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My opinioans of moondragon 1 and 2 chartacters

My opinioans of moondragon 1 and 2 chartacters

Posted August 30th, 2023 by Cheezmra

by Dragonwolf
in the universe, somewhere

August 30th, 2023

Hilal: he has pretty much no character, but, hey, he’s supposed to be that way.

Hlimya: She’s a perfect character, sweet and sad, and majestic and motherly and loving. She’s pretty complex too. I don’t know half her backstory. It’s pretty interesting how she’s both a major good guy and the bad guy in book one. 

Steven: He’s a great guy. A pretty jolly fellow, but with that deep backstory that I like. His sacrifice is sad, but his death is not meaningless.  

Yui: she’s so sweet. A very non-problematic, cheerful, wonderful character.

Jones: He’s a great guy too. I keep on feeling he’s so much deeper than what we’ve been exploring.

Yufei: She is such a flat-out great character. Such a good minor antagonist. I don’t think she does much but harasses in the first and second book, but i hope to bring her to a great conclusion in the third. Any dialogue with her is sure to be great.

Ravern: I think he could do with a little more character. He kinda feels like a veteran of something. I don’t know why. 

Maisy: Maisy’s pretty good. She has more character than Ravern. (mostly because she’s Elizabeth’s and not mine)

Mario: (were you trying to make a nod to me, Elizabeth?) Mario’s a pretty good guy. He’s optimistic and makes it seem like everythings gonna be okay. Exactly the guy i’d want to be my friend. 

Elaxi: she’s fine, but i felt that she could have been better


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