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The Monsters Inside Their Minds *WARNING: may be triggering. contains topics of anorexia, self harm, and suicide*

The Monsters Inside Their Minds *WARNING: may be triggering. contains topics of anorexia, self harm, and suicide*

Posted December 31st, 2012 by Lily09

by elliot

December 31st, 2012


AN: I am not pro-anorexia or pro-bulimia at all and I do not encourage self-harm or depression. I just wrote this out of nowhere, and yes, it may be triggering. Don't read it if you think it may cause you to self-harm in any way. If you're depressed or suicidal, please tell a trusted adult.
And on a completely different note, if any readers of Demolition Lovers is reading this, sorry for the long wait! I'm trying to get it finished by Wednesday.
His shirt hangs loosely on his thin frame,
He takes it off and stares in the mirror
The outline of his ribcage is visible against his pale skin,
But all he sees is
His black jeans come off his skinny legs easily
He feels ashamed to look in the mirror
His hip bones and knees are there,
Too visible,
But he feels as if he's not 
Good enough.
Thin enough.
Skinny enough.
So, he'll try to forget about his growling stomach,
That hasn't been filled for days,
And he'll skip dinner,
Just like he skipped lunch,
And countless other meals.

She looks down against her skin,
As tears threaten to spill over
She's sick of feeling so
She's sick of trying
And she finds her way to the only route of escape
That she has ever known
Her fingers grip the handle of the razor
As she presses the blade against her skin
The release comes along with the blood
She feels so much
But she can surely expect what's to come later,
And she'll repeat the cycle,
Just like so many other times before.

He feels the wind blowing against him
He looks down into the vast, deep blue
Oddly, he feels
He smiles a little bit, 
Forgetting all his hunger .
Forgetting the number on the scale.
Forgetting the image in the mirror.
He knows he will finally be free
And he takes the last step of his life,
Into the ocean beneath him.
There is no
"Just like last time."
Because his time on this Earth has ended.

She hears the quietness of the house
She looks down at the sharpened, glinting metal
Strangely, she feels
She grins,
Forgetting her parent's harsh words.
Forgetting her classmate's taunts.
Forgetting how alone she is.
She knows she will escape soon,
She makes the last cuts on her wrists,
And sinks into the bathtub full of hot, scalding water.
There is no
"Just like last time." 
Because her time on this planet has ended.


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The feeling is captured

The feeling is captured really well, and I like it. Epykal poem.

Fear cuts deeper than swords~Syrio Forel / Arya Stark.

Posted by Dracarys (Lauren) on Tue, 01/01/2013 - 21:19

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