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One Single Song (chapter 1)

One Single Song (chapter 1)

Posted September 7th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

September 7th, 2020

Alice tapped her pencil on her desk, waiting for library class. As much as she loved singing, she loved reading. About singers. All the other

students were doing their math worksheets, leaving Alice to tap her pencil a bit more. Alice began to stare at the "No noise!" sign on the

wall, but she couldn't stop tapping. Suddenly, everyone began to line up to walk to the library, or so Alice thought. Alice lined up with the

others, and they began walking towards the auditorium. "Why are we not going to the library?" Alice wondered. Suddenly, they approached

the room, and Alice's teacher, Ms. Calico, instructed all the students to sit down in old chairs. After a few minutes, an adult that seemed to

be 30 stepped onto the stage. "Welcome," he said. "I am Mr. Nile, and I am the main drama teacher." 

"Ahh, he is cute..." Alice thought to herself. "Maybe I should know more about him."

"Anyways, we will be hosting open calls for singers, and the best singer of the state will get to perform on the Serenity Cruise."

Alice's heart seemed to stop. The Serenity cruise was the richest ship in the world, and Alice could not afford to be on the ship, but with a 

simple song could get her on the ship. After drama class was over, Alice learned that you had to be at the auditorium by 4 pm, and the

club would let out at 6 pm. By then, it was 3:30, which meant school was over. Alice had enough time to grab her backpack from the class,

get all of her books and leave. The bus took her home, because Alice's mother had a quite hard job and by every night, the gas nearly

seemed to be empty. Alice's mother, with the little energy the car had, would drive it to the nearest gas station and go home. When Alice

arrived home, she told her mother about everything. "I'm not sure...you're normally very shy..." Alice kept protesting, and finally her mother

caved in and said she would, before Alice's classes started, pay for the open call. Alice walked up to her bedroom, nervous, but she had 

to do this for her parents. For herself. Alice laid in her bed and practiced singing for the rest of the night.

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This is a nice hook to start

This is a nice hook to start off the story!

Posted by Amethyst on Mon, 09/21/2020 - 11:06
Thanks! The book is already

Thanks! The book is already done, but thanks for the support! :D

Posted by Elizabeth on Wed, 09/23/2020 - 12:11

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