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One Single Song (chapter 6)

One Single Song (chapter 6)

Posted September 7th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

September 7th, 2020

It was Monday, and Alice was beginning to settle more on the ship. The ship had an interesting buffet feature, the kids could make their own

"creations." Alice made herself a pancake with whipped cream around the edge and 3 strawberries in the middle while her mother chose

eggs with bacon and strawberry crepes. While Alice was eating, her mother said "Want to go down to the arcade?" Alice had never bought

a video game before, nor had she tried to be in an arcade. But this offer seemed intresting, so Alice accepted it and before she knew it, they

were heading down to the arcade. Alice noticed people dancing on one of the machines. This seemed to be a dancing video game! After

the people had their turn, Alice tried, found the best song she could on there, and it wasn't too easy. The movement was quick, and Alice

couldn't really keep up with it. She missed half the notes, so her final award was a C. Yes, they ranked you with school grades. Alice only

got 50 notes. 75-99 was a B, and if you got all the notes it was an A. "Sorry, mom." Alice apologized. 

"No, it's fine, honey! But if you spend more time in the arcade you can probably get a B next time."

Alice took that as a compliment and they began to head up to their room. Alice used her mother's phone to search for her favorite songs list.

Since Alice didn't have a phone, she submitted her documents on her mom's phone. Alice had 4 songs, 3 she had already sung. The song

that she didn't sing yet was a duo song, but she could imitate the partner's singing. She got up from her cruise bed and started to practice the

song. Her mother heard her singing and complimented it, she kept singing for the rest of the day. Alice was finally interrupted by her song as

her mother said "You should rest for today." Alice copied the lyrics as a document on the phone, and put on her nightgown as she went to go

brush her teeth. "You did great," Alice thought. "Next time, we'll work even harder." Alice finished brushing her teeth and went to bed, as she 

lay her head down and finally got to rest. Then she thought about Lily again, and that woke her up. Alice tried to keep in a scream of fury.


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