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The Origin of Mehrunes:

The Origin of Mehrunes:

Posted January 10th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

January 10th, 2018

Okay, so, this was made. If you are wondering what his backstory was. Mehrunes, from the Ultimates Series!



Prologue: The Planet of Monsters:

The planet known to most as the planet of death, the planet of armageddon The Planet of Monsters, is known to the people of the surface world as home. The humans and monsters have been at war for thousands of years and they both knew it was time to stop.

But both sides were to frightened to call peace. So, two monsters and two humans went to a location, now known as the marker of peace, and figured out how monsters and humans could live peacefully.

The two monsters were a stardust dragon and a soringgooth (It’s like a cat) while the two humans were an alchemist with his first creation, and a little boy with his pet.

The humans and monsters talked and worked out a treaty, and thus The Planet of Monsters became a nice place to live, but the alchemist grew more and more power hungry and decided to go out into space to find other galaxies, as the planet's technology was highly advanced they could survive forever in space.

After 35 years in space he had gone mad and crash-landed on a planet of rocks and caves. The little boy had gained minor powers over the years and found out this his friend the alchemist had gone mad.

So, using all the power he had he jumped from planet to planet, growing older and gaining more abilities. Mehrunes would help his friend, now called Edgar The Mad.


Chapter 1: The ‘Boring’ Trip

“How could Edger go mad? He was a great friend and a good person, he shouldn't have gone alone! Now I have to jump between planets and galaxies to get to this ‘Rock planet’ which seems so bland of a name. I hope it has as many caves as that other planet with a lot of caves. I like caves, I can always find all the best ores. Wow space travel is really boring that’s why he went mad I bet, it’s super boring all I have is my thoughts, oh look a planet, I’ll stop there.” I think to myself approaching the planet.

The thief planet, nope not stopping there, sounds like a bad idea. Oh I’m in a different system now, that planet looks nice. Uninhabitable? Nope, man this system sucks.

Okay that planet is called Orbiton, I’ll go there. Data: 3 moons inhabited by human-like creatures, sounds good.

Okay in atmosphere and hide space suit. Landed on a planet, there’s a city over there. I thinks as I walk over to the city.

“Hello.” I said to someone in a car.

“Hi, come from space?” They ask.

“Yeah,” I answer. “Can I grab a ride to the city?”

“I would but I’m robbing you.” he says pointing a gun at me.

“No you’re not.” I say, pulling out my katana and mumbling my spell under my breath.

He fires and I block it with the katana, punching him into a person that looks like the police.

“Hey thanks kid.” The policeman says.

“No problem, is he an outlaw or something?” I ask him

“Yeah, the place has a lot of them.” The policeman says with a sigh.

“I’ll help cach some of them.” I say punching some other outlaws to unctuousness.

“Really!? Well actually that’s all the outlaws that we couldn't catch, thanks kid, here have this.” the policeman says, handing me something that belonged to someone whose name I can’t read.

Did they name someone sneeze? That’s not right. Oh well I decide to jump on a creature that I summon. How about a stardust dragon, yeah let’s go to the city.

We fly into the city and I walk from there, people are looking at the hand my spell is on, engulfed in a solid white light. I dispel it and walk into a store to buy a beverage so I could keep going on my quote unquote quest, when the store gets robbed! I can't catch a break, they are armed to the teeth and everyone gets under a table or something and they tell me to as well.

“Heck no, now put the guns down and we can talk about this in a civilized manner.” I say to them

“Heh. No way kid, not happening.” The leader says to me aiming at my head.

I respond by mumbling my spell and teleporting to the leader and punching him in the gut, hitting 3 guys with him and making them go flying into the swat shields.

These guys respond fast, I’ll give ‘em that.

The one that’s left drops his gun and says, “I’m not w-w-with them I-I-I just was here b-because they made me!”

“Tell them that, I don’t care, I just want my drink.” I say ordering my drink from the still terrified clerk.

Then walking out with my drink calm as can be, the S.W.A.T. team stops me.

“What do you know about what happened?” He questions me.

“I kicked there butts after they didn’t want to talk it out.” I reply.

Everyone looks at me as I teleport out of the circle and walk further into the city. Looking back, the Fortune telling shop was gone, and I didn’t think anything of it.


Chapter 2: The City Of Future

When I enter the city it’s clear to me that it’s a copy of another city, most likely the one I’m going to be in the system of. But I do see an official. I guess time travel hunters that don’t have a permit, I’m not worried cause I don’t have to time travel. I am still getting weird visions about a group of kids I will meet that can help me with my quest, of course I won’t tell them but still, it’s not called the city of future for nothing.

