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My slam poem... It's called: See

My slam poem... It's called: See

Posted February 27th, 2020 by chicken123

by Ava
in My head

February 27th, 2020

 Through my eyes

I see

I see the world through an innocent child’s eyes

But when he gets older 

Will he ever find out about



People killing 

People dying 

Children hurting

Hear them crying

Tank fought wars

With people falling


Innocent men and women

Willing to give their lives

For those people

Will that innocent child 

Wake up one day and 

See the hunger

See the thirst

See the desire

For those that 

Need it?

Will he 


Animals dying

Wildfires spreading

Walls being built

Because Trump knows where they’re heading

Will he


Buildings being burned

And tables being turned

One gunshot

Inflicts a wound

That’s all it takes

Unsolved cases

Of murders and 

Missing persons

Untold horrors

And fights between races

Black is just

Another shade of white

The inside is all

The same

We all have a heart

Well some of us

We have red blood

Unless we are Kree

We’re all people

We see what’s happening
We are causing what we


See the world around 


See changes

See your life in the eyes

Of someone who can't 

Of someone who wishes they could see

But can't 

See through their eyes because they can't see

See for them

See with them



Went to heaven

3-year-old me

Wanted him so badly


I saw

An angel in the 


I saw it

Flying above me

Spreading its graceful wings

Losing him was one of the worst things

The silence rings

The choirs 


And I see

Him standing before me


Great Uncle Don

In the hospital

Collapsed lung

Hole in one

It was a real good 


I saw it fly





Everything’s on the internet

Can you really see the damage?

Look at it from another person’s eyes

Can you see the horror

From concentration camps

Feel the gas

Fill your lungs

Like a balloon about to 


Been caught in a flood?

Lost a lot of blood?

Seen a man die?

Watched a hopeless kid cry?

Heard a baby wail?

Seen a ship sail?

Seen you friends,

Seen you family,

Seen your neighbors,

Seen your pets,


At age 15

I see

An uncle with

Metal tubes as a part of him

Keeping him alive

A family I never knew

2 best friends I lost

I see a beautiful smile

Of a sister by heart

I see a closer than close

Old neighbor

Die with her family

I'm seeing the world

Through my own eyes

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I just wanted to say that

I just wanted to say that this is really good and I hope you are doing well.

Posted by Riley on Thu, 12/31/2020 - 20:19

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