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One Single Song (chapter 3)

One Single Song (chapter 3)

Posted September 7th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

September 7th, 2020

It was now Friday, the day that Alice was supposed to sing in her classroom before lunchtime. The same glare from Lily before school, and

the support from Marie. Finally, when it was time, Alice stepped up to the front of her classroom and let the melody pour out like last time.

The same amazed stares. Alice went back to her seat and just waited for the open calls. After school was over, she noticed Marie and

Steven had joined. Marie was done singing, however Steven had been called up. When he started singing, Alice felt...different. Like he

had a relation to her. When he was done, Mr. Nile said "Marie and Steven, you will be singing in the classroom by Monday. And now, here's

the tallies for the other girls who performed." Once he was done with all the other girls except Alice and Lily, he announced "And the top 

student for the singing is... Alice!" He clapped. "Good job and making it to the state. You'll be performing at the state theater next Saturday."

Alice clapped so that she didn't know Lily had stormed off. At 6 pm, Alice needed to take a dump so she went to the bathroom only to find a

red-eyed Lily. Alice could tell she had been crying. As she approached Lily, she screamed "Get away from me! I should have won!" Alice,

shocked at Lily, replied "What? No! The award is mine, fair and square. Mr. Nile isn't going to change it." After letting out a scream of fury,

Lily pushed Alice off and began crying again. "I...deserve....it..." As Alice left the bathroom, she felt a bit of guilt hurting Lily's feelings. But

who cared? They were still rivals, and besides, even though Alice was quite shy, she made it to the state, and the next step was the 

Serenity. Alice told her mother all about this good news, and her mother yelled "I'm so proud of you! But first, we'll need to get you something

nice..." Alice had forgotten all about getting a dress, and now the car had little gas...it was enough for a trip to the gas station, but not enough

for a shopping trip. Alice said "Can I have that dress from Sing?" Her mother replied "I don't know, but I'll try to find a similar costume! Why do

you need it, though?" Alice replied "Costume making."

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