“Come here boy.”A lady in a fortune telling shop says to me.

“Why?” I ask her suspiciously.

“I will tell your fortune, for free….” she says.

Sounds good but is still suspicious. I go invisible and enter and she's sitting in a chair.

“Boy, sit down, I know you do not trust me but…” She says showing me a crystal, “It did not choose me, it chose you! I found it long ago in a cave, I will tell your future and you will take this crystal.”

“Fine.” I say to her.

I sit down and she starts glowing.

“You…” She says “You will meet a group of kids, after being attacked by one you trust, you will help them and then again, they will return the favor at a cost. You will help them more and more until you meet a master, he will not like you, but you must not show you know it.” She says glowing brighter, “then you will save someone's life with your ability of healing, and they will like you all the more, then you will face all of your enemies collectively, and win.” She stops and looks at me. “There you go, you can tip me if you want.”

I tip her and go on my way, with the crystal. Now I will put this as creepy but whatever this whole thing about it choosing me is stuff I heard from fairy tales, good and bad. And the whole ‘attacked by someone you trust’ hooy is nonsense. Who would attack me besides all those people that attacked me!?

I don’t believe that crazy woman, although.

I look at the crystal and think in a bench. What the woman said makes sense, I need friends, my friend that I’m after is insane, and this, this looks like an ultimate crystal. I must head out of town and see is the stories are true.

I hadn't touched it yet but when I was far out of town in the middle of nowhere I touch it and… Nothing happened.

Is this even an Ultimate Crystal, or did that lady trick me? I’ve been told that when you are chosen by an Ultimate Crystal, when you first touch it, you are to enter the ‘test’, which I don’t know much about. Let’s see what the alchemist told me- that the ultimate crystals would only activate in a certain system, the one he is in! I need to go there to activate the ‘test’, and hopefully beat it. I know a planet near the system I need to go to, but do I want to planet hop with so little energy? No, it’s too risky, I’ll fly.

I started to fly to the next planet, I feel progressively more tired.

It’s part of the ultimate crystal isn’t this. Oh! Whats this? Ertin? Ah, It’s this system is it, it’s still really far away space suit, why are you telling me this? It doesn't matter, WOAH. I think before coming face to face with the ultimate barrier. This must be the ultimate system. I see Ertin, I need to Teleport in there, thank you spacesuit for the extra energy. But If I teleport I won’t make it, this barrier is too strong of a force, wait. Am I even still outside of it? If this is the test, then the crystal will talk to me then disappear?

Then, all of a sudden, I felt nauseous and tired, and before I knew it, I fell asleep.


Chapter 3: The Test:

“Mehrunes… Come to me…”

I heard a voice talk. It was no normal voice, it sounded like some mystical creature-thing that I have never heard before.

“W-who said that?” I decided to ask.

It was silent for about a minute, and I realized I was just standing somewhere, with darkness all around me. I could not see a thing. I then took out my Nebula lantern, creating some light.

I could see stone brick walls with moss all over it. I realized I was in a dungeon. As I walked, I saw cages, with these black goo creatures in them.

“They are probably harmless…” I thought to myself as I continued walking.

“KEep going, Mehrunes.” I heard the same voice say again, “Keep going and you’ll find me.”

“Okay, but are you that Ultimate Crystal?” I ask out loud.

No reply.

“Well, this appears to be some sort of dream world, and I don’t have my spacesuit.” I think to myself.

“Oh, this is no dream world, Mehrunes. This is the REAL world.” I heard a very familiar voice say behind me.

I turned around, and spotted a very familiar person who I could never forget… Edgar.

“Edgar!? Is that really you?!” I ask. “Wait, no…”

He was wearing a tattered white lab coat and a jetpack, with torn orange pants and a blue hat.

“Okay bye, I’ll just go this way faster, cause I know that this is a test so bye.” I say, turning and running really fast.

I was sprinting really fast that I didn’t have time to look back and see if Edgar was following me or not. But then…


I fell onto the floor before I realized that I had just ran into Edgar, who was now in front of me.

“Why are you running? You fail the test when you run, you must face it proudly and… What is another word I could use?” Edgar says, thinking to himself.

I punch him in the gut, sending him right towards the wall, cracking it.

“You are not Edgar, this is a test, and I will pass.” I say, accepting his words.

Edgar moves my hand away, and grabs my head before kneeing me in the skull. It hurt a LOT.

