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Posted April 7th, 2018 by GingerFur

by listen to hadestown
in Ireterra

April 8th, 2018

where are you mentally? answer- the poem. Old and not my favorite or anything, but I hope y'all enjoy!


“No Where”


Located in “Nowhere,”

In the middle of the sea,

Living in the solitude of my cabin,

Is quiet, little me.


Day to day

The silence and tranquility

Leaves who speechless?

Just quiet, little me.


I splash in the sapphire-blue waters,

With the turtles I play,

Enjoying the luscious nature,

Day, after day, after day.


The loneliness is quite refreshing,

The beautiful scenery I adore.

And, waking up every morning

To the ocean shore.


I know this life of mine

Can be seen as quite unique

But company of the shining sun

is just perfect

for quiet, little me.


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