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The New beginning

The New beginning

Posted January 28th, 2019 by Mr.Happy

by Steel
in Wisconsin

January 28th, 2019

The New Beginning

    Jay was having the worst dream ever it was about the humans they were puny little creatures but in his dream they had weapons beyond anyone wildest dream. The humans were taking out years of revenge on the rest of the nation.

    Then he woke up and shivered that had been a terrible dream he was glad he didn’t have to live through that. He got out of bed and walked to the door. Suddenly a shriek split the air

    “Great,” he thought “his baby brother had woken up”

    He waited until his brother shut up then he walked out of the cave to hunt.

    A few minutes later he walked back in carrying a small cow in his mouth. Just then peter waddled out of his room and up to Jay.

    “Food?” asked the baby

    Jay ignored him.

    “FOOD!” Peter screamed

    “Go away” Jay replied

    Suddenly Peter lunged at Jay and sunk his small teeth in to Jay. He screamed and a burst of bright orange flames ripped out of his mouth and hit peter. He flew back and hit the wall. Peter sat there screaming. Their father came in and looked from Peter to Jay.

With a roar he charged at Jay. Jay hit the ground slid under ripping his claws through Tyrant's stomach. He roared and lashed out with his back claws. They ripping through Jays back. Tyrant and Jay faced each other teeth bared ready to strike. Suddenly Tyrant leaped into the air and dive bombed Jay. Jay leaped forward and Tyrant crashed into the down . Jay jumped onto Tyrant. He bit down on the back of Tyrant’s neck and snapped it in two.

Peter stared at his father then ran away crying. Jay looked down and saw what he had done. He ran to the door and jumped into the sky. Jay flew into the nearby forest he had to get as far away possible before his mother got home. He caught his breath. Then flew into the air ready for his long journey to the Griffin kingdom where he had some friends.

150 years later he was an elite soldier in the Griffin army when he woke up in the barracks he stretch and stood. Jay walked out of the barracks and to the briefing room were he got his missions. He sat down in the back and waited for the general.

“Ok we have a problem,” He said when he got to the front of the big room. “The humans are getting stronger. They needed more room. They’re starting to cross the border. We need alpha and omega teams on this.”

“Are you going to give us more information.”

“All you will do is give a head on attack and hopefully they will back off. The elite will go into battle if we lost they will get help from the other tribes. Dismist.”

Jay went back to the barracks to get ready.

Three hours later they got into the triangle formation and started off. Jay was in the lead because he had the strongest wings.

An hour into they trip when they came over a field and down below they saw a fleet of tanks rolling across the ground as far as the eye could see and heard the roar of fighter jets.

“Alpha take the air. Omega take the ground,” yelled Jay as the griffins split up.

Jay watched as omega dropped onto the tanks ripping them apart and using their sceam of death to rip through foot soldiers.

He himself flew alongside a jet. He got in front of it and smashed the cockpit with his club like tail. The jet started spinning. Crashed into the ground with an explosion.

Jay chomped down on the wing of plane it flew out of control smashing into another plane making an explosion in the air. Jay let out a roar and slammed head first into a bomber and smashed it in two. Suddenly his friend Windrom let out a scream and a plane shattered in two in front of him. Jay and Windrom circled each other destroying planes. Suddenly Jay notest a huge cruiser more jets were flying out of it and it shot beams of light trying to hit the griffins.

“Alpha team, on the cruiser,” said jay as he and Windrom started toward it.

Jay and Windrom flew up toward the cruiser dogging Ion blasts as a black cloud of griffins followed them. The Ion cannons shooting griffin after griffin out of the sky but it didn’t matter there were too many.

A gray surface covered the flying ship. Griffins attacked the cruiser’s armer trying to damage it. Jay hammered on the blast doors until they smashed open. He, Windrom, and about two hundred griffins came in through the hole. They spread out. Jay walked farther into the ship. He opened a door and saw a human at a control panel. Jay was in the cockpit.

The human turned around and smirked at him then grabbed something and put it over his heart. To Jay’s surprise a gun formed in his hand. Jay jumped at him and grabbed him in his claws.

“Any last words?”

“ Yes,” answered the the human “We both die,” And with that he detonated a bomb in his coat. With the force of 300 Ion cannon he flew through the glass and was flun a mile into the sky.

When he woke up he was in a dark forest he looked up at the sky but all he saw was a black haze. He must have landed somewhere in the black forest where the darkest and creepiest creatures lived. Suddenly he heard crackling. Jay hoped it wasn’t a unicorn. The named deceived them sounded cute but they wielded dark magic and they were ruthless.

Then a hooded creature walked out of the trees. The creature pulled its hood down and Jay saw it was a woman. She had purple hair, long ears and black skin. Jay realized she was a Stigma elf a fortune teller and talked nonsense.

“Find the mermaid find the unicorn and elf and your dream may be stopped,”she said

Suddenly she disappeared. Jay looked around. Then he tried to fly but he stumbled backward he sighed and started walking. Suddenly he heard a howl and in the woods ahead he saw a werewolf.

Jay jumped at him before he could call for help. Suddenly the rest of the pack surrounded him. Jay berd his teeth but one attacked him from behind and Jay was knocked out the last thing he heard was the stamping of hoofs.


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This story was a great read

This story was a great read

Posted by Demonic eye on Fri, 02/01/2019 - 12:16
I only read half. long!

I only read half. long!

Posted by fire dragon 72 on Tue, 06/04/2019 - 16:13
fun story! what's next? best

fun story! what's next? best story ever. read my story. Surviving The Undead. see you soon!

Posted by fire dragon 74 on Wed, 06/05/2019 - 18:39

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