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One Single Song (chapter 9)

One Single Song (chapter 9)

Posted September 7th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

September 7th, 2020

It was Saturday, the night of all nights. Alice was getting ready backstage when she saw Lily slowly slump into a corner. Though they were

enemies, Alice slowly walked toward Lily. "Lily? Are you oka-" Lily interrupted by saying "Leave me alone, please." Alice was too curious to

keep it hidden, so she asked why Lily was so bitter towards her. "I overheard your friend Marie saying that you were a good singer. No matter

how many times I attempt at something, there's always "the good person" there. I keep losing to that person. I finally thought I'd be a good

singer here." Alice felt great guilt for Lily, apologized and said "Can we be friends?" Lily looked up and said "No one has ever asked to be my 

friend before, but sure!" After confessing to the director and Steven, they had come to an agreement. And thus the rivalry of Alice and Lily 

died, and the friendship was born. And then, the first actor was called up. "Okay guys, practice," Steven said. Alice began her part, then

Steven stepped in, then Lily. Alice, Steven, Lily. That seemed fair. And then they were called up. The curtain rose, and then Alice began

to sing like a goddess. After singing her part, Steven was like the wings to Alice's angel. She fell in love with his singing (again) and then

Lily stepped in. Like a trio should, they sung the cruise ship out. For one moment, Alice stopped singing just to let Lily and Steven sing. Then,

they hugged as Steven tilted Lily backward as she stretched her arm out. Then, they were spinning so fast it made Alice's head spin. She 

heard worried mumbles from the audience, but she couldn't give up. Lily reached an arm out for Alice to join in the spinning. The cheers

returned when Alice regained her strength, and someone shouted "We love you, ASL!" Once they stopped spinning, a true applause

shouted out. Roses were thrown. Compliments were yelled. Alice heard the yells of her mother and Marie crying happily. Alice had done it,

along with a new friend, and a true friend. (But wait! The story isn't over yet! There will be a chapter 10, so please don't think the story will

end right here!) 

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