I decide to use Stardust instead, to summon a few friends to help with this.

Taking out my katana and summoning a stardust dragon I say, “I haven't had a fight like this in years, and if you were real, you would know exactly how long ago, but you're not.”

“I am real, and I DO know exactly how long ago.” Edgar replied, “we should stop fighting now.”

“Then how long?! How long has it been since you abandoned everyone?!” I ask loudly, still swinging with my fists.

“Fifty years since I came here.” Edgar replies.

“You know that may be because we are in my imagination, don’t you? This is still a test, right? And I don’t know how to win.” I reply, stopping and taking back out my Nebula lantern.

“We are in a dungeon, we are not in your imagination.” Edgar replied, “and keep walking towards that direction, that’s the right way to go.”

“Okay, thanks? I have a strange feeling that you are helping me and at the same time that you are not…” I say unsure, but walking towards the direction I was walking in.

“Good luck with that guy.” Edgar says.

“What?!” I say taking out my katana again while still walking and holding a handful of nebula bombs. “Where?!”

But Edgar didn’t reply since he disappeared. I looked around carefully, with my lantern in my left hand and with my katana in my right.

“If you run you lose.” Edgar’s words ring in my head. “What if I teleport? He never said anything about that. I think to myself. “Oh and also Edgar-that-is-not-here, you could use boldly or bravely.” I say, feeling bad because I didn’t say it earlier.

Making my lantern glow brighter, I continue on, careful of the other ‘guy’.

“Good heck, this is really slow going without running, I wonder if I can picture where the crystal is with some stardust minions to help.” I say, trying to summon a stardust lantern (The only other lantern I have) and getting some minions to scout for me.

Still holding my katana and a lantern, I think… “Wait, why am I using a lantern with my powers? When I can use my powers to light up the area! I can summon more than on REAL lantern! This would be so much easier though, the crystal would have thought of that. But it’s worth a shot!”

Sitting down, I try to summon a bunch of normal lanterns and flashlights and light producing things, lit candles lamps everything.


“Hmm, let’s try something new, Night vision goggles, from nebula. Magic night vision goggles, it won't work but who cares! Let’s try it.” I think, trying to do something new.

Nothing. Even if I could do it, it fails. I can still see my little scout friends glowing in the dark though! A faint glow from them comforts me as I go along.

“Is this the test…” I think to myself, “what’s the point? I’m not afraid of the dark, and even if I was I would still be fine because I’m used to being in caves, and I’m used to the dark so this is just tedious. So why is this seemingly the ‘test’ it doesn't seem like I can succeed.”

I walk, finding that all of my scouts are okay. They came back to me and report no sign of the crystal, except the one I sent ahead, who reported slight glows from someplace.

“Seems odd, but I was told to go forward, and not to run, I wonder if following the directions is the right choice. Ah who am I kidding, I was told specifically by the crystal to go this way, if it’s not right the I’ll be walking forever. Well one again with the board feeling, whenever I am thinking to myself, time seems to pass either faster or slower, that’s useful.”

“Okay, let’s think here, we need to find out what this is testing me in. It might be the ability to follow directions, but if the Crystal knows about Edgar it knows I was a soldier and a peacemaker in a war on my planet. It could be about the dark about escape or about battle skills, but those don't make sense because dark doesn't affect me all that much escape is easy and battle is underwhelming. Maybe it’s a test where I have to figure out the test, who knows. Hmm… I don’t appear to be going anywhere, no wait, treadmill. Okay off the treadmill keep going.” I constantly think.

“What if I passed it? I don’t know. Wait, is it trying to decrease how well I think? I don’t think so Crystal, I can resist that anywhere all the time, that won’t work on me! Okay, so think, what is the crystal doing. Is it depriving me of resources? Is it testing my ability to persevere? Or maybe it’s trying me about patience or not thinking, or maybe I have to fail to win. I don’t know. I’ll think about, Stardust dragons, what do I know about them.”

“Stardust dragons are mysterious dragons, long tube-like bodies and little hands arms legs and talons, their head is weaker and it’s body is almost indestructible. They and the stardust orbs are the most powerful of the stardust group, and are glowing blue and gold. They are beings who are not frightened by anything and if challenged almost always prevail. They have the ability to heal wounds and ailments, but can also shoot/summon stardust orbs from any area on their body. The longer a stardust dragon is, the more powerful it can be. They do not often dislike being pet or hugged and can develop very good relationships with other beings.”

“Okay, wait how far have I gone? I don’t know anymore.”

