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MATHEMATICAL SPECIES (Official Full Edition)

MATHEMATICAL SPECIES (Official Full Edition)

Posted March 11th, 2018 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

March 11th, 2018





Official Full Edition

mathematical_species ©



Once upon a time I came across some bears,

Who said the area of a circle is (pi)r²,

When I asked them how to find the perimeter,

They said, “Just multiply pi by the diameter.”


But what if I could only see the radius,

The bears said, “We will teach you, just listen to us, 

Double it and then multiply it by pi,

Hopefully the perimeter is what you’ll find!”


Chord, arc, segment, sector - what about these?

The bears said, “Oh, we can do those with ease,

A part of the circumference is called an arc,

So if you’re asked about this you will get the mark!


  Two parts of the circumference is joined by a chord,

Don’t celebrate, there is still so much more,

A sector is an area enclosed by two radii,

You must believe us, we bears would never lie!


A chord and an arc enclose a segment,

Now you should do well in your assessment!”

Radius, sector, perimeter, chords, arcs and pi,

Now it’s time to wave these things goodbye!


Fractions - this word just made me want to cry, 

But suddenly I saw a fox who was from Dubai,

He said, “Fractions are fun, if you actually try,

First we will learn how to multiply!


It’s simple,” he said, “Just multiply the numerators,

And do the same with the denominators,

But do not think that fractions are this easy,

Division still exists to make you feel queasy!


If you want to divide just follow three simple steps,

KFC - I’ll tell you what that means next,

Keep the first fraction, flip the second, no complication,

Continue to multiply with this new equation!”


But what if I needed to add or subtract?

The Fraction Fox then replied, “Well, in fact,

Just make sure you equalise the denominators,

Multiply the same value with the numerators!”


I thanked the fox for his amazing help,

Now I can do fractions by myself,

Division, subtraction, addition or multiplication,

I can complete these without hesitation!


My mission to master maths is almost done,

But indices is a topic that can ruin my fun,

I saw an iguana who was good at it, 

He came and said, “My maths skills are legit!


When two values with the same base are multiplied,

Add the powers and the answer’s what you’ll find!

When you’re asked to divide, subtract the powers,

Your teacher will think you have superpowers!”


So there’s the end to my mathematical trip,

But there’s a long way to go till I master it,

The path to knowledge is full of twists and turns,

It may take an animal to help you learn!







mathematical_species ©




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