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One Single Song (chapter 9, rewrite) 7

One Single Song (chapter 9, rewrite) 7

Posted February 14th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

February 14th, 2022

Finally, it was the day- the day Alice would be performing on the Serenity. She was even more freaked out than before- then, she was just performing for a little bit of members at the state, but it was puny compared to what would be happening. "Just lift up your head and smile, honey," her mother had told her the whole day. "You'll do fine. Trust me. Marie will cheer you on."

"Easy for you to say," Alice thought, "And harder for me to do. Point scale- Alice zero, and you one." In 2 hours, they would be heading to the theater to perform with Steven and Lily. She was about to take a shower, a nice, steamy, hot one, in order to get over all that was happening. She shoved off her clothes, tossed them on the bed, and got in the shower, anxious.

She put the plug in the bathtub, sighed, and twisted the knob. At first, it was cold, due to the frigid air outside of the cruise. "Ah," Alice exclaimed. Over the rushing water, she heard her mother ask, "Sweetie? Anything wrong in there?" Alice yelled, over the water getting louder and louder, "I'm fine. I'm not mad, just a bit...y'know. Freaked. Not mad. Just freaked."

"Oh," her mother said. "Call me if you need anything." Alice reached for the knob, turning it to a perfect feeling of hot. It slowly changed temperature, until almost the whole bath was filled with hot water. It wasn't painful, just steamy. Alice stretched out her arms and imagined something else. She was in a milk bath, with little cherry blossom petals floating around. Perfect.

Alice stood up, water dripping into the bathtub off her bare figure. She reached for the soap tube on a rack in the shower, squirted a bunch on her hands, and began to furiously wipe it all over her body. She scrubbed so hard, little rashes began to appear on her body. Alice decided to stop, leaving the tube in the swirly clear-to-milky-white water. She bent down, closed the cap, and put it back on the rack.

Alice got back into the bathtub, the soap now swirling off her. Alice indeed imagined she was in a milk bath. Wait- the shampoo. Alice sighed, got up from the tub, and reached for the shampoo tube. She emptied a bit into her wrinkly hands, pulled her hair up, and rubbed it all over. Rather than waiting 2-3 minutes when she had her hair conditioner on, she dipped her hair into the tub quickly.

Adding to the swirly white, Alice got back into the tub again. Oh wait- she'd forgotten- the conditioner. Alice groaned, and her mother said, "Alice, sounds like something's wro-" Alice interrupted, "Mom, I'm fine, don't worry! Just play...Candy Crush or something." She then got up, grudgingly grabbed the conditioner tub, and rubbed it all over her hair furiously.

She sat into the bathtub again, not putting her hair inside. She looked at the ceiling, biting her lip, closing her eyes. She began to see stars- the same stars on her costume. "No. No! Stop thinking about it," Alice thought. "It's your time to relax, to shave off all your current worries and fears. It's the tub...it's the tub..." Alice said those last words absentmindedly.

After a few minutes or so, Alice dipped her hair into the water, and well. With another sigh, she inched over to the plug, and pulled it out. The milky water began to empty around her. She stood up, it going from a bit over her main legs, to her feet, to her ankles, to her toes, to nothing. It swirled down the drain. Alice picked up the towel from the edge of the bathtub and wrapped herself in it.

She got out, one foot at a time. On the sink counter was Alice's comb, her toothbrush encased, and a few more necessities. Alice raised the comb to her hair, and pulled not too forcefully. It went through with zero trouble, (but the tips were a bit rough) and when Alice was dry enough to leave the bathroom entirely, she turned off the light and closed the door behind her.

Just like the day they'd went on the Serenity the first time, the soft and warm aura of the bathroom left her as soon as she closed that door. Now, the coldness of the room slapped her. She began to think about what would be happening- would Mr. Nile be there? Would she even be as lucky? Would the invisible chain of clovers be around Lily's neck this time?


Finally, after 2 hours, it was time. Alice was wearing her fancy dress, not quite smiling. "All right," Alice's mother said, "Let's go to the theater." It wasn't too far away from their room, just a short walk. There was a man checking in many people to watch the show, and Alice's mother asked the man, "Where's the backstage? My daughter will be performing tonight."

"It's around the auditorium," he said. "Enter, and walk among the stairs. Keep going in that trail until you reach the sides of the stage. There's going to be little stairs there, invisible to the naked eye. Take those stairs, and enter the door there. Some of the other youmg ladies and men are already there. Good luck," the man said. "You're really going to need it."

They plunged down the directed path, and almost immediately found it. The show would start in 20 minutes. This was the order for Alice, Steven, and Lily:




When Alice's mother left Alice to be in the crowd, she found Lily, slumped in a corner. She thought, "Let her go. She's a little brat. Let her be on her own!" but the other thought interrupted, "Please talk to her. She's really sad." Alice considered choosing the former, after all she did to her, but after a moment of thought, she finally chose the latter and walked to Lily.

"Hey," Alice said. "It's okay." Lily looked up, saying, "GO AWAY...can't you let me dwell in my sorrow?" Alice asked, "Well, I just want to know what's wrong. But more importantly, why are you acting like this to me? What started your resentment towards me and my friend? Why were you so interested in winning and hateful of me? I just don't know anymore. I want you to tell me."

Lily thought for a moment, and said, "Well, I...haven't had a very easy home life. You see, I was enrolled into so many pageants when I was young. This caused me to act bratty and stubborn, well, 12-year-old-me still acts like this. A bad person." Alice reached out, (literally) and said, "You're not a bad person. You've just had a lot of bad things happen to you that shape you up to be how you are now."

"You're right," Lily said. "What have I been doing past 7 years...?" Alice comforted, "Hey, it's fine. It's fine...don't cry. I know I hit you, and honestly, it didn't feel good. At all. But...we can be friends...let's hug it out, right?" Lily said, "Yeah...let's hug it out...come'ere." When she was about to go into the hug, Lily did a little smack, saying, "Not hugging you. Yet. Let's blow this popsicle stand."

"Wait," Alice was curious, "You're abandoning your number to be with...me?" Lily replied, "Uh, yeah. My song was really bad anyways. Now let's go find Steven so we can really be a firework tonight." Later, after a bit of walking around, they found Steven. Lily said, "Steven! Alice over here wants you to be in the Firework song she was singing at the concert hall."

Steven said, "Yeah, we made that proposal earlier. Now, let's rehearse our numbers. We're on a time crunch, so let's hurry."


Later, it was time for all of them to perform. "Well, guys, you ready?" Alice asked. Each one of them nodded their heads, and with little to no regrets in their hearts, stepped on the grand stage for the first and last time.

They were ready.

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Oh no... you just made me

Oh no... you just made me ship Alice and Lily...



Posted by Dust on Tue, 02/15/2022 - 12:50
O H  D E A R

O H  D E A R

Posted by Elizabeth on Tue, 02/15/2022 - 14:18

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