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Maybe there's still hope (reply to Erased)

Maybe there's still hope (reply to Erased)

Posted April 14th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

April 14th, 2022

Maybe there's still hope

So maybe don't mope

Make up your own Neverland

Where your dreams...might end, but...


There's really no hope for someone like me

You're all I could ever dream to be

In my erased reality
I'm in solitude
And there I stay
Wait, maybe this isn't your fate
It's never too late
So, sail your hopes into the sky
And fly, fly, fly!
I'll probably crash into the sea
I'm not a butterfly, moreso a flea
Of course, you only answering my plea
To try to make me be free
That's exactly my aim, right, right!
Everything for you isn't always so bright, but
I've gone through the things said of you
Wait! How would you know what I've done too?
I've doubted and worked and cried
But for once, I've tried
To open my eyes
I once did that too
But things went awry
And now I'll try
To open my eyes
Good, I see you have as well
The story you have to tell
Will be ended with the last chapter
So, let's write a new book.
Shall we?
...of course.

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