I am getting to a point where I am starting to wonder odd things. “Oh? What’s this? A slight glow like my scout said. It appears to be a portal of some sort. Weird coloration.”

“Hey crystal, you in there?” I ask the portal.

No response.

“Hmm, what do I know about the crystals. Wait, do you name them? What would I have named it? Ah well, can’t go wrong with mysterious portals.”

I walk towards the portal. It grew brighter the closer I got.

“Almost there, Mehrunes.” I heard the crystals voice say as I entered the portal.

“Great.” I say out loud, as I continue to walk, after going through the portal.

There was an old library. Spider webs on the ceiling and throughout the room. Many books, old books.

“Not scared of spiders!” I exclaim. “This dungeon is easy.”

I keep walking through the library, finding nothing much of interest anywhere.

“Okay what is this?” I ask the crystal. “Who are you. WHERE AM I?! Is there gonna be a boss?”

There was no reply.

“Libraries and spiders are not hard.” I say. “Easy dungeons.”

I keep walking to find more nothing.

“Fudging fire this is worse than the blackness before.” I say. “Just because I can tell I’m moving this time.”

“Okay so how am I supposed to get something out of the crystal? Do I think it? You crystal! What the fudge is going on?! There I asked. I’m getting nowhere and there’s just more spiders, there's definitely a boss.”

I kept walking through the spider webs of the tiny little spiders.

“Ssssssssssss…” I could hear the sound of something slithering as well as hissing.

“Snakes and spiders? Weird… I’m not scared of those things. Try again Crystal.”

Noticing no snakes yet, I walk a little faster to avoid being outnumbered and overwhelmed by little creatures with little potential to kill me, what? Being outnumbered is stupid.

“Oh so you DO know. Great. Snakes and spiders though, not your best move in a library kinda a tip off that this is not in fact a dungeon. Not… that… It was apparent that it was in the first place.”

It was at this moment I realized I think too much.

“SHUT UP YA SNAKEY SONS OF BOXES!” I yell at the snakes. “You too spiders.”

“Nows, why should I do thatssss…?” the snake actually replies.

“Because I’m tryna find something and you’re slithering is rather distracting.” I say back. “Nice speaking by the way. If I didn’t know you were a snake you would totally come across as a snake.”

“A giant sssssnake perhaps… Tissssss the reasssson why my ssssslithering isssss loud…” the snake replies.

“It’s also a common misconception that only big snakes can speak our language.” I reply. “So I didn't assume anything. Anyway pretty sure it’s not a dungeon so why are you here in whatever curse area we’re in?”

I walk a little faster and a lot quieter while waiting for the reply.

“Ssssssssssss…” the snake just hisses.

“That’s not a valid answer.” I reply, preparing for some form of jumpscare. “You wanna try again? ‘Cause I’m not scared of snakes.”

“Ssssssss… are you ssssscared of pain…?” the snake asks.

“Actually no I’m not.” I said. “Although I’m pretty sure people are more afraid of death than pain.”

“Although giant snake hunting wasn't on your training agenda me, so we’ll be fine as long as normal snake hunting still applies.”

“No really if you want to fight that’s all good but if you just wanna disappear into time and space that’s cool as well.” I say, still walking fast. “I’m gonna be more or less happy with both as you’re one of the few things that’s talked to me in what feels like hours.”

“Are you ssssscared of death?” the snake asks.

“That’s a rhetorical question.” I reply. “The big question is WHY ARE YOU IN A LIBRARY?!”

“Frankly why am I in a library? Oh wait… it must have been the crystals doing! Right Right there was like a test or something. So I have to overcome it. Okay so the snake is big and probably smart but he’s loud. This library is like a ma- OH! Minotaur! I have to find a way out of the labyrinth that is the library, while he psychologically torments me. He must be slow. So he’s slow and loud, but big and smart, theoretically.”

I kept walking silently. Listening for the snakes giveaway noises.

“Okay what do I remember about these Ultimate crystals? Uhh… do I get to name them? What would I name it? Sentinel, that’s what.”

Continuing I hear nothing of the snake, except it’s slithering somewhere behind me.

“What is sssssseen, is not ssssseen, what is ssssaw is not ssssssaw…” the snake says.

“So it’s all an illusion?” I ask. “So you're an illusion?”

“What issssss an illusion isssss not an illusion… What issss not an illusion issss an illusion…” says the snake.

“That’s paradoxical.” I reply, moving swiftly. “It also confirms my suspicions. So thank you, now if you would kindly point me to the exit…”

I stopped. I realized what the snake was doing it was finding me by the noise I made, by me talking to it I was leading it to me!

