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The Pig and the Kettle

The Pig and the Kettle

Posted March 5th, 2013 by Alexa10

by Alexa
in !New Jersey!

March 5th, 2013

The pig stood tiredly in the mud moat. He watched the black flies buzz around him, and the cows on the other side of the moat chew the evergreen grass. The knights in the castle guarded the tall building and payed no attention to the nice pig in the moat. Every year the King and Queen Moomoomama bought a kettle corn maker. They shared the nice popcorn with everyone in the village and the other animals in the moats but Piggo. For many year Piggo boycotted to get a full bag of kettle corn. He was really, really mad. So one year he snuck into the King and Queen's bedroom and stole all their clothes.Piggo started ripping them apart and riping them to pieces. When the king and queen woke up, they sent peasants to go search for Piggo's Peeding Plandie Plan Plannie. They couldn't find him anywhere. So, they just made new clothes. PIGGO JUST WANTED THE CORN! So, they forgave Mr. Piggalioana and they gave him popcorn.


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