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overdue fall poetry

overdue fall poetry

Posted December 15th, 2019 by GingerFur

by ness!
in Ireterra

December 15th, 2019

yo - i havent posted in a year and thats mainly because i havent written. no free time, and when there is free time, i game (: but anyways, i wrote these poems back in fall and thought sosme of you might enjoy them. they aren't very good or anything but its all i really have lmao. the only one i really kind of barely like is the first one, the other two are kind of rehashings of other stuff. better than a lot of my old shit though; also, here's my poetry from last year, also not very good but actually kind of ok -> this thing

hopefully i might have some other poems out later? no promises. not that it really matters, i've been inactive for like a year and i was never really active in the first place.


autumn charm

leaves fall

as i trudge through 

the muddy sidewalk.

raindrops hit the ground;

plip plop, plip plop.


wind flows

and i shudder, 

only in a thin coat.

the meager leaves rustle;

skitter skatter, skitter skatter.


my fingertips,

like ice, 

feel around my wooly pockets

for the golden answer,

my key. 


i step inside my humble abode,

refuge from the outdoors.

i am dry and warm again, 

protected from 

the forces of nature.


and yet, 

it doesn’t feel the same. 








when did it get so cold?

so cold that my toes burned?

so cold that my fingers felt like ice cubes?

so cold that my snuggly sweater, 

thick pants,

and warm home,

was no longer enough?


late at night, 

time to sleep.

but the temperature would get the better of me. 


but wait! 

an extra cozy blanket,

or maybe two or three.

and all is back

to equilibrium. 







the silky smooth chocolate taste

burns my tongue

in the best way. 

the golden syrup,

much like a God’s ambrosia,

slips down my esophagus 

and parties in my stomach.

the treat fills me up,

but not too much.

the drink of Autumn

leaves me with joy.

delectable and cozy,

hot to protect you from 

nature’s chills.



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