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Sail (Day 12)

Sail (Day 12)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Wednesday, August 3rd, 1892:

          1:46pm: Apparently, it’s going to take a little while to get to New York after the Precious took us all the way to who knows where. Anyways, I was having a pleasant dream. I dreamt that I was flying across the world, and the Brave was sailing below me with everyone on deck, cheering. And then I flew higher and higher until I went through the clouds, and soon I went so high I was in space. I flew all around the universe and explored all the planets, and I was about to land on this one planet that was shaped like a cookie when I was suddenly woken up by a failed attempt at perfecting a Harry Lawrence Freeman opera. Of course, it was Shawn. Yikes. That just sounded ugly. I couldn’t really get back to sleep, mainly because of Shawn’s Harry Freeman attempts. I was about to storm right in there and tell him to shut the heck up, but my thoughts were interrupted by a huge lurch from the ship. I felt like the ship was thrashing around while being lifted. Somewhere on the ship, I could hear Captain Woods screaming, “Everyone get up here now!” Suddenly, I realized that we could be in the middle of a violent storm with waves, as I was hearing lightning and thunder as well. Everyone quickly scaled the floors, and we were soon all on the deck. My thoughts were confirmed. I checked my watch, and it was almost 7:00am, but the sky was dark, with ominous-looking clouds with rain pelting down relentlessly, along with thunder and lightning. To add to that, the waves were the craziest I had ever seen them, and I’ve been living on a ship for almost a year. In the storm, I got the sense that our ship was like a bug swirling around in a bathtub. “Boys, this is a serious problem,” said Captain Woods. “It’s not safe at all sailing in these conditions. We’re going to have to get to the nearest shoreline, and personally, I honestly think we should take a little break from sailing, maybe hang out in the city for a week or so. However, we will need disguises for where we’re going, and I’m already wearing mine. By the way, some of you will have to paint over the area where it says our name. While I steer us to where we’re going, the rest of you can put on your disguises.” “Um, why do we have to wear our disguises, Captain Woods?” I asked, surprised. Captain Woods looked nervous. “There’s, um, well, a slight issue with the place we have to get to.” “Where do we have to get to?” “We have to go to Vero Beach.” I put my face in my hands. “Are you sure that’s the only place we can go?” asked Richard. “It’s the closest, and it’ll still be a challenge getting just to Vero Beach,” said Captain Woods. “Put on your disguises!” I picked up one of the costumes, and then I observed my selection. The outfit was not at all unlike the ones of the men on the Journey, as I was putting on a black and white suit with a black top hat. There was also a fake mustache, and two bandages to put on my face. There was also a piece of gum to chew on in one of the pockets, which was weird. Cory, Richard, Chris, and Murray painted over where our name was with red. After we were done, all of us sprinted over to Captain Woods’ quarters. “Are we going to make it there?” asked Theo. Captain Woods sighed. “We’ve got an okay shot, but it’s not going to be easy,” he explained. “Plus, our ship was already slightly damaged before this. The bottom floors must be flooded by now.” After a minute or two, I spotted something in the distance. It was Vero Beach! “Back in the state of Florida, I suppose,” sighed Shawn. Captain Woods kept sailing at a straight angle towards the harbor. We were going to make it! I could now see the people walking on the streets. Suddenly, a wave came out of nowhere from the left and pushed us to the right! “Whoa!” cried William. “Help!” screamed Cory. Everyone except Captain Woods, who held on to the steering wheel, was thrown to the right side of the ship and would have fallen off if not for our guard railing. Everyone quickly scampered back to the quarters. Captain Woods was trying to steer us back to the left, but the waves were just too strong. So he ended up turning to the right and all the way around, and we finally managed to get over the waves. We swerved and bumped all the way into the harbor, where we threw down the anchor. Everyone was giving us surprised looks. A harbor worker stepped up to the dock, looking bewildered. “Welcome to Vero Beach,” he said. “Are you all okay?” “We’re fine, thank you,” Captain Woods called back. “Would you like me to direct you to the trolley stop?” asked the worker. “Yes, please,” responded Captain Woods. Everyone spent a few minutes gathering their luggage, and then we got off the ship and followed the worker to the trolley stop, which was only two blocks west. While on the trolley, Captain Woods told us he knew of an inn we could stay at on the fourth stop. Finally, we arrived and got off. The inn was still relatively close to the beach. We were nowhere close to the city center, though. The clerk checked us in, and with thirteen of us, we got three rooms. I was in one of the rooms with four and not five, thankfully, as I find five people in one hotel room a little crowded. After that, all of us were starving, so we went out and looked for a place to have breakfast. It took us a little while, but we eventually found a really crowded one. I had pancakes with maple syrup, strawberries, and milk. Breakfast was quite dampened, though, as it looks like Cory and Murray are done being nice to us. Apparently, they did it to get out of that tent back at Roanoke. Wow. That’s just sad. And it looks like they’ve decided to start causing trouble again as well. After breakfast, they ran out by themselves, and minutes later, caught up to us again, running hard and carrying all sorts of items. Apparently, they mugged someone, but