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May This Be The Death of My Desire

May This Be The Death of My Desire

Posted March 19th, 2017 by EmilyMc

by Meowing (Emily)
in Washington

March 19th, 2017

"May this be the death of my desire;

When you ran away when I couldn't even crawl. It hurt more than you'll ever know.

To watch her hurting soul ach and throb, scard me for far to long.

To scream at midnight, and wait, and wait, for someone to hear for so long

may this be the death of my desire," was what had once been burried underneith.


All of us have struggles. All of us have our pains. All of us can dream.


So let's dream something nice...and share it with the world.

The death of my desire...will never come....

My strength is back

and I won't let myself ach like her's did

in pain or not... I am a dreamer.



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