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ok (md oc writing)

ok (md oc writing)

Posted September 11th, 2023 by dust

by DustiestPaws

September 11th, 2023

“There’s a whole word out there, just for you and me!”


The disassembly drone smiled sharp teeth. They felt like they would explode of joy and happiness. It extended its hand to the sky, curling their tail and stretching a wing towards the worker drone. 

“Yeah?” Viva responded, smiling in turn. Her yellow eyes closed as her visor displayed blush-like lines. 

“Yeah! Let’s run away!” Cherry took a small step closer, their visor displaying to same blush. Cherry knew they both felt the same. The two were opposites in a lot of ways but loved each other in even more. 

“Let’s run away together!” Cherry lowered its hand. This was their one chance. Their one chance to run away and never be told that they couldn’t love each other. Their one chance at peace and freedom.

“Ok.” Viva took Cherry’s hand with a firm yet gentle grip. She took a step forward, her afro bouncing a bitCherry looked into the worker drone’s eyes and only saw a blind sincerity. 

“Ok.” The disassembly drone nodded with a hopeful smile.



It took ErrorCode a moment to realize that this was a memory. The fleeting bliss that once consumed its mind has dissipated, leaving the drone to their own thoughts. A creeping sadness took ErrorCode’s mind like a snake to eggs. Desolate and empty was the only way to describe its mind. “Ok…” It muttered to itself, resting their head on their arms. “It’ll be ok.”

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