not just someone. They mugged the mayor! And they also mugged three of his security guards, and also stole an expensive wristwatch from one girl. Anyways, Cory and Murray zoomed past us with incredible speed while all of us looked around in bewilderment. Seconds later, the police force of Vero Beach was after us yet again! There was no way we could go back to the ship, as there was no way the harbor workers would be done fixing the ship by now. “You idiots!” screamed Richard after Cory and Murray. “Split up and get back to the inn!” cried Captain Woods. “We can change clothes there! I have more!” “Run!” screamed Shawn. Captain Woods and Doug hooked a left and ran into a large farmer’s market. Shawn dived into a bush for whatever reason, but Richard pulled him out and ran right down the street after Cory and Murray, carrying Shawn. Marcus, William, Theo, and Chris all went down that street as well. Scott rushed into a bar. As for Henry and I, we hooked a left and went down the street, but I quickly realized this mistake, as we were now the closest and most vulnerable to the police force. “Get them!” screamed the mayor, who was walking along behind his guards. Suddenly, a horn blasted. Looking up, I saw a whole platoon of guards blocking the other side of the road! And there was an officer on a horse galloping straight towards us! Before he could stomp on us, Henry suddenly halted and ran to the left, where there was a side entrance to the bar. I fled to the right, where there was a patch of trees. “Don’t shoot them!” shouted the chief officer. “Apprehend them first!” But suddenly, midway through the door, Henry, realizing the precarious situation I was in, whirled around and started firing away with a pistol I didn’t even know he had! And seconds later, Scott, who had someone gotten on the roof of the bar, shot at the officers with his rifle! “Change of plans! Shoot to kill!” shouted the chief of police. Scott wasn’t able to hit anybody, but Henry managed to hit one officer in the leg. However, he was still alive, just severely injured. “Get him to the doctor!” ordered the chief. “And kill those muggers!” shouted the mayor. Henry dashed into the bar, and Scott climbed a ladder back down into the bar. About ten or more police officers came after me. That was a problem, especially since I run slowly and have no stamina at all. Even though I had about a twenty-foot head start, they were quickly gaining on me! I dived into a bush, hoping they hadn’t seen me. No such luck. A policeman had seen me, and he fired away. Thankfully, the shots were low, and they missed by right arm, almost hitting where my previous bullet wound had just gotten healed! Yeah, I never did mention when Doug healed up our wounds. But now the policeman was calling to his buddies, so I had to run for it. In the distance, I saw a tiny alleyway that opened up to the big street on the other side, where there were plenty of people. There, I could shake the police and get back to the inn. But the alley wasn’t really all that close, and when I ran for it, I would be right out in the open. However, there didn’t really seem to be a choice, as the officers were crashing through the trees. So I ran for it. And guess what? I tripped over my own feet and fell flat on my face. This was a problem. I was actually still wearing my backpack, as I had never bothered to take it off, but I hadn’t thought of removing it. But there was no time. Getting up as quickly as I could, I jumped up and continued to stumble through the leaves. Bang! A bullet whizzed through the air and sank into the dirt where I had just been lying, sending up a flurry of dust. Five seconds later, I had made it! I was in the alleyway! But then another group of policemen appeared on the other side of the alley! I chanced a look back, but the officers were on that side as well. There was only one thing to do. A door was in the building on my right. I turned the handle, praying it wasn’t locked. It wasn’t. Bullets flying behind me, I dashed into the building and shut the door, and then I locked it. That would buy me some time. There was a set of stairs. I scurried upwards. As I dashed my each floor and window, I realized that this was an office building. Workers were giving me strange looks as I dashed up the stairs, looking terrified. I could hear the police not too far behind me. But then in horror, I suddenly realized that once I reached the top, there would be nowhere for me to go! I considered running into the offices, but these doors were all locked. So I kept running and running, hoping they wouldn’t shoot me immediately when they caught me. I finally reached the roof. It was a really tall building. A jump like this would kill you as soon as you hit the ground. I looked around me. The other buildings would be too far away to jump onto. But then, when I looked down, I realized that maybe I could jump down, grab onto the power cables before I hit the ground, and ride on top of the trolley all the way to the inn! I knew this wasn’t going to work, and I knew I would probably not be able to grab the cables, but there was no other option, and I could hear the officers below me shouting, “Kill him immediately! He’s a threat!” Still, I hesitated. The officers busted open the door leading to the roof. “He’s there!” an officer shouted. So I jumped before the bullets could get me. It was another long and terrifying jump. As I looked up, I could see the officers’ faces in shock. Then the jump was over, and I had grabbed onto the power cables. But there was no trolley in sight! I waited half a minute, but still, there was no sign of a trolley, and I could hear officers coming! Then suddenly, I heard the bell! The trolley was here! Then an officer rounded the corner and started blasting at me with his rifle! I leaped forwards and landed on the top of the trolley. On the streets, everyone was staring in shock. But I wasn’t safe just yet. Officers were on the streets, firing at