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Rating the fourth chapter of Zombie Birthday

Rating the fourth chapter of Zombie Birthday

Posted January 23rd, 2023 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

January 23rd, 2023

Chapter 4: (Heading There) That's a kinda weak chapter name.

I wake up with a start and remember that today is my birthday.

Darn. Yeah, that's a 'darn' situation. 

I grab my school bag, and when I meet up with Jack, he's got a big poster.

"Nervous, huh?" Jack says, handing me the poster. 

"Quite nervous," I say while taking Jack's poster. Still, HOW HAS JULIAN'S MOM NOT CANCELLED IT?!

The poster is long, and it has all the information about the list of completed attractions that Jack wrote. Here it is:


Go-Karting Information:

Purpose: A go-kart track with a kiddie and adult track, but the kiddie track is slower than the normal adult track This place must be big if it has two seperate tracks. And also, yeah, I likely thought this was Mario Kart.

Incident: Speeding kid, crashed into someone


Train Ride Information:

Purpose: One of the smaller kiddie attractions, goes quite slow and has 3 back cars and one main car 

Incident: Kid had his foot run over in the way of a train Well, if it was slow, then the kid should have reacted as soon as he saw the train. And aren't there any gates to prevent ANYTHING from getting into the tracks?!


Bumper Boats Information:

Purpose: Another one of the kiddie rides, bumper boats with squirters, great for a hot summer day

Incident: Kid drowned after being pushed out of a boat I highly doubt bumpers are that powerful.


Tea Cups Information: 

Purpose: Still a bit of a kiddie ride, but a little intense. Spinning cups for days of spinning That sounds like those cheesy advertisements that have a slogan.

Incident: Teacup fell on someone's foot due to so much spinning Yeah, spinning is totally the blame here. Not those dudes that spun the carriage.


The Smasher Information:

Purpose: Not a kiddie ride. Has a loop and high drops What I haven't solved is how big this place is.

Incident: Ride broke mid-loop This place is definately dodgy.


Arcade Information:

Purpose: Indoor video gaming machines Why did I say "machines?" That's like calling computers "machines." 

Incident: Spilled drink on a machine, electrocuted It's the kid's fault.


Lazer Tag Information:

Purpose: Indoor lazer shooting attraction Those aren't real lazers. They're not sabers. And also, it's not SHOOTING. IF YOU TOUCH THE LAZER, YOU DIE IN THE GAME, BUT NOT IN REALITY.

Incident: Lazer blew off kid's head Still, HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!


3-D Experience Information:

Purpose: Indoor virtual ride attraction This place is becoming the size of...I don't know.

Incident: Water machine in kids eyes, blinded 


After school, I'm taking the poster with me, and my friends are heading into the car. It's raining, so we have to be quick. As soon as all

my friends take their seats, I take mine and we're zooming towards Lunar Kingdom.

"So, Julian," Veronica says. "This place will be weird. Right?"

"Kids, don't believe everything Jack says," Mom bursts in. The mom ISN'T worried now? Has she not done her research on this place? And wasn't the list enough for her to cancel?!

"Ma'm, it's the honest truth-" Jack interrupts.

However, Mom saves the conversation by saying, "-let's get a drink from Sonic before we completely head there, all right?"

Everyone agrees, and soon Veronica and Dylan are enjoying a grape slush, Jack is drinking a cranberry, and I'm drinking a blue

raspberry. Soon, we're heading back to Lunar Kingdom, and once we get there, Mom pulls out a large umbrella for the four of us.

"It's not so scary here," Dylan says as we head inside.

"Oh, trust me, you'll see scary," Jack says. Has Jack been here before? Is that why he acts like an emo goth despite being 10?!

"Oh, looks like it's that family," a receptionist says as she introduces us and sends us to our table.

For 2 hours, I'm having the time of my life. Maybe it all was a lie. But I can't just throw my poster away.

At 6 pm, we say our goodbyes, and once everyone is ready to leave, I reach for the door handle.


It's locked.


Okay! 4th chapter done.

next chapter will mark 5 chapters of...


not awesomeness.

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