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Ryan Pickles (Chapter 8)

Ryan Pickles (Chapter 8)

Posted November 7th, 2017 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

November 7th, 2017



That wasn’t too bad.


Ok, it was. But I did eventually realise something great out of this trip. We’re in the car home now, so I’m going to tell you about My Cream’s Visit.


So we were entering Cream’s as I was saying, and then I stopped writing. The first thing we saw was Trev come out to greet us, with clothing so sporty you’d think he’d come out of the London Youth Games. But apparently he had. He had a shiny gold medal hanging out for everyone to see (typical) and there was writing on his shirt that said ‘Champion’. He greeted me as he usually does, by saying:


“Oh look! It’s the boy with teeth so yellow that cars get ready to stop when they look at them!” (Not funny.) Then he started to crack up at his lame joke (still not funny though). Luckily, mum and dad were in no mood for this, and we quickly walked past him and into the restaurant. We sat down to eat, but I wasn’t really hungry. Alfie asked mum and dad for every item on the menu. 

Whilst mum and dad talked to Alfie about self control and knowing your limitations, I had a look at some items on the menu: £9.99 for a triple-glazed chocolate cake. I mean, WHAT EVEN IS A TRIPLE-GLAZED CHOCOLATE CAKE?! Then I scrolled down the menu and saw this: £8.99 for a chocolate cake. Then I looked to the right, and it said, ‘customer notice: extra £0.99 if dining on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or first 23 hours of Sunday.’ I excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom before my mind would implode. I mean, if you want to empty out your wallet then Creme’s is the place to go.


Whilst I stood there, I thought of a way to get that hover board. I knew that every cool kid in school would have one, and I don’t want to look boring in front of my friends.


I realised I am going to have to make some money for myself…


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