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Sail (Day 10)

Sail (Day 10)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Monday, August 1st, 1892:

          9:45am: I woke up at around 7:00am. I checked the kitchen and the dining room, but no one was there, so I decided to head back below deck and check out the map room, which I’d only been in twice before. Of course, Shawn was in there. Shawn is obsessed with that room. He spends at least two hours a day in there. He was so into what he was looking at that he didn’t even notice me coming in. The map room was pretty much just a small room covered entirely with maps. There were several books, but of course, they were about maps, places, and directions. There was also one chair to sit in and read the maps. I backed out and went down one more set of stairs to the bottom floor of the below deck area. It was partially flooded, but it was nothing too serious. Murray and Theo had been able to patch it up pretty well, as no water was coming in. I shoveled a tiny bit of coal and went back upstairs. By now, it was breakfast time. Toast, eggs, and milk were on the plate. After that, I was well fed and in a good mood. I’ve just been chilling on the deck since then, talking to people. Chris is back up, and shockingly, Captain Woods is already okay! Everyone was surprised when he suddenly ran up on deck to greet us. Cory does look slightly disappointed, as I think he was enjoying his new title well.

          3:55pm: Yeah, things completely went downhill after that pleasant surprise. I’ll explain. At 10:30am, I decided to wander back down into the coal room for whatever reason. And for no reason at all, I swung open the tiny storage compartment on the bottom floor, which contains items like brooms and shovels. However, there was something else too. I swung open the doors, and then I turned to look inside the storage. There, right in the middle of a clump of shovels, was the body of Shawn! I screamed, horrified. He was covered in blood. I didn’t know what had happened to him, but this was certainly a murder! “Somebody help!” I screamed. Carrying Shawn’s body, I hustled all the way up the stairs and onto the deck, where everyone else was. Everyone screamed in horror. Gathering around Shawn’s dead body, everyone started to mutter and whisper in shock. Doug shoved everyone out of his way and hustled forward to check up on Shawn. Everyone waited tensely for several minutes. Finally, he shouted, “He’s alive!” “What?!” everyone screamed. “Why would someone attack him like that, but no kill him?” cried Murray. “Wait, whoever did this is on this ship!” screamed Chris in horror. Everyone froze. Somewhere, in this midst of thirteen people, was a murderer, or at least someone who wanted to cause pain. “Speak up, whoever it is!” barked Captain Woods, although if there really was a murderer, that person would in no way admit it like that. Doug immediately ran Shawn downstairs to tend to him. Meanwhile, all the way up until lunchtime, there was endless chatter on the deck. “This is horrible! We’ve got a murderer onboard!” “There’s no murderer, Chris! It’s just someone who wants to cause us pain!” “That doesn’t make sense!” “Maybe in their world, it does!” “Hey, guys, maybe it’s not one of us, maybe it’s someone on the Precious!” “Cory, would they get on without someone noticing? There have been at least three or more people on the deck since they’ve started towing us.” “Well, maybe there are three of us working with the bad guys!” “There are three murderers?!” “I’m telling you, this is no murder!” The chatter didn’t even stop at lunchtime. Even as Marcus and William put the chicken, salmon, and water down, everyone continued to talk. “I don’t know if we should eat this. For all we know, William could have slipped poison in that drink.” “It doesn’t have to be William! It could have been Marcus, or anyone, really!” “But if this water’s been poisoned, why did the murderer choose a violent method of attack first?” “It’s not a murder!” “Maybe they just enjoy seeing people suffer in different ways.” In the end, most of us didn’t eat lunch, much to Marcus and William’s displeasure. “I’m a first-class, high-quality cook,” sniffed Marcus angrily to me after lunch. “You don’t know what it’s like to see people ignore all the hard work you’ve put in.” I eventually got sick of just listening to conspiracy theories all day, so I climbed up into the crow’s nest. That’s when I realized something. “Hello, Precious!” I called down. “Hey, Captain Johnson, can you hear me?” “I hear you loud and clear, Don!” Russell shouted back in the distance. “When are we getting to New York?” “We might be there by nightfall!” Russell responded. “I’m getting glimpses of the shoreline here, this looks nothing like the east coast!” “Just ask your navigator! He’ll know what this is!” “Well, I would, but our navigator just got mauled!” “Wait, w-what?!” Russell sputtered in shock. “He’s not dead?!” “He’s barely alive, but no, he’s not dead.” “Don, I-I’m so sorry!” “Don’t worry, Captain Johnson, this isn’t your fault,” I called. In the distance, I thought I heard Russell muttering, “Impossible.” My suspicions were confirmed. I scurried down the ladder. I ran around the ship to gather everyone for a meeting. I decided to hold it on the side of the ship that was not facing the Precious so there would be no chance at anyone eavesdropping on us. Doug even came up, bringing Shawn with him. I explained everything, how the Precious didn’t really want to help, and were just leading us to somewhere else where they could kill us, and everything else too. I had found it strange from the very beginning that everyone on the Precious was willing to help us out. Now I knew that they just wanted revenge. “But there are still some pieces of the puzzle to put in place,” I explained. “Such as, why did the attacker only injure Shawn and not kill him? And how did a member of the Precious get onboard without anyone seeing?” There was a heavy silence in the air. Then finally, Captain Woods announced, “I’m with you, Donald.” “So am I,” proclaimed Theo. “Count me in!” cried Cory. “I knew it! This is all makes perfect sense!” cackled Richard. “I knew those jerks didn’t really want to help us in the first place!” Soon, everyone was onboard with my theory. “Now we’ve just got to go call out those jerks!” cried Richard. “There’s no need,” I said calmly. “I have a feeling they’ll be coming to us.” And sure enough, right as I said that, Aiden and Gavin rounded the corner and stormed over to us, armed with rifles. “Put your hands up!” shouted Aiden. “Yeah, before we shoot you!” seconded Gavin. Everyone did as told. “I suppose you want answers,” said Aiden. “And we’ll give them to you. First off, you’re probably wondering how we got on without anybody seeing. Well, I didn’t cross the tow hook I jumped off from the other side and swam around because there was almost no chance anyone would notice me. Plus, I did this during breakfast, when I knew everyone would be in the dining room. I got in through the patched hole. There was a tiny opening too high for the water, but big enough for me to squeeze into. Once I got on, I found the navigator. We needed to get rid of him because he would be the only one who knew we weren’t taking you to New York. I knocked him out, and then I dragged him downstairs. I hid him in the storage unit, which I figured would not be opened for a while. I shot the navigator once, and then I prepared to fire the kill shot. But I heard someone coming, and I had to scram.” Click. This all made perfect sense! Shawn was studying the maps so hard because he was confused about where we were going. And now that I thought about it, I could have sworn I heard some footsteps when I was heading towards the storage unit. “And where are you taking us?” Captain Woods demanded. “Why don’t you turn around and see for yourself?” asked Gavin, smirking. Everyone turned, and we were all greeted by an amazing sight. A huge and beautiful waterfall was soaring downwards right next to a steep and rocky cliff, or maybe a mountain. It was right in front of a huge jungle. Everyone just stared. “Wow, you just won’t believe how much we hate you,” laughed Aiden. “We want you to die such a painful death, right in front of a beautiful scene. We’re dropping you off that cliff. Oh, and we’ll leave your ship with you, to mark your death spot. Guys, come in!” The whole crew of the Precious had boarded the Brave. “Is Connor back to steer the ship?” Russell asked a cook. “He is, sir,” responded the cook. “Good, very good,” sneered Russell, whose voice sounded so much more sneaky and horrible now. “Grab them!” Russell steered the Brave all the way to the shore. Connor was already waiting there with the Precious, the anchor down. It was a long, hot, and hard march all the way up the mountain. I brought my diary, my pencil, the rock the Native gave me, and a group photo of my family to carry with me when I died. The crew of the Precious allowed us some time to recollect ourselves. And now, that time’s about over, as they’re calling us to get up and jump off. This is goodbye, diary. Thank you for being such a good friend to me. Goodbye, Mom. Goodbye, Dad. Goodbye, Russell. Well, not the bad Russell, but my brother. Goodbye, Jared. Goodbye, Alford. Goodbye, Brad. Goodbye, my aunt. Goodbye, my uncle. Goodbye, my cousins. Goodbye, Native American. Goodbye, world. We’re jumping now. Farewell.

