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My Lie as a Popular Kid

My Lie as a Popular Kid

Posted October 31st, 2019 by DreamDragon13

by Katherine
in Nevada

November 3rd, 2019

Chapter One 

I walked slowly down the hall, slight scratches covering my arms. My last fight had been rough, though I had escaped with barely any injury. I Opened the door slowly into my Math class. My teacher immediately turned to look at me, and I winced. "Umm, I was in the bathroom?" She nodded, and I sat down in my seat. Kids smiled at me, and a couple boys looked starstruck. Seriously, it was a pain being a popular kid. Some kids even though I was one of the Original Four! Ha! If only they knew. This was the last class of the day, so I was able to run home after this. I ran up a stairs to the bathroom. I looked through the medicine cabinet, passing through pain meds, pills, and bandaids, and... that, to find the bandages. I grabbed the white roll, rubbing alcohol, and antibiotic cream. I used a cloth soaked with alcohol to clean out the scratches, and put antibiotics cream on and bandaged it. There was little risk of infection, but I had to keep up my rep. And I couldn't do that if my bloodstream was poisoned.

 I saw my phone buzz, and ignored it. But I realized the only times my phone buzzed for a ringtone on a call was unknown callers and Boss. I quickly grabbed the phone and accepted the call. "Great job today, Lynx."

"But I didn't win."

"It doesn't matter if you won, you achieved exactly what I wanted you to achieve."

"But I-"

"Please stop. I have another job for you." 

The next day, school was abuzz with the gossip of the latest battle. The people who suspected me of a role gave me dirty looks. The superhero team, the Original Four, fought th supervillain, and had gotten badly injured. I wondered who they were. I wanted to congratulate them on their amazing work.

After all, not everyone can stand against me.

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Wow! That was amazing. I

Wow! That was amazing. I love the storytelling; already, you've come up with a believable world, even if I don't know much about it. The perfectionist in me would like to point out a few spelling mistakes (even though I myself make these regularly): immediately was misspelled and I'm pretty sure you meant "that, the bandages" not "that, to the bandages". Still, incredible writing. I look forward to the next chapter, if there will be one.

"You see, it doesn't matter who we are, Sophie. It's what we do." ~Lady Lesso, The School for Good and Evil

Posted by IllegalSparkles on Fri, 11/01/2019 - 13:14
I like the pace of this

I like the pace of this first chapter so far! I'll give a more thorough overall comment in your most recent chapter.

Posted by echo (*Jill*) on Sun, 11/10/2019 - 03:06

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