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night sky + you

night sky + you

Posted December 28th, 2016 by july3girl

by panda
in Illinois

December 28th, 2016


the constellations that your freckles make along your skin

are more beautiful

than the original


it is true i love the night sky

with it’s stars and moonshine and endlessness

with everything i have

but you

i love with everything i am


and the shine of your eyes

is brighter

then any of the moons in this galaxy


they say that space is big

that the night sky goes on and on

that it is the largest thing that ever was

but they seem to have forgotten

about my love for you


i don’t forget your skin

your hand in mine

which is softer than any velvety-heavens


and i’ve charted all of the stars

learned the ellipses and rotations

of the planets and their moons

but it is you that i am an expert in

because why would i want to stop learning?


and your lips are pink

like the sunset

but multiplied in artistry by the size of the sky


it is true i love the night sky

i’ve loved since i was young

but it is also true

that you are a night sky

to me


and i would give the original up for you any day

and i would give the original up for you any day

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