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Our ghost family

Our ghost family

Posted November 10th, 2017 by ChloeS

by Chloe
in California

November 10th, 2017

Thinking of ghost make me shiver. But what if you actually met one before? Are you gonna freak out?! If so, what if you are a ghost? Probably scare to death?  I actually met one! But none of this happen because of something that has to be remain a secret. It all started one week ago…

I was almost home when I heard a horrifying scream coming from the park. Even though I am not a brave girl, I went to check. But just as I approach the park, the scream suddenly stopped, as if I turned it off. “Hello? Anybody here?” No one respond. But who is the one that was screaming? Was it just my imagination? Suddenly, I heard another scream coming from the back of me. I slowly turned. What I  saw is the most terrifying woman ever! As I looked down, I didn’t see a body. Instead, it just seemed like that the woman was flying above the ground! But that’s not all. She was completely covered in blood! I froze, then scream and ran home. But I never knew what’s gonna happen next.

“Mommy! You can’t believe what just happen! I saw a woman covered completely in blood! And she was flying above the ground!” , I yelled after I got home. “What the heck, Ava, yelling something crazy in before you sleep?! What’s the problem with you! A woman covered in blood…”  , her voice faded. I looked behind me and my face turned as white as snow. I forgot to close the door, and the ghost actually came into our house with a evil smile on her face. “AHHHHHHHH!”, I screamed. The ghost came closer and closer.

When I thought that it’s gonna bump into me, it just literally went through me! But when I looked at mom, she smiled and went straight up to the ghost, and they hugged each other. “Mom, what are you doing! Can someone at least explain what is going on?”, I asked curiously. “Well, Ava, I have a secret that I didn’t tell you. We died at the time of September 11, 2001. We were inside the tower when it collapsed. And from that time on, we are living as a ghost. And this is Aunt Lily, who also died from the attack.”, mom explained. “You mean I am a ghost, you are a ghost, and this is Aut Lily?” “Yes.” Then it was an awkward silence. Then Aunt Lily said,“It is time for you two to go back to your world. And then we disappear.


The End


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