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Sail (Day 11)

Sail (Day 11)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Tuesday, August 2nd, 1892:

          10:21am: I don’t how we did it, but we’re back on the Brave. Of course, once again, I must explain. At the end of my last entry, I cut off short because the navigator of the Precious suddenly burst into our hideout! For a second, everyone just stayed where they were, frozen. Then the navigator pulled out his rifle and aimed at Captain Woods. But right before he could pull the trigger, Chris and Theo tackled him from behind, and instead of hitting Captain Woods, the navigator’s shot went awry and hit the stone wall. Murray barely slid out of the way of the falling chunk of rock in time. Cory scooped up the rifle, and the navigator was shoved against the wall. “What’s your name, and what are you doing here?!” shouted Captain Woods angrily. The navigator looked terrified now. He seemed to be about fifteen. “M-my name is Rick,” he sputtered. “This is no good,” grumbled Captain Woods angrily. “We’re going to have to run. Cory, kill him.” “Wait!” I shouted. Everyone stared at me in surprise. “Rick, you’ve got to tell us something. Have they taken the Brave away yet?” Rick seemed to regain some confidence. “We expanded all of our men on searching for you, but Captain Johnson just started to worry that you would double back and get to the ships. He sent Ronald to the Precious and Aiden to the Brave, but they are not in a hurry! If you run, you might be able to beat them! Just please, don’t kill me!” “That’s all we need to know. Kill him,” ordered Captain Woods. Three fast bullets pelted Rick in the face, and he slumped to the floor, dead. “We’ll be keeping this,” chuckled Cory, patting the rifle. “Come on, let’s move!” shouted Captain Woods. “And remember, no matter what, we stick together!” Our group tore through the jungle, no longer worried about being seen, but worried about having our ship taken away from us. One bullet whizzed by us, but we didn’t to see who it was or where it had come from. Finally, we reached the tall mountain. Jumping over rocks and stumps, we finally reached the beach. There, trotting along on the sand, were Ronald and Aiden! “Go! Go!” shouted Captain Woods, and Cory fired some bullets at Aiden’s back. Unfortunately, Aiden had heard us. He whirled around and dived out of the way, and then pulled out his own rifle. “Hey! Ron!” he shouted. Ronald whirled around, pulled out his rifle, and sped over to us. Their faces looked especially evil in the glare of the moonlight. The remaining crew of the Precious came hurrying around the mountain and caught up with us. Someone was holding Rick’s dead body. Russell looked furious. “You kill Rick, try to escape, and think you have the authority to just take our rifles? No! You will die tonight!” I was still clutching my four belongings, but I didn’t dare drop them, even if they would increase my running speed. “Kill them!” screeched Russell. At the same time, our team dashed off in the direction of the Brave. “Just run! Run!” cried Captain Woods. “Shoot them back, Cory, but don’t let it slow you down!” “Yes, sir, Captain Woods!” responded Cory enthusiastically. He then began to fire our stolen rifle. Thankfully, the bullets weren’t exactly getting close to us, but it wasn’t like Cory’s were either. Then suddenly, Shawn got pelted in the arm! “Shawn!” screamed Captain Woods. Then Richard got hit in the arm! Then Cory got hit in the arm, but he still continued to fire the rifle. Then finally, I got hit in the arm! “Ouch!” I screamed. I managed to still hold my belongings in my left hand, but my right arm felt like it had been ripped open and stabbed! “Good! Very good! Don’t let them get away!” cried Russell. “No!” shouted Cory, and with one shot, he got Russell in the face! “Captain Johnson!” the crew of the Precious screamed. “Just get them,” Russell mumbled weakly from the ground, and then his head dropped and his eyes closed. The crew of the Precious seemed to gain some motivation after this. One of Thomas’ bullets almost got me in the right arm again, but I managed to dodge this one. Then with perfect precision, Gavin nailed Marcus in the leg! “Marcus!” screamed William, as his cooking partner fell to the ground. Scooping him up, William continued to run to the Brave. “Just face it, you’re not getting anywhere!” shouted a cabin boy. “Enjoy a painful death!” cackled Aiden. Then Cory, who had been missing his shots today, suddenly got both Aiden and the cabin boy in the face as well. Then he got Gavin! And then he got Thomas! “Here, give me that!” shouted Richard, and he snatched the rifle away from Cory, and then killed Ronald. “Yes! Thank you!” I cried. “Whoop!” shouted William. “What are you all celebrating for?!” shrieked Captain Woods. “We have injuries, and there are still two cooks left!” “Well, I’m fine,” said Richard. “I’m fine too,” added Marcus. Shawn, Cory, and I all expressed our well-being too. “Just patch us up on the ship, and we’ll be good,” said Cory. “But there are still two cooks left, and they have rifles!” shouted Captain Woods. “Quite right,” snarled one of the cooks. “You’re dead tonight!” shouted the other. Captain Woods snatched the rifle out of Richard’s hands and gunned the first cook down. But then he fumbled the rifle! Diving for it, he slid across the sand. The remaining cook grinned and prepared his rifle, but he was tripped by Cory! Then the rifle was knocked away! I grabbed it, and together, Captain Woods and I finished off the last member of the Precious. Everyone just stood there for a bit, and then everyone started cheering and screaming in joy. “Hey, finish off that blasted ship, won’t you?” asked Richard. So right before boarding the Brave, Captain Woods and I emptied our rifles by shooting the Precious until it splintered apart and sank slowly into the ocean. “Yes! I can’t wait to get back onboard without any murderers on there with me!” cried Richard happily. And that, my friends, is how we defeated the evil crew of the Precious. Once I got on the ship and back into my cabin, I slept. I slept very deeply. I woke up at 10:00am after going to bed at around midnight, so I slept about ten hours, which is decent. I think I missed breakfast, though, as someone left toast, scrambled eggs, and milk on my desk. I was hungry, but I needed to use the bathroom first. There are two bathrooms on the cabin floor, one on one side, one on the other. I wolfed down breakfast in a hurry after that. Yeah, so I think I’m going to rest my wrist now. See you.

          5:45pm: Thank goodness, today was finally an ordinary day! It was just so ordinary, just like before all these events started to happen. I feel like the crazy events started once I started my diary, you know? But anyways, yeah, this was such an ordinary day. After breakfast, I met up with Henry, and we played cards in the sitting room. Then right before lunch, I sat up in the crow’s nest and stared out at the water for half an hour before being called down for lunch, which was turkey, broccoli, and water. In the afternoon, I shoveled coal, played tag with Henry, Theo, Chris, and Murray, and wiped the deck with a mop. Dinner was burgers, fries, and lemonade. I retreated to my cabin after dinner to fill in my diary. Yeah, I think I’m done writing for the day.



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