“But is it?”

Yes, it is.

“The exit isssss not the exit, the entrance isssss not the entrance…” says the snake.

“Everything he’s saying is paradoxical! It means nothing!”

Ha! Take that!

“The help you ssssssseek, issss the help that isssss hidden, and/or isssss the help you do not need… sssssss…” the snake says, as the slithering got even louder. “The wordsssssss I am ssssssaying, are the wordsssssss that I do not ssssssay.”

“That almost made sense.” I reply, scurrying around corners away from the hissing. “Too bad you're a giant snake who probably means me harm.”

“It meanssss you sssssstruggle…” says the snake.

“True.” I reply. “Because I don’t know what I’m supposed to do so I’m guessing.”

“You sssssshould find the exitssssss…” says the snake.

“Duh.” I reply, still almost running, but not. “Kinda figured. Don’t know where that is though. No wait, I’m not supposed to leave. Nevermind.”

I was still panicking because I knew the snake was trying to make me uneasy, which made me uneasy.

“Indeed…” says the snake, “you have become uneassssssy…”

“Whatever you say.” I reply still walking straight. It had occurred to me that if I just walk less will happen than if I’m paranoid.

“Would you like me to take you to the exit? Sssss…” the snake hisses.

“Under the circumstances, the whole test and that you're a snake and all that, no.” I reply. “But thanks for asking, maybe later probably not though.”

“The exit isssss just over there.” the snake says, “it can only be opened by me sssssss…”

“Would that be going to the crystal thing or out of the test entirely?” I ask.

“The end of the test isssss when you reach the crysssssstal…” the snake replies.

“So I don’t want to go to the exit.” I say. “I would prefer the crystal.”

“The exit isssss the crysssssstal…” says the snake.

“I think you’re lying.” I reply.

“I am part of the tessssst…” says the snake, “now do you wantsssss me to take you to the exitsssss…?”

“How do I know you’re part of the test?” I ask.

“I won’tssss be here in the firstssss place if I wasn’tsssss.”  replies the snake.

Then I see a giant purple snake in front of me.

“What if you’re part of the test to mislead me, thus being a test.” I say to the snake.

“You cansssss choose…” the snake motions it’s head and points back. There was an open pathway, and a closed pathway. “You may go into the openssss one, or followsssss me to the closed one.”

“Okay look I’m sure you understand, this is a test so we appear to be testing trust, on the other hand it’s also a test so I’ll probably fail with either option. Is there a way I can like ask the crystal or something? Because there’s this whole thing about trust and it’s either that you shouldn't trust the untrustworthy or judging a book by it’s cover.” I reply. “Good job crystal, you’ve confused me.”

“Your choice, little one…ssssss…?” asks the snake, staying in it’s spot.

“What do I have to lose?” I ask. “No really I need to know.”

“You mustsssss make a decision little one…sssss…” says the snake, completely ignoring my question.

“You know what, I’m gonna be a brave and unusually trusting guy and say fine, I’ll follow you.” I reply.

“Followssss me…” the snake slithers towards the closed pathway. It then entered a small hole next to it, and suddenly, the pathway opened up.

“Okay…” I say. “Now what?”

The snake slithers out of the hole and begins to slither into the pathway. “Followssssss me…”

Chapter 4: Snake Pathway:

I followed the snake down it’s path, not much was happening.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“To the nextssssss area.” replies the snake.

“So then what was the last area?” I ask. “You don’t tell me a whole lot.”

“Ssssssss…” the snake just hisses as it continued to slither down the pathway.

“That’s not a valid answer, you do that a lot.” I say. “Really? What was it about?”

“Ssssssss…” the snake continues to hiss, not answering my question.

“Fudging stop it I’m getting a ‘wrong choice’ vibe.” I say. “How about this, what does the crystal do? I know nothing about it.”

“Asssssk it when you passssssss the tessssst…” replies the snake.

“Fine.” I say.

The snake continues slithering.

“How long do we have to go?” I ask the snake. “I thought this would be interesting. More than it is…”

“A little furthersssssss…” the snake replies.

I looked around the snake to see where we were going, and I saw a blocked path with giant rocks, and next to it a small hole.

I start backing off away from the creepy death hole.

“Passsssst the rockssssssss issssss the exit…” says the snake, before it slithered down the hole. “My worksssss here isssss done.”

“Great so I have to break a bunch of rocks.” I say, walking up to it. “Uhh… mines.”

