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One Single Song (chapter 5)

One Single Song (chapter 5)

Posted September 7th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

September 7th, 2020

Alice was shaking as the curtain rose up. In just a few seconds, she'd be given a signal to sing. Still shaking, Alice took a deep breath, and

then the signal came. Alice took another breath, then let a few words pour out her mouth. They came out shaky, but still the audience was

blown away. Alice kept on singing, trying not to flop it all. The audience seemed more and more interested in her, but what they didn't know

was that Alice was too scared for this moment. When she stopped singing, she seemed more relaxed, and then the applause came. Alice

blinked and then she realized that she was finally done, but it wasn't quite over yet. She'd have to wait for the results. After her turn was 

over, she ran back into her mother's arms. She could tell that she was so very proud of Alice. Later, the results were finally in. Alice had

won again, and now she would make it to the Serenity. As Alice left the stage again, she noticed a glimpse of a girl. It was Lily, she was 

leaving with her mother in the same tears as the day Alice had won singing in front of her classroom. Alice felt like vomiting, and her

heart was sinking like a boat with a hole in the bottom. She couldn't sleep, and when she finally did, she dreamed she was at the Serenity,

singing, but she saw Lily again, lost her balance and tumbled off the stage. People threw fruit, ruining her homemade costume. Alice shot

awake, again, worried with the despair that she would see Lily again, and Marie would clap, making the situation strange for her. The next

day, they packed up and got on another plane to the city with the cruise. As Alice waited near the gate for the cruise to come, she thought

about Lily, Marie and Steven. Would Lily be bitter again? Would Marie be there, cheering Alice on? Or would Steven have a second chance

on the Serenity as well? Finally, the ship came, and Alice boarded. Alice had to go to the main theater for the safety rules, that was where

she would perform on next Saturday, however today was Sunday. As Alice and her mother settled into the room, Alice began to think about

what she thought about earlier: how the show would turn out, Lily, Marie and Steven, and if she would mess it up.

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