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Mystique Academy (chapter 1)

Mystique Academy (chapter 1)

Posted November 14th, 2020 by Mystique

by Molly
in Minnesota

November 14th, 2020

Jaida waved Werden over to her table. "Werden, I have to talk to you!" She called, tossing her fiery long red hair over her shoulder.

Werden frowned and set his plate of eggs and toast down onto the table. "What?" He snarfed as he dug into his breakfast. The Dining Hall was one of his favorite places.

Jaida's shockingly orange eyes narrowed. "I had a-" she lowered her voice and glanced suspiciously around at the Younglings, making sure none of them were eavesdropping. "I had a vision last night."

"A vision?" Werden was instantly on the edge of his seat. Jaida rarely had visions, but when she did, it was better for everyone to listen.

"Yes." Jaida said solemnly. "I saw a huge shadowy dark figure. He was talking to another smaller thing. He said that he would be sending his most powerful servants to Mystique Academy!"

"We can kill anything he throws at us." Werden said confidently. It was true. Together, he and Jaida were the most powerful Cadets at Mystique Academy. With her magic and his sword fighting, they dominated the Academy. Master Wishu had already told them he would be promoting them to Guardians next year, the highest level! And they were only thirteen!

"I know you think that," Jaida said doubtfully, "But eventually there will be a monster we can't defeat. And I sense that day is coming very soon. I think we should talk to Master Wishu."

"If it makes you feel better, okay." Werden regretfully set down his toast. Jaida smiled gratefully, but her eyes still looked urgent.

As they stood up, alarm bells suddenly blared. Younglings shrieked and dropped their plates. Jaida jumped half a foot into the air and sprinted towards the     Great Lawn, where Younglings and Cadets alike sparred and practiced their magic. 

Werden raced after her. He leaped into the sunlight and froze.

A huge dragon was crouched at the end of the Great Lawn, near the woods. It must have jumped over the fence, or it could have simply used its huge scaly wings. 

The dragon itself was about thirty feet long, bright green, and angry. The Younglings had been ushered to the very back and some Cadets were guarding them. The rest of the Cadets were desperately trying to keep the dragon from torching the Great Lawn. They were not succeeding. 

Jaida immediately sprung into action. "Everyone back!" She shouted. "Warriors in front, archers in the back! Magic users in the middle!" The Cadets scrambled to their positions. Jaida stepped in front and studied the dragon. "Archers, aim for the eyes. Warriors, try to distract it. And magicians, protect the Younglings."

Werden rushed to her side and drew his heavy broadsword. "Where is Master Wishu?" He asked.

"I don't know." Jaida ducked as the dragon swiped at her with a razor sharp claw. "Do you think this is the servant that the dark shadow sent?"

"Maybe!" Werden lunged forward and stabbed his sword into the dragon's foot. It was the highest point he could reach, but the dragon only roared in annoyance and threw him away. Werden landed on a sharp rock and groaned. The dragon opened its maw and its mouth glowed red. The Cadets and Younglings realized what was happening too late.

Jaida waved her hands in a complicated motion and a silvery mist flew out and hardened into a shield in front of the Younglings. Just in time, too. The dragon's red hot fire sprayed out, but the shield stopped it. The dragon shut off its fire and stared at the Younglings, confused.

"You almost burnt my sister!" Jaida yelled, slightly out of breath. Werden remembered that her sister had just become old enough to join the Academy. "Werden, now!"

Werden picked himself up off the ground and hefted his broadsword. He knew what trick Jaida had in mind. They had only practiced it once. He hoped it worked.

He charged towards the monster and jumped into the air. When he hit the peak of his jump, Jaida shouted a strange word, "Capie!" Underneath Werden's feet, the air solidified. He grinned and jumped higher, and the air formed platforms for him to jump onto.

He was at the dragon's eye level now, and the creature's eyes glittered with malice and evil intelligence. Some arrows were stuck in its eyelids where archers had tried to shoot it.

Werden stabbed his sword into the dragon's eye and twisted it, stepping away from the sudden and disgusting spray of goo. The dragon roared in agony and collapsed.

Jaida limped forward and caught Werden in her arms as he fell from his platform. For a magic user, she was surprisingly strong. "Nice work." She told him breathlessly.

"You too." He replied. "Is everyone safe?"

Jaida sniffed and shook her head. "Some Cadets. . . Well, the dragon was fast, and it had sharp claws. Some of them just didn't make it." She dipped her head so her bushy red hair hid her face. 

Master Wishu stormed into the Great Lawn. "What has happened?" He said in a deathly voice, stroking his long white beard and gripping his staff. His eyes traveled to the dragon and he caught his breath. "Who-?"

Everyone pointed to Werden. 

"Werden, come with me." Master Wishu's long blue robes swished as he spun around. Werden walked briskly over, and Jaida followed him. "Yes, Jaida, you should come as well. We need to talk."


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