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QWERT - The Story of the Valiant (Prologue)

QWERT - The Story of the Valiant (Prologue)

Posted November 12th, 2017 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

November 12th, 2017

Qwert sauntered through the moon-lit forest and contemplated the mystical staff in his hand. If all the events that had just occurred were a reality, then this mission would not prove worthless. The power of Scar and the ceasing memory of Him was to be revitalised through this mission that Qwert had been sent on. Scar was the Lord of Scartalavia, home of Qwert and the other imps. As an imp, Qwert was regarded mischievous, untrustworthy and incapable to interfere with the important decisions and contests held in Scartalavia. 

Alongside the imps, many wizards and other superior species of Scartalavia subjugated the land, and because of this sense of superiority and infinite occult capabilities, it led them to forget their Creator, the all-pervading Scar. 

Infuriated, Scar had sent the land of Scartalavia into several months of panic, agony and a sheer sense of helplessness. Scar sent the most furious storms, the mightiest of hurricanes and had casted an everlasting drought on the land. But when the superior species came together and plotted to rebel against Scar, their new, combined power was overwhelming for even the immensely mighty Lord.

But this power hadn’t been experienced anywhere in the vast Universe before.

Stronger than any super stellar collisions, any violent supernova, or the incredibly rare merging of two supermassive black holes. Stronger than the energy that resided in the point of infinite density which later inflated and created this very Universe.

This rebel was supposed to overthrow Scar.

But it shaped the destiny of the Universe. 

In a moment of sheer panic, Scar used ‘It’.

‘It’ was not power. It was not energy. It was not a material object. It was the ultimate protection under the control of all Lords created beyond this Universe with Magical Matter. But it could only be used once. It had the potential to put and end to the expansion of the Universe, to reverse the concept of space time.

But the power of the rebel was not much inferior to the It. The collision stilled the Universe, brought trillions of dark flows into existence, crushed magnetic fields and created uncountable punctures in space time, known as black holes. With the huge number of these exo-giants, life became unstable for all living-beings, and a mass extinction known as ‘The Wipeout’ occurred. All Lords and one inferior life form survived. 

This inferior life form was Qwert.

How he had overcome this unique supernatural phenomenon would remain unknown to him for as long as he lived.

But as he had awoken, he had found himself in the Land Of Lords, a place beyond the limitations of the Universe. He had found the Staff, which told him to unite the Lords and generate a power similarly created by the superior life forms of Scartalavia. So he had set off on this journey to bring back existence.

To bring back the Universe…

To bring back life itself…

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