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One Single Song (chapter 8, rewrite)

One Single Song (chapter 8, rewrite)

Posted February 11th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

February 11th, 2022

That Friday, it was time for the fancy dinner. Of course, Alice's mom was bringing her along. Since she didn't have any other fancy dress besides her concert outfit, she'd have to wear it there. Of course, Alice didn't mind. After taking a nice shower, Alice searched through her suitcase. Almost immediately, she found the silver dress, a little dusty after a week.

Alice shook all the dust off the outfit, getting dust over the bed in the process. Only when she stopped shaking did she realize her mistake. "Oops!" she exclaimed. "Sorry." Her mother was sitting there with her arms crossed, and she sighed, "It's fine. But we'll have to go quickly. Let's-" she looked at the dusty beds "-see if a maid or room service can clean it up."

The clock then chimed- it was time. "All right," Alice's mother said, "Let's go." They walked past the casino, the spa, that childish Tween's Room, a smoothie bar, and finally made it to the buffet, close to the arcade. You could get a good view of the pool and the movie screen from the dock connected to it, but Alice was prone to almost falling off balconies. She wasn't looking forward to it tonight.

"I'm going to get the food," Alice's mother said. "You stay right here." Alice sighed. She'd be performing in a few days. She looked down at her concert dress, and memories of the last concert were just flooding back. "Don't think about it, don't think about it, keep it off your mind, keep it off your mind," Alice thought. She just couldn't say any of her words.

Alice then saw a swish of brown hair- just as long as Marie's. "Is that Marie?" Alice whispered. She got a closer look at the girl's face, and her parents. It was! Denying her mother's orders, Alice stood up from her seat and ran to hug her. "Woah, take it easy," Marie giggled. "Hey, Marie?" Alice caught her breath when they stopped hugging. "How did you get here anyways?"

Marie coiled a string of her long hair around her pinkie and said, "Weeell, while you were gone, one of my aunts wanted to go to the Serenity with her daughter who recently turned 18, but they all got the fever and gave the tickets to us." Alice's eyes widened, and she said, "Wow, you're really lucky." Marie's face softened, looking quite sad, and she said, "I boarded, but you didn't see me."

Alice protested, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry that I didn't notice you. Gate 218?" Marie nodded, and said, "Don't worry about it. It's fine. I'm not mad." Alice said, "Well, thanks. Why didn't you sign up for the tween's room?" Marie swallowed, replying, "Well, I didn't know there was a tween's room here. I wanna try it." Alice replied, "Don't. It's too childish. But my slime just hardened today."

Marie replied, "That's not good!" Alice protested again, "No, no. It was iceberg slime." Marie calmed down, and said, "Well, now that's good. I'm gonna be cheering you on during your song, bestie!" Alice replied, "Thanks! I gotta go back to my table now, so see you soon!" When she got back, her mother was there, giving her what looked like a death glare from the deepest pits of the core.

"Please don't do this, Mom!" Alice pleaded. She could feel herself sweating under her dress. "I just saw Marie, and Alice's mother interrupted, "It's fine. We still have her contact on my phone. You can text her. Just please don't run off again. I know she's your friend, but you can see her after I get the food." Alice calmed down, got the phone, and texted Marie.


Marie: Soo? How's the trip been going?

Alice: Not perfect.

Marie: Oh. frown

Alice: But not terrible either.

Marie: Ah! Good!

Alice: Just on Saturday, I won the state!

Marie: Awesome! So proud of you! I heard! laugh

Alice: Well, have a nice dinner!

Marie: u too!


Later, the head of the buffet stopped the music that was playing, and he said, "I'm sorry for the music stop, but we have another special guest on this ship! At the Serenity cruise, we'd love to welcome Mr. Ricardo Nile!" Alice exclaimed, "MR. NILE?!" Indeed, Mr. Nile was walking to the podium on the stage. He announced, "Hello, Serenity cruisers! I'm Mr. Nile."

Alice should have been annoyed, but she was moreso shocked.

"I'm going to be singing a song tonight," Mr. Nile said. "So prepare yourselves for my beautiful singing!" Wait- this was the chance. The moment. She had to ask him-she just had to. Alice desperately ran through the buffet, where everyone was standing. She finally ran into Steven. She was sucking big breaths in and out, and finally said, "Oh, Steven. I'm sorry..."

Steven looked into Alice's blue eyes, and said, "Nothing to be sorry about." When they met eye-to-eye, Alice almost ran away. She almost stood up, but no. She looked into his own bear-brown eyes. It was beautiful- and Alice tried her hardest not to get a crush on him. She was only 12. She was only 12! No, no, no, she just couldn't fall in love with him yet...

"Alice," he spoke up, "May I have this dance?" Alice began to sweat again, and stuttered,, "A-ah, sure." They danced hand-in-hand for the entire night, and for the entire night could Alice care less that she was 12. She was going to have a mini-crush on Steven. When the dance was over, Steven said, "That was awesome. If I could, I'd be in your song."

Alice said, "Well, you can! You can. Go backstage with me when it's the day." Steven winked at Alice, and he winked back. She then slowly winked at Mr. Nile as she was walking out with her mother. Mr. Nile chuckled when the door shut, and he said, "Good luck to you..." and slowly, under his breath, "Alice and Steven." And thus, the crush-ship of Alice and Steven was born.

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Hmmmm Alen or Stevice, you

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