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One Single Song (chapter 4)

One Single Song (chapter 4)

Posted September 7th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

September 7th, 2020

The next day, Alice had no school and her mother no work, so they got the closest dress from the movie Alice mentioned. It was not sparkly,

but Alice could use the glitter Marie gave her that Alice never used. When Alice and her mother got home, she picked up a pair of scissors,

the glitter, and a special glue. First, Alice spread the special glue all over the dress and the glitter and waited for it to dry. She'd gotten one

of her mother's recycling belts and did the same thing, finishing the belt by stapling a purple bow and repeating with that. Normally, in the 

movie, the dress had been cut above knee length, but Alice was going for a longer look so she cut it a bit under knee length.  The dress was

finally complete. In 6 days, she'd be heading over to the capital. Marie saw the dress and loved it, but worried that she should only use it for

one show because Lily would be jealous. Marie finally caved in the day before they were about to leave. And when the day arrived, Alice was

very nervous. Alice and her mother strolled over to the airport in a taxi, their luggage in their hands. The capital was 2 hours away, and it was

only 10 am. Alice boarded the plane, and already thought about eating pretzels and drinking water to make her calm. In the middle of the 

flight, the chance arrived when they were passing out the drinks and snacks. Alice took two of both, and when the airplane finally landed, her

mother got the rental car to drive over to their hotel. Alice spread the dress out on her hotel bed and watched TV before she could take a 

shower. Later, Alice had taken a shower and put her dress on, and they were heading towards the theater. Backstage, Alice noticed that

Steven had gotten ready in his finest suit, and she fell in love. Without warning, she skipped towards him and slowly said "Hello." He noticed

her welcome and he stared at her. He seemed hypnotized just looking, and his eyes began to relax. Alice immediately knew that he was in

love with her, too. Suddenly, they called his name, and he snapped out of it and hurried to the stage, covered with a curtain. Alice fell in love

with his singing again, and before she knew it, someone yelled "Next contestant, Alice!" Alice, with a sigh, stepped onto the stage.

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