I put some nebla mines on the rocks and stand back as they explode, revealing a dark green oval portal.

“Well done, you are close.” I hear the Crystal speak again.

“You said that last time.” I reply.

The crystal didn’t reply.

“You did that last time as well.” I say, walking through the portal. “You’re not very talkative it’s like you have no personality.”

After going through the portal I saw that I was on a platform in space.

“Great!” I exclaim. “MY FAVORITE THING EVER!”

I hate space, although I’m not scared of it.

“NOW WHAT CRYSTAL?!” I exclaim in frustration. “WHAT DO YOU WANT?!”

There was nothing. Just my space platform. And suddenly, a planet appeared in front of me.

“Oh my gosh why.” I say. “This is gonna be the exact opposite of fun isn’t it?”

No one replies. It was silent.

“Bloody silent space this had better be worthwhile.” I say, testing if I can jump off the platform to the planet. “If everything in this galaxy is like this I’m gonna have dealing with people…”

Jumping onto the planet, I pondered what I was supposed to do this time.

“Everything got harder and harder so what is this gonna be? A dragon?” I ask the ominously quiet planet.

But suddenly, the planet disappeared. I was floating in mid-space.

“Wheee this would be fun if it didn’t suck.” I say. “Wait physics say I can’t breath or hear anything but the platform was like an inch away now it’s gone. I’m confused again I’m really trying not to be but this makes no sense.”

Floating through space looking for the platform, I thought to myself, “I should ask the crystal about my powers some day. Cause I’m pretty sure I shouldn't be alive right now.”

“Heloooooo? Anyone there?” I ask, floating through space. “Where did the planet go?!”

No reply.

“What is this a test because you know I know Edgar went insane in space? Cause I’m stronger minded than him.” I say. “I would say don’t test me but that’s ironic.”

Still no reply.

“I’m lost. I can do whatever I like but I have no way of getting out of here.” I say.

Once more, no reply.

“Yep there’s a whole lotta… okay random idea what If I close my eyes?” I ask, closing my eyes. “Nothing? That seems to be the running theme.”

And again, no one replies.

“KNEW IT!” I exclaimed, opening my eyes again. “This is juuuust dumb.”

No one replies, again I get it. I’m here myself.

“Why is there nothing what is this test.” I ask. “I’m overthinking it aren’t I? So the puzzle is go back to the platform?”

And again, no one replies!

“SUPRIZE SUPRIZE.” I exclaim, floating towards the platform. “I used talk. It’s not very effective.”

I continued to float towards the platform in a bored fashion.

“This is a great day to be in space all the darkness is so nice.” I complain, almost reaching the platform.

But then suddenly, the platform disappears!

“I know I’m bad with plants but I don’t kill EVERYTHING I touch!” I joke to myself, looking around for something helpful.

But there was nothing. And also, no one replies. I then see a small dot, a star maybe, up ahead. It’s glowing.

“Sure.” I say, floating towards the dot. “Why not an ominous dot too. What could go wrong.”

Floating casually through space, I got close enough, after what feels like hours, to see what the dot is.

It was a planet.


By the time I had reached the planet I was bored with what was going on. Or rather what wasn't.

Suddenly, I was drawn towards the planet… This planet’s gravity was not normal!

“Great.” I sarcasm, plummeting towards the planet. “This is PERFECT!”

Suddenly, the planet transforms into a black hole!

“I think it’s half past time to care.” I say, moving swiftly away from the black hole. “A little later and I would be dead.”

Realizing I can still use my stars, I use them to propel me away from the black hole. Just after I did that, the black hole disappears.

“So it’s a minefield.” I say. “Great.”

Then, I could see some sort of vortex up ahead.

“Great more stuff to kill me.” I say. “WHY THE FREAK NOT?!”

I floated towards the vortex. The vortex suddenly sucks me up into it, and I find myself in a cave, no longer in space.

“I like caves better than space.” I say.

No reply again.

“ECHO!” I yell, walking towards the echoes of me sayin echo.

“Grrrr…” something growls.

“Grrrr?” I ask. “Why Grrrr? Why not hey wassup man you should turn around?”

I kept walking anyway because I was so done with this realm of existence.

“ROAR!” something roars, and in front of me I see a red dragon, a giant one, chained up to the wall.

“Hi friend.” I say to the dragon, although I’m backing away.

The dragon growls.

“Sorry I don’t speak growl.” I reply.

The dragon growls again, louder.

“Nup. Still don’t speak growl.” I say, backing off slowly.

