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A Night in the End

A Night in the End

Posted May 17th, 2021 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

May 17th, 2021

Night Survival

            Amin looked around. He was in a new world. He sighed.

Amin was a Minecraft player. He was used to appearing in new places. Now he was in a Minecraft realm with a player named Ajax. Amin had often seen Ajax. He was a good player, equal to Amin. Amin walked over to a tree and started breaking it. Night was coming and when that happened, mobs would over run everything else. Night was horrible, but to survive it he needed a house.

            After Amin broke seven trees, he built a house. he left spaces for the windows. next he hurried over to the sandbar, and mined sand. Then using wood, he made a wooden pickaxe. He used the wooden pickaxe to get stone.  Using the stone, he made a furnace. Then he smelted the sand and got glass. He filled in the holes in his house with the glass. Suddenly night came upon him. He stayed indoors all night long.

            The next morning, he was famished so he went and hunted cows. Using the furnace, he cooked the meat so he could eat it. Using the leather, he made a chest plate. After that he went and found a cave. He found lots of iron. When he got back to the surface, he made an iron sword, an iron pickaxe, an iron ax, an iron helmet, and iron leggings. he made a shield too.

            He went back into the caves and found a lot of coal. As Amin was heading back to the surface, he heard a noise. He turned around and there was five zombies and a spider. He jumped back in surprise and killed a zombie easily. He was swarmed by four zombies and would have died if he hadn't had cobblestone on him. he used it to block off the path so that the two zombies and the spider could not get at him. He ran up the stairs only to find out that it was night. Zombies crowded around him but in desperation he made one final splint for his house. He died right outside his house. When he responded, he ran and got his stuff. Luckily, his house was nearby the spawn-point. He ran into his house and close the door. It took him a little while to organize his stuff. Finally, when he had his stuff organized, he looked outside and saw that it was morning. He crafted some torches and placed them in his house and around it. Then he ran to his mine and lit that using the torches as well. He climbed out of his mine and started breaking trees. When he got two stacks of 64 wood planks, he went into his house.

            After he organized, he went and hunted. He got a couple sheep. He went back into his house and crafted a bed, cooked the meat, and slept in the bed. Then he ran over to check on Ajax. Ajax was a good player. He had about the same about this stuff as Amin. Ajax was having a hard time against the mobs. Then Amin had an idea. He went to the first spawn place, built a house around it, and build a fence around the house.

            “This way, every night we will come here, and we will fight mobs together!” Amin exclaimed excitedly, “It is a brilliant idea and that way, we will be able to farm off mobs and get the loot.”

            Ajax thought that was a good idea.

            Amin went back to his house and decided to build a garden. He got logs and put them up right surrounding dirt. He broke some of the dirt blocks and put water there instead, using three iron to make a bucket and transferring the water from the river. He made a hoe and hoed the dirt. Then he planted seeds. He went into his house and, using the bones he got from skeletons, he made bone meal. He used his bonemeal to grow his plants. He went mining for a little bit and came back with a lot of cobblestone, which he used to make a wall around his house, garden, and mine. He put doors in the wall. He went into his house for a bit to organize his stuff in his chests.

            When he walked out next it was evening, so he decided to walk down to the shared base and meet Ajax there. Ajax was already there. They went inside the building and waited for night to come and for mobs spawn. The sun fell further and further down. Darkness battled for the land and mobs stumbled out from the woods in the mountains. Ajax hurried inside the base. Amin waited outside. Ajax came back outside with an iron sword. Amin stood beside him and killed off a zombie that crept close. Amin heard a creeper and ran and hit him back.  Amin killed the creeper and turned around, only to see that Ajax was gone. Amin looked around and hurried into the base to see if Ajax was there. He wasn't! Amin started to worry outside, only to see three skeletons, two zombies, and several spiders approaching. Amin ran back and killed one of the zombies. He hit one of the skeletons back and killed a spider. He glanced around as one of the skeletons hit him. Amin was running low on health. Frantically, he hurried inside the base. He ate a couple pork chops and regained his health. When he was full health, he went outside and killed all the spiders. Then he ran back inside and ate some more. He regained his health, went outside, and killed the other zombie. The remaining skeleton hit him several times before Amin was able to slaughter him. he glanced behind him and saw Ajax.