me! It seemed like the whole force was in the chase! And their horses refused to be ditched by the trolleys! Suddenly, I realized something. I couldn’t believe how stupid I was! I had a pistol of my own in my backpack! However, you only got twenty-five shots before you had to replace it. Scooping it out of my backpack, I prepared to fire. Then I realized that I might hit innocent pedestrians by accident! But luckily, right up ahead, there was a group of only police and no civilians, which the police had blocked off, seeing me coming. Bang! Bang! Bang! Shot after shot went firing at my head. After ducking low, I jumped up and fired five straight shots at one officer. I only hit him with three, but it was enough. He slumped to the ground, dead. Suddenly, I realized I was in trouble. Up head, the trolley was about to make a stop because of the trolley crossing our path! But then I realized that trolley would take me to the inn! As the trolley screeched to a stop and lurched, I sprinted forward. However, I hadn’t run fast enough. I wasn’t going to make it! With one last desperation attempt, I jumped for it. I barely managed to grab on to the ledge at the back of the trolley. As I climbed up to the roof, bullets fired rapidly at me from behind! Several of them hit the wall next to me and went inside the trolley. I could hear screams of terror from the people inside. After I got on the roof, the rest was a piece of cake. I gunned down two more policemen, both times using five bullets. The trolley did make one stop to pick up customers for a minute, but I managed to dance away from the bullets. The trolley made a stop a block away from our inn, and I ran for it. A bullet whizzed by behind me, but I didn’t bother to look. As I was running, I saw Richard and Shawn running to the front door as well. We dashed inside the double doors and didn’t stop until we got to our rooms, the clerk giving us all strange looks. Everyone was already there except for Marcus and William. “Okay, great! Three more people!” announced Captain Woods. “Has anyone seen Marcus and William?” Everyone shook their heads. “This isn’t good,” grumbled Captain Woods. “The last three were incredibly late anyway. These guys are just not looking good for the timetable.” “Let’s go look for them!” shouted Scott. “No!” screamed Cory, who was hiding under the table with Murray in terror. “It’s way too dangerous!” “It actually is kind of dangerous,” said Richard, looking out the window. “The police are searching the whole area. Anyone outside is being searched.” “Right!” cried Cory. “Shut up!” shouted Captain Woods angrily. “Yes, it might be dangerous, but we can’t just leave them out there to die! Change your clothes quickly and get out there!” “No need for that,” said a voice. Then the door was blasted to bits. “Put your hands up,” said the police. “You’re under arrest.” The police put us in handcuffs and marched us outside of the inn. “What have you done with our friends?” shouted Captain Woods. “And how did you know what room we were in?” A police officer laughed. “Your friends are in custody, of course,” he chuckled. “And suffice to say, we got a little tip. Carl, you can present yourself.” A man of about thirty stepped out from the bustling crowd of police. “This is Carl House Junior,” explained the police officer. “He’s a little friend of ours. Not exactly on the squad, but he is a valuable resource with all these connections he has.” And now that I thought about it, I remembered seeing Carl in the lobby as I ran to our room. “Why haven’t you killed us?” I asked the police officer, suddenly wondering this. “Didn’t you say that you wanted us dead?” The police officer laughed again. “Good memory, I see. Well, I mean, we recognized you.” The officer knocked off my top hat and pulled off my fake mustache, and then held up a mug shot of me. And it wasn’t just me in the picture. The picture had all of us! “Again, it was Carl,” explained the police officer. “He took a little shot of you during your last visit,” he said. “And we want some answers. I mean, why do you come back after barely making it out alive? Oh, and I almost forgot, it would be nice for everyone to hand over their guns.” Most of us complied, but Henry and Captain Woods held back, refusing. In answer to that, the officers all pulled out their guns. “What do you say, Tom? Shall we shoot them?” another officer asked the one who had been talking to us. “I see no reason why not if they don’t comply,” Tom responded nonchalantly. “After all, who’s going to stop us?” “Actually, me,” said the mayor, suddenly stepping through. Tom froze. “Huh?” “Don’t worry, Tom. I’ll take over from here. The rest of you can also leave. Guards, come with us.” The mayor beckoned his security guards over. Captain Woods and Henry had no choice but to hand over their guns. They kept marching us all the way to the police station, where Marcus and William were outside, also in handcuffs. The officers guarding Marcus and William grabbed us and marched us into the police station, the mayor and his guards in tow. I’ve never been inside a police station, but if I had to guess, I’d say this one is on the lower end of the spectrum. The walls were originally built of brick, but it’s covered in so much dirt, bugs, and all sorts of disgusting horrors that it pretty much looks like a dirt wall. It smells damp and unpleasant. And these lights are horrible. It’s almost pitch-black in here. It’s pretty small too. It seems like there are three rooms for the officers to discuss, a tent outside holding the guns and horses, and one big room to hold prisoners. We’re stuck in that right now, and we have been for hours. “You will stay here until the mayor comes in, and until then, you will not move!” shouted the officer who locked us in. Thankfully, all they did was take off our hats and fake mustaches, along with taking our guns. They let us keep everything else, so I got to keep my diary. Oh, here comes the mayor.