Then, I bump into something, I turn around and spot another dragon, the same kind, but not chained up.

“Oh. Ha…hahaha, ha… Hi.” I say, a little nervous. “What’s up?”

Then, two other of the same kind of dragon came from the back, and I was surrounded.

“Uh huh. You’re really amazing looking dragons, just a side note.” I say, going a little insane. “I… don’t know what you want.”

All of the dragons growl at the same time.

“Uh huh…” I say. “I still don’t speak growl… uhh…”

The dragons growl louder, looking irritated.

“Do ya want me to leave?” I ask. “Free your friend in chains over here?!”

The three dragons that weren’t chained then roar.

“So you want me to leave and n-not free the other Dragon?” I ask the dragons. “What… do you want…?”

Then, two other dragons come. Five dragons then circle around me, while growling.

“Can ya not?” I ask, a little insecure. “I still have t-things to do.”

The dragons ignore my question, and continue to circle around me while growling.

“Grrr!” I growl. “No? Okay…”

Then, two other dragons come. Seven dragons, not counting the one chained up, were circling around me while growling.

“Note to self, learn dragon.” I say to myself. “Uhh… may I co-ntinue?”

The dragons then all roar at me, and their saliva is shot right at my face. I am now covered in dragon saliva.

“Eww….. I’m not feeling so good anymore.” I say, now actually scared.

“Grrr… *ULP* *HACK*” The dragon in chains suddenly somehow coughs a hairball the size of my body, onto my head.

“Whelp…” I say, pushing the hairball off. “I’m not very excited to be heeeere…….”

“Grrr… *ULP* *ULP* *ULp* *Ulp* *ULP* *Ulp* *ULP* *HACK* *HACK* *HACK* *HACK* *HACK* *HACK* *HACK*” All the other dragons cough hairballs onto me.

I shoot the hairballs away with my stars, and make sure to so none of them hit a dragon. “Why is there so much hair?”

“ROAR!” One of the dragons then shoots fire from it’s mouth straight at me.

I just barely dodge to the side, avoiding the fire.

“Not cool.” I say.

Then, all the other dragons, including the chained one, shoot me with fire.

Realizing I can use my shield last second, I block all the fire although it was super close. I continue blocking it, as the dragons continue to fire fire at me… Suddenly, my shield begins to melt!

“You guys suck you know that?” I ask, dodging right through the fire and summoning a mass of my stars. “Let’s get to the point.”

The stars crash down creating a huge cloud of smoke as I quickly dash away down the caves.

“ROOOAAAAAAAARRRR!!!” the dragon's roar behind me.

“EDGAR?! CAN I RUN NOW?!” I shout, throwing more stars in a panic.

“ROOOAAAAAARRRR!!!” The dragon’s roar, and I can hear them chasing behind me.

I spin around and shoot the roof of the cave trying to make it collapse, not seeing if it did I break out in a full sprint still frantically throwing stars.


“ROOOAAAAARRR!!” It was as if the dragon’s could understand me.

“WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS AND YES I KNOW IT’S A TEST BUT OTHER THAN THAT!?!?!!?!!?!??!?!??!” I shout with terror, this test has gotten to me!


I ran into something. I was knocked onto the floor, and I look up, and see another dragon, this time THREE times bigger. It’s orange eyes stare into mine.

“Are you nice or are you gonna kill me?” I ask.

“ROOOOOAAAARR!!” The roar of the dragons from before was getting louder, meaning they were close.

“I’m just gonna go.” I say, dodging threw his legs and continuing to run. “SEE YA!”

Suddenly, the tail of the bigger dragon hit me in the face, knocking me into the cave’s wall… No, it brought me into a small space inside the wall!

I see the other dragons caught up, and the bigger dragon blows fire at them and makes them run away.

“Thanks I guess.” I say, trying to find how to get out of the wall.

I make it out of the wall, and the bigger dragon then stares at me.

“What?” I ask.

Suddenly, the dragon grabbed me and gripped me hard, I could not escape from it’s grip.


Then, the dragon brings me towards it’s mouth… I could see it’s sharp teeth.

“Wonder…” I say, attacking the dragon's mouth and tongue with stars.

Then, the dragon was in pain, and it threw me into it’s mouth and closed it’s jaw tight. Dragon saliva was all over me again, and then the dragon swallowed me, and off I go to the stomach.

I kept attacking the inside of the dragon with all sorts of everything I can do. And the dragon screamed bloody murder.

“Relax, Mehrunes.” The voice from before said.

A dark green portal appears in front of me.