            “Where did you go?!” Amin shouted, “I was so worried!”

            “Sorry I had to go and get some more food.” Ajax apologized.

             When day finally came, Amin ran back to his house. He organized the loot that he got from killing the mobs. Then he ran into his mine to get iron. he found a good cave and got 30 pieces of iron. he got back to his house and put the iron in his furnace. He made a new iron sword because his had almost broken that night. Then he slept in his bed and when Amin harvested his garden. After he had harvested, he planted the seeds again and went into his house to make bread. After he made his bread, he glanced at his food supply. He had three pieces of bread and one piece of lamb’s meat. Amin decided to go hunting. He gathered up his sword and other supplies and was off. Since there were no animals nearby, he had to go far away. After a couple minutes of walking, he came across a cave. he took a detour and went inside. It was steep, so he jumped down the walls. Soon he was at diamond level. He was excited. He ran over to a lava pool and started to make a strip mine. He was mining for a couple minutes when he saw something glint. It was diamonds. He jumped up and down in excitement and hurried over. there was seven of them. He mined around them to make sure there was no lava. Then he mined them. He was so excited he ran out of the mine. He hurried home.

             When he got home, he made a diamond pickaxe, a diamond sword, and plan on making an enchantment table. He went to his mine and collected fourteen pieces of obsidian. he ran back up and made an enchanting table, and then went back out and viewed the side of his house. He made a nether portal. He was excited. He hurried into his house and put everything he didn’t need in a chest. Then he hopped into the nether portal. The normal world disappeared behind him.

            When Amin walked into the nether portal, He began looking for the Nether portal. After a minute or so, he found the fortress. It was huge. Amin killed blazes until he had tons of blaze rods. Then he harvested all of the nether wart and tons of soul sand and nether rack. He left the nether and made a nether wart farm. He made a potion stand and made a fire-resistant potion. He glanced outside and saw that it was night, so he went to the group-base. Ajax was already there. Amin filled him in on what had happened. He gave him a fire-resistant potion as a friendship gift and Ajax gave him paper and leather.

            The next morning Amin made five bookcases. He put them around the enchanting table. Then he enchanted he sword and pickaxe. He mad iron armor and enchanted it. Then he went hunting. He came back with some pork and cooked it. He then made potions of healing, strength, fire-resistance, water breathing, and invisibility. He made splash potions of harming, weakness, and slowness. He organized a potion chest and equipped several potions. He went mining in his diamond mine. He found 24 diamond over several hours. He went to his house and made enchanted diamond gear. He also had got a lot of gold, so he made 15 golden apples. That night, he went enderman hunting. He got 6 ender pearls. He went to the nether and traded with Hoglins and got 8 ender pearls. The next night he got 2 ender pearls, He visited Ajax and saw that he had iron armor and a diamond sword and pickaxe.

            “Do you want to beat Minecraft?” Amin asked.

Ajax agreed and they left to find the end fortress.

When they found the fortress after days of walking, they light it up and went in. Amin climbed up one of the towers and destroyed it. He used his bow to shoot four more. Ajax got the other. The MLG water bucketed down and attacked the dragon. Ajax died, and Amin hid until Ajax came back. Then Amin attacked again. He hit the dragon’s head over and over again. He burned him with lava, and exploded beds in his face. Finally, amin jumped up and struck him with his sword. The dragon died. Amin and Ajax cheered. They had won the game.

                                                                          THE END

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This is legit one of the

This is legit one of the longest short stories/book chapters I've ever read though-

Posted by Theresia on Tue, 05/18/2021 - 04:33
Minecraft content,

Minecraft content, yay!!

Theresia is right, this is long, and I like it! While short things are easy to read, as a writer, it's often good to give yourself more space to develop character and scenery. 

Amin and Ajax are excellent names. 


Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


Posted by Tía Snow on Wed, 05/19/2021 - 09:15
this took me about 5 minutes

this took me about 5 minutes to right! I LOVE Minecraft. 

Did you like this? should I make pmore minecraft stories?

It's not just a matter of trusting yourself but testing your abilities - Joseph Sugarman

Posted by Ryoko on Thu, 05/27/2021 - 10:36
I do like this! Do what you

I do like this! Do what you want to do though. Your original work is good too


Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


Posted by Tía Snow on Thu, 06/03/2021 - 13:32

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