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Origami Skin

Origami Skin

Posted February 2nd, 2018 by Mimzy

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by PencilSword
in the TARDIS

February 2nd, 2018


you can fold yourself into so many pieces

you won't be able to feel the disconnect

between your skin

and the way you tense up when someone touches you.

the rips in you are run ragged by your fingertips

and you can never get far enough away

from the edge of the razor blade.

you are teetering on tip-toes with arms held out,

the wind brushing against you and telling you

you have feathers.

you have seen so many other birds fly away

that you start to believe it.

you tell everyone you stepped back a long time ago,

but you’re still kicking pebbles over the edge

to see how far the drop is


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Woahh been a long time since

Woahh been a long time since you posted!

Idk if you should put a warning on this or not..

But I love this poem so much, I'm going to add this to my favourites.


i bless the rains down in africa

Posted by Fancy Penguin on Fri, 02/02/2018 - 14:47

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