“You have passed the test. Now you will come to me.” said the voice.

“Gladly.” I say, going through the portal.


Chapter 5: The Ultimate Crystal:

I then appear in a cave. There is stairs that lead to a stand, where lies a dark green crystal, glowing and radiating like crazy!

“Wat?” I ask.

“You have completed the test. You have proven yourself worthy.” a voice from the crystal said. “Congratulations. You have achieved me.”

“What exactly is you?” I ask, picking up the crystal.

“I am an Ultimate Crystal. I am a provider of power, I help my master, which is you, since you passed the test.” says the crystal.

“All right so the entire test was for something super rare and extremely powerful? “I ask. “Seems worth it. That test sucked though.”

“Hey, are you judging my ability to test you? I know everything about you, so I used that information to make a test for you.”

“No I mean it was hard.” Mehrunes replied. “So It sucked for me to do.”

“Ah, that is what you meant. I apologize, I could not read you very well. You have not yet absorbed me.”

“WAIT WHAT?!” I exclaim. “ABSORB?!?!?!?!”

“Yes, you can only use my power when you absorb me.” the crystal said.

“Yeah, can we go back to the real world before I do that?” I ask

“Yes. But before that, do you have any more questions?” asked the crystal.


“I have an extremely high amount of power. Not just any person can take me. They must be tested to see if they are worthy of having more power than normal people with powers.”

“Okay and what all do you do?” I ask.

“I can provide ANY power. Any. And I boost other powers. Like your strength, it can be multiplied by 10.”

“OOOOkay…” I say. “That’s all I can think of A-T-M. So real world time…”

“You can also name me whatever you’d like. As long as it isn’t inappropriate.”

“I’m pretty sure I already did that like 10 minutes ago.” I reply. “Or hours or years or I don’t even know.”

“I haven’t been told of that name. Please do tell.”

“Sentinel.” I reply.

“Very well. My name shall be Sentinel.” says Sentinel.

“Real. World.” I say. “I’m tired of this fake one.”

“Then wake up. You’re in the Dream World, so all you have to do is wake up.” Sentinel says.

“Wut?” I ask.

Suddenly, I wake up.

“Oh. Ha…” I say.

I find myself in space, where I used to be before I went to the Dream World to take that test.

“Now, your planet hopping will be faster. I will increase your speed!” Sentinel says, “just absorb me.”

“Yeah, about that I currently can’t because we’re about to crash.” I reply, falling towards one of the planets, “So I’ll do it in about ten seconds.”

As I crashed, I realized I was in a cave with a FREAKING BOOK HOW GREAT! I’m gonna take it.

“So how do I do this?” I ask Sentinel, who was still in my hand.

“Bring me to your body and then I will enter and you will feel a great power boost.” says Sentinel.

“Seems awfully convenient.” I reply, doing it.

I suddenly feel myself getting more powerful.

“Riiiight.” I say. “Super helpful!”

“Now you may do whatever you want, and I will be there to help you.” says Sentinel.

“Good to know…” I say. “Uhh, we’re gonna go to the Rock Planet that’s APPARENTLY A THING HERE!”

I prepare to planet jump, feeling surges of energy, I was super not prepared, though, to blast off like a rocket and travel through space in an instant. By the time I was hurtling through the atmosphere of the rock planet like a , I could see at least three people looking at me. Funny. I’m almost sure I’m going to get to know these people.

Upon waking up, I could hear them having a conversation and I teleported back. They kept talking until one of them looked over. And I said.




More like to be continued in the Ultimates Series.


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Interesting! PS - How old


PS - How old are you?


"I couldn't find a good quote from anyone, so I decided to make an inspiring one myself. I think I've failed at that." Arnav (me)

Posted by Arnav on Fri, 01/12/2018 - 12:50
I'm now 14-15.

I'm now 14-15. Why?


<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

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Posted by qU@2T$m@$t32 on Fri, 01/12/2018 - 12:51
You must be busy at school,

You must be busy at school, yet you write so much and so well.  You are a good author! wink


"I couldn't find a good quote from anyone, so I decided to make an inspiring one myself. I think I've failed at that." Arnav (me)

Posted by Arnav on Fri, 01/12/2018 - 12:52
Thanks!  Yeah this past


Yeah this past week was finals. It was a burden. But, I got an A in all classes except photography...


<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

"Uuuuuuuuurr Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrr Uhhrrrrr Ahhhrrrr Aaaaarrrggghhh..." - Chewbacca

"Do or do not, there is no try." -Grand Master Yoda

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