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Open Night (excerpt)

Open Night (excerpt)

Posted March 3rd, 2023 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Inkopolis (jk, it's Texas.)

March 3rd, 2023

"Mmmh. This place is cold."

Tatiana looked around. "Yeah. I suppose it is."

And it was. The group settled outside of a brick warehouse, only the lonesome streetlight illuminating the rocky ground. The howl of the wind interrupted their thoughts, and the light sprinkle worked hand-in-hand. Trees rustled in the distance, but it no longer seemed to matter. It never did, in fact.

"Why are we here?" Cheynne asked, her face crumpled, wrong.

Tatiana looked at her. "Don't you remember what just happened? We were escaping from those guys. Be honored we weren't their unlucky victims."

Cheynne nodded. "Yeah."

Suddenly, the wind screamed ever louder. Its screams turned into roars.

Admist the wind, Cheynne spoke, but it ended up sounding more like a yell. "We should get back!"

Tatiana nodded, the ever-fastening wind slapping her face.

The girls ran.

Such chaos.

Such cold.

The rain became fierce.

And through the darkness of rustling trees-of the woods, Tatiana stopped at the worst moment.

Before long, she found herself lost. Cheynne and Lana were nowhere in sight. Tatiana looked around, wallked around, yelled with all her waning passion and energy, and still found nothing.

What the crap, she thought. What the crap. What the crap? What the crap?!

Tatiana could not breathe. The air was gone. She choked, fell to the ground.

The leaves swirled.

The rain beat upon her.


Tatiana struggled to stand.


The cold made tears stream down her aching face.


Tatiana could no longer disclose the rain from the cold or the rain from her tears. It was impossible. If she'd died, it wouldn't come off as a surprise to anyone, neither to her.


Her vision faded to black.

Utter black.

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so you like to knock

so you like to knock characters out as much as me?

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