth, and are transported to a place to live until you find another way to be present again, through another person.

Jo (startled): I never realized I had such a severe allergy to peanuts. Or bread. Or grapes.

George: Fred knew, though. So did Beth.

Jo (defensively): How did they know? Wait… how did you know they know?

George (blatantly): I have a presence in Fred. I’m sure your teacher told you, although the explanation she gave you was pretty warped.

Jo (eyes narrowing in suspicion): Are you saying she’s wrong?

George: Well, no, but –

Jo: Teachers are always right, you know. (Her eyes light up as she gets an idea.) How, exactly, do you get a physical presence in someone?

George (relieved that Jo didn’t punch him in the face): Say their name three times in one day. The first name that you say three times will be the name of the person you possess. You’ve already inadvertently said Amy’s name three times today.

Jo (the light in her eyes vanishes): What?? (To herself) I’ve always wanted to be River…

 George: At some point, everyone wants to be River. However, they must deal with what they already have. (He looks at the clock.) Ah, it’s time for you to go. (The stage lights fade out.)

Scene 7

(Fred and Amy yell over each other in an argument. Only segments of it can be heard, most of them comparing grape soda to orange soda. Jo’s voice echoes across the room, even though she isn’t visible.)

Jo (desperately trying to stop the argument): Amy! Amy!!

(Amy stops arguing, ignoring Fred, who continues spouting nonsense.)

Amy (glancing around): Who’s there? Where are you?

Jo: I’m in your mind. Stop resisting me.

Amy (confused): What are you talking about?

Jo: Ice cream!

Amy: Oh, ice cream! I like ice cream… (Amy’s eyes go blank. She blinks a few times, but remains silent.)

Jo: Finally, I’m Amy. I don’t have a plan, though… What am I supposed to do?

(Fred looks at Amy, finally realizing that she has stopped talking.)

Fred (concerned): Amy? Are you there?

Jo: Shucks, I have to say something. Uh…

Amy (expressionless): Yeah, I’m here.

Jo (relieved): There we go. Now I remember what Ms. Creekside said! She said that Amy had powers that could stop the being inside of Fred, and using the creature’s name would stop him. I may as well ask for his name, because I don’t know it.

Amy: Fred, lately you’ve been acting differently. It’s like you’re another person. Who are you?

Fred (awkwardly): Um… Some call me George, I guess.

Amy: AHA! Your real name is Darlene!

Fred (panicked): My name isn’t Darlene! How did you come to that conclusion?

Amy: Darlene, I hereby banish you from Fred’s mind.

(There is a sudden flash. Fred is, yet again, stunned. He comes to his senses after a few seconds.)

Fred (taking in his unfamiliar surroundings): What am I doing here?

Jo: Since I have to be Amy the rest of my life, I may as well make it worth the while.

Amy: I don’t know! I just came to tell you that Jo had moved to Kentucky.

Fred: Really? I would’ve never thought she’d go without telling us.

(Amy shrugs in response. They burst into laughter. The curtains close, and George’s voice echoes throughout the room.)

George: Afterwards, everyone lives happily ever after… except for me. I should really get a new job.

The End


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Wow, this is wonderful! Its

Wow, this is wonderful! Its very funny and your writing feels so nice to read, like your style is developed and you know what you are doing (unlike me, I really need to write more). You are very talented!

Posted by Sarah J on Thu, 06/07/2018 - 09:25
Thank you so much!! :)

Thank you so much!! :)

Posted by Nunya B. on Thu, 06/07/2018 - 10:16

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