          9:43pm: I don’t even know… I knew we were going to die. I just knew it. There was no other way out. All twelve of us lined up right on the edge of the cliff, and Captain Woods carried Shawn. We were ready. Right below us was a sharp collection of rocks. There was a body of water not too far away from that, but I knew that jump was too far. “Jump in three, two, one, jump!” “Jump into the water even though it’s a far jump! It’s our only hope!” screamed Captain Woods, and carrying Shawn, he leapt for it. For a second, everyone just stood there, frozen in shock. Then the remaining eleven of us jumped as well. It was a terrifying sensation. I thought I would die just from the feel of this fall. Still clutching my four most prized belongings, I continued to fall. I observed the ground below us. Suddenly, I realized we might have a chance! It would certainly be a close call, but there was a chance! The crew of the Precious seemed to have realized that as well, as they started to fire their rifles. But none of the bullets would ever make contact with our bodies. We continued to fall, but with bullets soaring between us. Then the fall was over, and we all hit the water, but barely inches away from getting our heads crushed on the rocks. It stung and hurt so much, and I crashed my head into the side of the rocks, causing blood to spill out everywhere, but I was alive. Immediately, everyone scampered into the jungle to hide. Up above, I heard Russell screaming to his crew, “What are you doing, you idiots? Go after them!” Still clutching my four belongings, I trekked along through the trees into the jungle after my friends. We ran and ran until we must have run more than a mile, and then we took shelter in a tiny little rocky crevice, just big enough for all of us. It was completely covered in greenery, so it would be hard for Russell and his men to find us. We all just sat there for a couple hours in shock, and finally, we regained our senses and realized that we needed some food and water. Richard and I scampered out. Crawling behind rocks and trees, we made our way over to a small lake area. I took a sip. It wasn’t saltwater! Feeling pleased, Richard and I filled up the two large cups we had managed to carve out of wood. It took much longer to find food, though. Finally, we found several monkeys that would have to do for the night. We set a fire inside the cave and had our dinner. Right now, most of us are just sitting around or chatting silently. Shawn actually regained consciousness at about 9:00pm, but he went to sleep immediately. I realize that we must get back to the ship. I know the Precious said it couldn’t sail, but I just know that they’re lying. However, they might have had two guys take both ships away to bar our escape. Wait, but we could build our own boat! It wouldn’t be something huge, but it would just be something big enough to fit all of us so we could get to the Brave. I really hope that they haven’t taken it away. Wait, why are we waiting right now? We need to get back to the ship and get out of here! Oh, oh no!

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