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Sail (Day 13)

Sail (Day 13)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Thursday, August 4th, 1892:

          3:33pm: What a horrible place this is. What a horrible place. And actually, I’m not talking about that police station, but that’s horrible too. This place is actually worse. You know what I’m talking about? I’m talking about jail. I’m talking about cold, hard, prison, where your fellow inmates are either crazy and sick like lunatics or just downright evil. In the morning, at about 7:00am, there came the shout of, “Wake up!”, and thirteen apples and bottles of water flew through the door, bonking us all on the head. At 10:00am, Charlie approached us again with his bodyguards, looking joyful. “Great news, my friends!” he shouted excitedly. “The city and I have had a discussion. We’ve decided that you’ll be imprisoned for three months, and then you’ll either be executed or sentenced to a lifetime at prison. Anyway, see you in three months!” And he walked out the door, leaving the rest of us flabbergasted. Half an hour later, a group of officers came rushing through the door, and they dragged us out. We were taken to the prison, which is in the central of the city, probably so we have the least chance of escaping. By the time we got there, it was lunchtime. This lunch was absolute garbage, nothing compared to Marcus and William’s. Oh, no. The lunch was some kind of sticky, rubber pasta, along with a rotten banana and some water that looked contaminated. Suffice to say, I ate as little as possible. Sadly, the prison guards do make you eat at least a certain amount. Marcus tried to toss his in the trash immediately, but a guard whacked him with his stick. The red bruise still hasn’t gone away on Marcus’ back. After lunch, it was free-time. There really isn’t much in this prison. There’s a front gate at the south end, the walls, a yard tower, a guard room, a cell block, a yard, a cafeteria, and some pathways in the back. The south end leads to the trolley stop going down to the beach. The west end is closest to an Italian restaurant. The east end has a bunch of sand and dirt. And the north end looks kind of scary. A huge collection of mountains look ominous, and this represents the center of the city. I heard criminals have been known to hide up there and fire shots. The cells fit three people. Sadly, I didn’t get put with anyone I know. No. Not even close. I got put with a guy named Joe who got arrested for trying to rig the election for mayor of Vero Beach, and a guy named Alfred who got arrested for knocking guys out on the street. Alfred is just big and stupid, but he’s really strong and loves to hit things, no matter if it’s a person, food tray, or wall. He was a janitor at a market. Joe was the former mayor of Vero Beach, two elections before Charlie. He got involved in some shady business deals, so he got kicked out. How do I know all this? They told me. Well, Alfred didn’t tell me the part about him being stupid. I figured that out for myself. My cellmates seem okay with me, and they’re willing to talk. I definitely don’t think they want to be friends, but they’re not going to hurt me or anything like that. I didn’t tell them much about myself. All I said was that I was a twenty-year old sailor from Boston who got arrested for mugging a pedestrian. Alfred looks to be around my age. Joe looks about forty-five or fifty years old. Free-time is really quite horrendous. I just hung out in the yard for a while. Oh, and by the way, Joe and Alfred have life sentences as well. In fact, most people have life sentences in this place. This city is harsh. Really, who would want to live here? I heard that you can get a life sentence for stealing a paper clip. That’s probably a little too much, but if I lived here, I wouldn’t want to risk it. Oh, and I heard that they’re keeping the Brave in the harbor, and they’ll use it if need be. And thankfully, they allowed us to bring our bags into the prison after giving a thorough search. In my backpack, I only have my diary, my pencil, my wallet, my flashlight, my sunglasses, and one blue crayon that I have no idea how it got there. Anyways, I’m sure I’ve stated it well enough. Prison absolutely sucks.

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