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Not Everything Can Be Kept A Secret-rewrite

Not Everything Can Be Kept A Secret-rewrite

Posted May 9th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

May 9th, 2022

I waltz into my big brother's room, curious. Whenever I'm curious, I'd always asked him about something, and he would respond. Today was the day I'd tell him about a game I found that really caught my eye-until I found out that he liked it and had been in the fandom for about three years now. He was going to be my go-to-person whenever I needed help on something like it. He was lazing on his bed until he noticed me. "Hey," he said. "What's up?"

I softly said, "Well, remember that game that you liked?" He gets up. "Which one?" I think hard. "Uh, um, the one with the guy that-" He then says, "Oh yeah, that one!" He also looks a bit concerned...ah, nothing much! "Yeah. Why do you ask?" I think again. "Uhm, I really want to see what made the game and its intent. Y'know?" My brother looks a bit distraught. I see him deeper in thought than I am, and then he forcefully closes his eyes.

"If you really want to know what's behind the scenes of it," he says, "you should search it up." Of course. That didn't sprout into my mind beforehand. My big brother's face was plain then, no emotion to it. He was probably trying to hide something from me. Then that's when I got fishy. "Is something wrong?" I ask him. He was sweating a bit, little beads clinging to his face. "No, nothing's wrong," he said finally, forcing a smile. "Go search."

I ran to my computer, thinking he was just in a thought-thing again. He's been in them during the entire month. I booted up my computer, a Windows 7. It made the little startup chime, and then I went into Google. I searched in the tab, (this is NOT a real game) "Grounded Glory 3 wiki." I say out loud, "If there's a wiki for this game, then I can probably find the unused content for it and prove my brother that it's perfectly fine."

Lo and behold, there's the wiki. A Fandom one.

"Aces!" I whisper-yell. I click on the tab, and after 5 seconds, I'm in. In the wiki, there's well over 200 pages, but less than 300. How am I going to find the Unused Content page? I think to myself. Of course-there's a text box looming overhead. If I click on it, maybe it'll give me something, at least. So I search, "Unused Content" and then click "Enter." Surprisingly, there are no results for "unused content," only just beta things for sprites only.

Wait. "Everything?"

I click on "Everything," in hopes to find the page. Still nothing. Page 1...Page 2...Page 3...Page 4! Yes, there's the Unused Content page. I click on it again. Of course, that's the page title. I hear something kind of roaring-and it's not my fan. I clunk my fan one time, and then notice that the hissing sound is my computer. Maybe I should go back-no. I came all the way here to see the unused content. I must push on and keep using it! I must!

As I get further into the page, it begins to glitch. Even the sprites I see begin to corrupt. I can tell this is a virus. I begin to hit backspace, but nothing. I try closing the tab. Nothing. I try force quitting Google. Nothing! I yell in anger. "Come on, dang it!" I try closing the tab in Google with the other button, nothing. Maybe I can go to my history and erase the thing. Then it'll be like it never existed at all. And then I'll turn off my computer.

I can't open another tab.

My computer might be bricked. I try scrolling my mouse up, but the glitches begin to spread further across the page, and the "Unused Content" thing is almost completely corrupted. My speakers begin to hiss-but I know exactly what to do. I push the "OFF" button, and it goes off. Thank goodness that's something that works. My mouse is then forced into the brunt of the page-and my screen's probably about to pop when a notification flashes.

"Are you extremely sure about this?"

Still horrified, I misclick and press the "yes" key.

"I mean, you really don't want to see what was happening before...you know what happened."

I don't know what happened. I misclick. Again.

"Do you know what happened?"

I press no.

"Of course. Almost all of our original planning was scrapped."

I press the only option-okay.

"You think it's okay?"

The only option is "Yes." I can't click out.


I press "Okay."

"This here is your final warning. Are you very, VERY sure?"

Closing my eyes, I accidentally press "Yes."

Oh no.

Oh no, oh no, oh no!

"Okay...if you say so..."

"Here's what was happening before all despair broke loose."

My screen begins to shake and rumble. "No!" I scream. I don't want to die yet if it blows up, and secondly, this is my only computer. The screen shakes more, and more. And then, it goes back to the page normally. No glitches! Unused Content is safe! Woo! Maybe I was just hallucinating... but it felt so real. Anyways, that was weird. I begin going into the unused music-and some of them should have been in the game, and then the unused bosses...

Unused everything.

And then, glitches appear on my screen. Again. Dang it, why won't this wiki just let me go?? I keep going down. Maybe my computer is still in a shock after what happened. I look up. I can press backspace again! I try to, but at that moment, it fades away. I keep seeing profanities, many of them. I also begin to see the characters in a big mess. Probably dead. "Ohhh my god!" I scream. I try clicking everything to get out, but nothing works.


Is this what they meant?


What happened afterward?

The profanities begin to shake, and are in a bolder font than before. They begin to bounce across the screen, reflecting off each other. My screen looks like it's going to pop again. In another font, the computer pings with another warning. In my horror, my vision is obscured, but what I can make out-

"Yeah, no. You're not looking at that."

My wifi router begins to let out gas.

Then it sets on fire.

The last thing I see...

"You know, not everything can be kept a secret."

The screen flashes off. My vision becomes even more obscured, and it feels like I'm flying. The screen shatters, and if I was in space, I'm sucked into my computer. I feel nothing, and I feel cold. Legend has it that my parents entered my room in horror, including my brother. No one survived. The fire spreads, and soon, burns down. But some who have seen it, like me, has seen their house, stamped with these words and these words only:


The end.

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