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My Grandma

My Grandma

Posted December 15th, 2018 by EllaBella10

by Ella
in Washington

January 4th, 2019

My grandma is 78 and I have a true story to tell about her. She was born 1940 and when she was about 30-40 she had my grandma ok the she is my great grandma but that’s not the point ok. So when my grandma was 26 she had my aunt 2 years later she had my mom 1 year later she had my uncle. But when my mom was little her mom used to ask her to go to the drugstore and up her ciggerets. When my mom was 12 my grandma died and I never met her. My great grandma was so sad but Saturday December 15 was the scariest day of my life. My grandma fell down the stairs head first and took 13 nutcrackers with her the was rushed ER she just came back and she had a fractured wrist and a broken finger.

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That sounds so scary! I hope

That sounds so scary! I hope everything is okay. I also have a grandmother and she lives with us and she also falls a lot. Make sure to give her lots
If love to help her get better. <3

Posted by Esther on Tue, 12/18/2018 - 21:37
Thank you and it was scary

Thank you and it was scary but for Christmas my grandma got a small puppy that I think if trained properly could make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Posted by EllaBella10 on Fri, 01/04/2019 - 13:05

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