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Mystique Academy (Chapter 8)

Mystique Academy (Chapter 8)

Posted December 13th, 2020 by Mystique

by Molly
in Minnesota

December 13th, 2020

Apparently Jaida wasn't as stunned as Werden had thought. She raised a shaky hand and screamed, "Lorian!" 

The fire hit Werden, but it parted around him like an outcropping rock in a waterfall. He felt a tingling sensation in his chest, but otherwise he was unhurt.

The guards got up. Mjar and his spellcasters started sinking the turtle again. Werden sprinted to Jaida and pulled her up. "You okay?" He murmured.

Jaida nodded. Her usually tan face was pale. "Ooowww. . . Stupid turtle."

"Stupid turtle." Werden agreed. "Wait here. I'll go kill it. And. . ." He hated to ask this of her when she had just gotten the wind knocked out of her, but they were on a deadline. "Maybe you could try and prepare a spell?"

Jaida grimaced. "Werden, I'm sorry. I don't think I can. . ." She looked so miserable.

"It's fine." Werden's heart sank. He picked up his shield and sped over to the turtle. The guards had knocked it onto its feet and were stabbing it in its soft underbelly. The turtle brayed loudly, and moved no more.

Werden clambered onto the turtle's head and, trying not to throw up, reached into its gargantuan nostril, and pulled out his sword. It was covered in green snot and slime. He wiped it on the grass. 

Mjar marched over to Werden. "Thank you, traveler. Defeat Toros!"

"I'll try, but we have no way to get to the Fields of the Dead." Werden wiggled his eyebrows, hoping that Mjar would take his hint.

"Ooh!" Mjar thrust his finger into the air. "We have secret underground tunnels running halfway to the Fields of the Dead. They go all the way to Streruom. You will be safe.”

"Thank you." Werden smiled secretively as he turned around. "Jaida, we got a ride!"

She smiled and limped over. "Where to?"

"Streruom." Mjar tapped the map on Werden's belt.

"Streruom! Jaida exclaimed. Her eyes widened. "Or maybe we could just not go."

"We have to." Werden glanced over reassuringly. "Don't worry, Mjar's transportation will get us to Streruom in two days, tops."

"Yay." Jaida managed.

Mjar stomped on a small wooden hatch. It popped open, revealing a tunnel of darkness. 

"Wait. That's the transportation?" Werden groaned inwardly.

"Let's just walk." Jaida suggested. 

"No. We have to defeat Toros." Werden shuffled uncomfortably over to the tunnel. He couldn't see anything in it. "Are you sure this is safe?"

"Yeah." Mjar raised his hand. Werden and Jaida's feet sunk into the ground and they were pulled towards the hatch. Jaida struggled, but her boots were firmly stuck. The hatch enlarged magically, and the ground nearest to it slid into the darkness. 

Jaida and Werden tumbled into darkness as the ground they were stuck in collapsed into the tunnel.

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Still as great as ever

Still as great as ever

Posted by Ryoko on Mon, 12/14/2020 - 09:59

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