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new "poetry" (autumn poetry stuff)

new "poetry" (autumn poetry stuff)

Posted November 4th, 2018 by GingerFur

by uncool kid
in Ireterra

November 4th, 2018

author's note: hi guyss... so this is like a "poetry collection" i guess. it's all themed around fall but other than that its not really connected. about half of these i had to write for school.  i really like fall, and i think seasons have some really good imagery, and also,  a lot of the "season is changing, so am i" kinda stuff is going on right now. it's not really done in any form of the word,, i think i should still edit these and add more poems, but i wanted to get something out since i havent posted in like 200 years. and, by the time i consider this done, it will probably be spring. so, im posting it now. also, some of these are very undercapitalized and bad in general so keep that in mind. if you read all this, thanks. enjoy.

autumn poetry collection
wow so creative name

A Treat of Chocolate

A dilemma
of boredom and procrastination…
all I yearn for:
One treat to restore my mind
and replenish me with glowing joy,
to get me started.

The most perfect commodity
popped into my mind
as I suddenly reminisced
at the thought
of the ideal delightful delicacy;
The steaming sensation
and delectable flavor;
a party had ensued
on my tastebuds.

I set out to rediscover
the unwinding experience
of sipping a steaming saucer
of amazing hot chocolate
on a cool,
autumn day.

It took half of an hour
to construct a
thirst-quenching masterpiece,
And it was worth it.
I stood out on my porch,
as the winds brushed past my face
Whispering in my ear,
and I watched multi-colored leaves
fall to the ground with a
As I took a sip of the piping hot,
treasure of a beverage.

that autumn day.




the snuggly sweater

my snuggly sweater
fit me quite right
keeping me warm
and hugging tight


the burnt orange hue

radiated for miles

the soft crochet pattern

making me smile


a tiny soft thread

hung loose and free

but that didn’t affect

my humming happily.


even if tears

have already been shed

this snuggly sweaters the solution

to the storm in my head


i wore my autumn sweater

so comfy, with pride

while sipping my coffee,

watching the leaves fall

and warming my insides





That sweet,

cinnamon-like Autumn smell

of crisp autumn leaves

Falling on the forest floor softly

with the slow, cold winds


through the tall trees

brings much reminiscence to many.


The massive,

elder trees stand tall

with their stoic faces.

The many rings within their


two feet in diameter trunks

depicting just how long

they stood like statues

in the same location.

The colorful piles of leaves

on the ground

Radiating all colors of the sun…


Skilled specimen,

Helping to prevent climate change,

Helping our water become cleaner,

Helping to cleanse our air,

More than 120 million

of these hardworking plants

stand tall with pride in our country.


They help to solve so many

of humankind’s problems

All whilst performing.

Spreading their long wooden arms

Full of leaves of green

Bright, breathtaking, natural scenery

swaying and dancing to the breeze

like a metronome

In spring.


Yet, when fall comes around,

they switch up the act.

dancing so intensely

with the shivering winds

that their leaves fall and fly

In a burst of Great color

And the performance of the year.

Introducing the new season with a wave,

“Welcome to Autumn!”




A Perfect Pie


After an exhausting,

exhilarating day,

We were finished.
My hands were smothered with flour,

the counters were smeared with substances

of all kinds,

and there were so many dirty dishes

piled up in our autumn-decorated kitchen

you could barely move.


My mom looked

truly drained,

With her hair tied up in a wispy bun.

Thanksgiving day,

I thought.

The cooking never ends.


There we stood,

before our beloved,


palatable pumpkin pie.

The filling up to the very top,

Just below the crimped crust.

But yet,

was it truly perfected?


There it was,

What seemed so be so satisfying,

still felt short of perfection.

Like a wrapped present

Without a bow,

or, a book

without a conclusion.


The shiny, burnt orange,

glowing inner core

Was definitely at its fullest.

But, that crust,

repeating the same

in and out

Snake like pattern,

Was so repetitive

It made me feel like a fool

for not correcting it previously.


But yet, I wasn’t quite sure what to do.




An idea

as bright as the shining fairy lights

in my fall room decor

and as loud as my autumn playlist

blasting from my phone.


I twisted strings of pie,

formulated shapes and designs

For an hour

Until my perfect pie design

Was complete.


As it came out of the oven

With a sweet aroma of spice,

it joined the selection

of other Thanksgiving foods.

The pie crust pumpkin

in the top right hand corner

Spreading vines and carved leaves

across the surface of the pie

Like the sun with its sun rays.

A work of art, I thought.

And it’s all thanks to me and my mom!




a walk of autumn


along the sidewalk,

in the suburbs.

passing tall trees

being gradually stripped

of their leaves


the slow, steady breeze

still brushing by.

the crisp, fall smell

balancing my mind, as

all is well


breathe in,

breath out


rifts in Earth of many

but, time is passing by

the world and seasons

are moving on,

so inevitably

so must I.





my pet bird


i have a pet bird.

he sits on my head.

he has soft gray feathers.

he puffs out his chest.


he sticks out his beak

and lifts up his chin.

his boastfulness and pride

elicits a grin.


i love birdie,

so proud, so fair.

i don't mind when his feet

get tangled in my hair.


but one late day

we waltzed on the streets

and this birdie did something

that left me quite weak.


my bird fluttered,

and chirped quite loud

as if to say,

“you are on your own now.”


“the seasons are changing,

taking paths of their own.

i have to go,

and you have to go home.”


and so my birdie

just flew far away

and i have not seen him

since that day.


autumn carried me,

directing me to where i belong

and i thank my pretty birdie

for sending me home.





the end. thanks for sticking around for some bad poetry!

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I deeply enjoy all the imagery here, also the sweater one is so cozyyy

{i want to prove that we aren't smoldering in this small world.}

Posted by solivagant on Sun, 11/04/2018 - 20:54
reee thank

reee thank

Posted by listen to hadestown on Sun, 11/04/2018 - 21:08

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