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Mystique Academy (Chapter 7)

Mystique Academy (Chapter 7)

Posted December 10th, 2020 by Mystique

by Molly
in Minnesota

December 10th, 2020

Werden almost didn't have the courage to step out the front door.

He and Jaida had sprinted through the house and skidded to a halt when they had seen the carnage happening outside.

A bright orange creature had set fire to the luscious flowers and trees. It had scaly armor and a long tongue that occasionally shot out jets of fire, burning and trampling anything in its path. It resembled a giant turtle, if turtles had rough orange skin, huge bat like wings, and evil eyes filled with anger. Citizens ran around screaming like chickens with their heads cut off while some guards in forest green armor darted around the turtle with spears, but for the good it did they might as well have been stabbing the turtle with toothpicks.

"We're too late." Werden said with a sinking feeling. He blinked back tears and rubbed his eyes furiously. These people had taken them in. They had welcomed them and provided shelter.

And Werden and Jaida had repaid them by bringing a monstrous turtle creature that was nearly forty feet tall.

"No!" Jaida stomped her feet. Her amber eyes flowed with fire. "It's never too late. Mjar!" She yelled.

The leader appeared right in front of them - rising up from the ground like a plant in time-lapse. "Stop the invasion!" He spat, waving a long knarked staff. "Stop the killer!"

"We're trying to." Jaida brandished her dagger. "You have earth magic. I'm a magic user. I can sense it. Do any of the citizens also have your magic?"

Mjar nodded, his glowing eyes narrowed with fury. "Yes. Kill the turtle!" He started to charge, but Werden reached out and grabbed the creature by his suspenders, making Mjar run in place. 

"We need a plan first." Werden said. He thought he knew what Jaida had in mind now. "Call the magic users. Have them try to root the turtle to the ground. If it can't fly, it's less of a threat." The last thing he wanted to do was go confront the dragon, but they had to try.

Jaida smiled and she nodded at him approvingly. "Werden and I can attack the dragon head on, give you and your spellcasters a chance. Have the guards evacuate the people and take them back to the houses. We don't want any civilian casualties."

Mjar whistled. Eight people that looked identical to Mjar sprouted from the ground. They saluted smartly and awaited their instructions.

"Bury the turtle!" Mjar roared. "Bury the servant of Toros!"

At the mention of Toros, the spellcasters went wild. They snarled and growled, joining hands to form a circle. Mjar stood in the middle. Then they began a weird dance, stomping the ground and shaking their heads. Green energy flowed from them, and the turtle's legs gradually got stuck in the earth.

Werden watched them do the strange ritual, transfixed, until Jaida tugged on his arm. "We need to cover them." She ran out into the white pavilions, shouting "AHHHHH!" to distract the turtle.

Werden sprang after her. "Guards, form ranks!" He ordered, attempting to pull the guards together. They scrambled around in a panic while the green plumes on their helmets burned. He pushed himself as hard as possible. Citizens stopped panicking and watched as he and Jaida ran right towards the turtle. 

Jaida wasted no time. Quickly sheathing her dagger, she jumped into the air, yelling "Capie!" to push herself higher. She landed on the edge of the turtle's shell and scrambled up it, clinging to the scales as the turtle snorted in annoyance, trying to lift its legs.

The guards finally got organized. They waited for Werden to join them, then closed their shields above them and on their sides. The guards marched forward, and any fire the turtle blew at them was deflected off the shields.

The turtle sunk up to its knees. Werden took careful aim and chucked his sword into the turtle's large nostril. The turtle roared in outrage. 

For one exhilarating moment, they were actually winning.

So naturally, everything went horribly wrong.

The turtle shook itself so hard that Jaida couldn't hold on. She didn't have time to say any spells to save herself. She went flying off of the turtle at sixty miles an hour and landed in a clump of flowers. The turtle bent down and whipped its head, sending the guards sprawling. Werden managed to stay on his feet by pure luck.

Blood roared in Werden's ears. Jaida. . . Was she. . ? 

No. He told himself firmly. Jaida is NOT dead. But he couldn't make himself believe it.

Werden knew he should fight the turtle, avenge Jaida, save the Ristic Gardens, but he couldn't do it. He couldn't do it without Jaida.

A tear dropped down Werden's face. His shield dropped from his limp hand and landed softly on the grass. He could hear the spellcasters shouting, but to him it sounded tinny and far away,

I lived for fourteen years, he thought regretfully. I - I had a good run.

Werden closed his eyes as the turtle blew a plume of fire at him.


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I don't like cliff hangers,

I don't like cliff hangers, Please continue soon!!! it is really great so far. 

Posted by Ryoko on Fri, 12/11/2020 - 14:07

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