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The Mysterious Journal

The Mysterious Journal

Posted January 28th, 2017 by mariamkhel

by Mariam
in New York

January 28th, 2017

Mila and her mother looked for an empty Journal in their new house. Their new house was an abandoned, old house that was built in 1890 that made Mila feel like she was watched. In other words, it gave her the complete shivers. But she was distracted from her thoughts when a voice broke through. It was her mother. “Is this good?” She asked. “It was the only one empty. This or no Journal!” So Mila answered: “OK, fine. If that’s the situation, I’ll take this old Journal. It’s just frustrating that in the 21st century, I need to get a 19th century journal. Aren’t you sad for me? Are you? Please be. Please”. But Mila’s mother answered: “Sorry, but no. I am not sorry for you. This Journal shows you old and what old is. It shows you that old is good. Ah, the good old days, good old days, good old days, … blah, blah, chitter, chitter, chatter, chitter, blah, blah. “Mila was now tired. “All because of that Journal, that Journal!Mysterious, not modern, Journal!” thought Mila. She looked at it and said: “actually, it’s fine for me. Wow.” And closed it. Next day, something was written on the first page: Kid Mila-who-I-don’t-know came?

The day after that, Mila was scared. It happened again! This time, second page, it was written: She’s still here? Mila decided to investigate. She looked in the closet and there was a young poor girl, about 4. Mila asked: “Were you writing in that journal?” The girl said: “Yes. Just so you know I’d love to share it with you.” And Mila said: “You’re so cute! It would be an honor to share it (that Journal) with you. Anyways, what’s your name?” The poor girl answered: “Thank you! My name is Mimi.” And Mila answered: “Well then, Mimi would you like it if I adopted you? We’d always be friends, together.” And Mimi answered: “Yes! Of course!”

So they walked down the stairs, hand in hand, to play together outside. And Mila said to Mimi: “Thank god I’m always impatient to write, and there are no stores close to my house. It helped me meet you!”


And that's the end!

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this is so cute! cc:

this is so cute! cc: remember that whenever a new person speaks, it's a new paragraph. also why were they looking for a journal in the old house? why did they expect to find one there? maybe include the answers to these questions in your story.

good job!

Posted by panda on Sat, 01/28/2017 - 18:45

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