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random stuff that popped in my head

random stuff that popped in my head

Posted September 12th, 2023 by dust

by DustiestPaws

September 12th, 2023

Breaux seemed to always have a rythm. Wether it be a made-up song or a langthy lecture, there was always a cadince. A beat. Even the way he walked was a dance of its own. Breaux, despite his larger size, was quite flexible. When he moved in the kitchen, it was practically a show. Sways and swerves, twists and turns. Even bumping into a wall seemed graceful, as it was all planned from the moment Breaux moved a muscle. For those who didn't know Breaux as well, they would undoubtly be shocked at the pure elegance to an unheard rythm. One could almost see the mucsles in Breaux's torso flex and relax, twisting and bending in ways that seemed to scream that it was a rutine for him. As amazing as it was, no one seemed to notice. The show of flexibility and grace was brushed off as a rouse. Why, you may wonder? Because Breaux is chubby. And many people believe that others with a thicker body could simply never preform such a display. Breaux had heard many excuses as to why he moved the way he did. "You're just a skinny person in a fat suit!" "Lizard man!" "You- you're lying!"

Breaux had heard it all, it seems. And, to this day, people still refuse to think that a large person could ever moved with such grace and persision. Though, if you were to be lucky, if you were to befriend Breaux, would you believe your eyes? Would you believe that anyone of any weight could do the same as skinny people? Maybe. Alas, until the day comes when people are more willing to accept, Breaux with continue to dance his dances, and walk his walks. And, hopefully, someone will see that anyone and everyone can keep their own rythms. 

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