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Rating the second chapter of Zombie Birthday

Rating the second chapter of Zombie Birthday

Posted January 21st, 2023 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

January 21st, 2023

Chapter 2: (All These Rides) 


I find more research and figure out that there was another incident that occured at Lunar Kingdom (my party place). There was a 

go-kart ride, and one kid was speeding and crashed into another kid. Did I think this was like, I don't know, MARIO KART? That is an extraordinary accomplishment, and not in a good way. Ohhh, that's a beautiful line. Maybe you weren't so bad after all, 10-year-old-me. I go to school, and Jack gives me the following list of the rides at Lunar Kingdom.


*Train Ride

*Bumper Boats

*Tea cups

*The Smasher (roller coaster) I actually laughed when I saw this name. But back on the main subject-why would a roller coaster be in a normal arcade area?

*An arcade

*Lazer tag

*3d experience ride

"Wow," I say. "That's a lot of rides."

"There were incidents at all the rides," Jack says. Why did there happen to be incidents at every single one of the rides? 

"So that's why you told me I was dead," I say with a tone of annoyance in my voice.

"Didn't want to tell you before," Jack says, putting his hands in his hoodie pockets like yesterday. Emo Jack number two. All of a sudden, an idea flashes to my

mind. Since Jack knows so much about these rides, I'm inviting him to my birthday. YOU'RE JUST GOING TO SACRIFICE HIM. GOOD MOVE, JULIAN.


"Yes, Julian?"

"Can you come with me to my birthday?"

"Wow. You really want to sacrifice your advice-giver?" I mean, since Julian is a jerk, he'd gladly do that.

"Jack, please." 

"Fine! But don't expect me to feel sorry when you get your head handed to you." Thank you, Jack. You're probably the best character in this book.

I feel relieved. Jack is now on my birthday team, Team for what? and he'll tell us what to do.

At the end of school, I see my friend, Dylan. He's friends with Veronica, and I'll have to tell them about Jack.

"What's popping, Julian?" Why does Dylan say it like that?! 

"My birthday party is cursed," I say hanging my head down. Yes, it IS.

"What do you mean?"

"Jack says incidents happened there. Please, don't tell your mom or let Veronica's mom know." He'll know eventually. He'll know there's kids with frickin BLOWN OFF HEADS.

"Oh, I won't forget to tell her!" Tell WHO? VERONICA?

"I can always count on you," I say as I let a smile play across my lips. At the same time, my mom's car honks, and I get inside the car.

"So, what's happening today, honey?" My mom says as she starts driving off school grounds.

"Jack gave me this list," I say.

"Show me it when we get home," Mom says, focusing on the road in front of her car. "I don't want to drive off-road." Now she believes Julian?!

When I get home, I show her the list as she says, "Wow. I didn't know there was a roller coaster there." Unrealistic.

"Me either," I say, tucking the list into my pocket.

"Better keep it safe," I mumble as I shove it into my dresser and lay down in my bed, tired as heck. Before I know it, I'm clocking in for

the night.


Ohh-kay! Chapter two done!

Now follow me to chapter 3, a name that would normally be lucky but is definately NOT in this sense!

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