          8:45pm: Seriously, what kind of city is this? Well, the mayor walked into the room, accompanied, as usual, by his guards. In his anger, the mayor looked silent and dangerous. “They have been ridden of their guns, I presume,” sneered the mayor. “Sir, yes, sir!” shouted one of the guards. “Good. McKinley, why don’t you and everyone else wait outside the door, guns at the ready?” After the guards walked outside, the mayor wheeled around and sneered at us. “I haven’t introduced myself, but my name is Charlie,” he said. “Now, I wonder why you have all come back. As my friend Tom has explained, we recognized you with this brilliant photo Carl took. Honestly, we had given up on going after you after realizing you could have gone anywhere. But then you came back and mugged me, along with my guards. So here’s what I want to know. We almost killed you, and you barely escape. Then what do you do? You come back. Why?” Everyone just stayed where they were, frozen. I touched my chair, which was hard as a rock. Finally, Captain Woods spoke up. “We happened to be sailing by, and the horrible storm this morning caught us. Surely, you had seen it? Vero Beach was the only city we would have made it to, and we barely did. Our ship is at the harbor, getting repaired-” “We have called off the repairing of the ship in order to prevent your escape this time,” Charlie cut in. “Anyways, we came here, disguised ourselves, and booked three rooms in an inn,” Captain Woods continued. “Then we went out to breakfast. But these two idiots went and mugged you and your guards. So here is what I would like to say. We’re very sorry that we mugged you. We’re very sorry that we killed your police forces. We’re sorry that these idiots are so stupid. Cory, Murray, apologize!” “Sorry,” mumbled Murray softly. “S-eh,” said Cory, who apparently had lost his confidence midsentence. “And Doug, Theo, I don’t blame you, but I’m pretty sure you should apologize for stealing all that.” “We’re deeply sorry, and we regret it, sir,” said Doug. “Sorry,” squeaked Theo tentatively. “Yes, about that!” shouted Charlie. “I remember all that you stole. What are you, pirates?” “We’re not pirates, sir,” Henry explained. “We’re sailors, and we go around exploring different parts of the world.” “Sailors and explorers, huh?” said Charlie angrily. “More like pirates and murderers!” “Sir, we’re so sorry, and we’ll do anything to make it up to you.” Charlie just stood there for a second, and then he burst into laughter. Everyone seemed relieved, as this was clearly pleasant laughter. But then Charlie rose back up and said bluntly, “You will stay here until we decide your sentence. It is either death or a lifetime sentence. Have a good day.” And with that, the mayor stormed out of the room and locked the door. So yeah, we’re in a bad situation right now. Oh, well. Maybe they’ll shorten our sentence in a few years and let us out. Wow. And they’re probably going to rip up the Brave, and they’re probably going to storm the inn and take our luggage for themselves. Yeah. Captain Woods is in the corner, crying. “My life is ruined! I just wanted to sail!” he screamed a few minutes ago. Shawn is just buried in his favorite map, the detailed one of the world. It’s so big that it would cover up three of us. Shawn looks like a mouse next to a giant. Marcus is just reading his big cookbook. Richard, who usually always has something to say, is just staring at his hands. In fact, no one is saying anything. We’re all depressed. Cory’s just touching Murray’s hair, both of them looking like robots. William’s doing the same thing as Richard. Theo’s reading a chapter book. Doug is examining his emergency medical kit. Henry is crying, lying on the floor. Scott is drinking a tiny bottle of whiskey he always carries around in his pocket. Chris is eating a bag of potato chips. And what about me, you ask? I’m just sitting in a chair, writing in my diary. And this place still smells damp. What a sad place to spend the rest of my life.



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