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Sail (Day 14)

Sail (Day 14)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Friday, August 5th, 1892:

          3:55am: The reason I awoke so early is simple. Joe and Alfred both snore as loud as pigs. This is just great. Now I can’t even sleep? Prison is worse than I thought it was. Really, I’m not feeling like updating my diary too much. Sure, I’ll put in at least one entry per day, but there’s really nothing to write about here. This place is so boring, and the only remotely interesting thing is watching the big and stupid guys beat up the smaller ones repeatedly. So far, I’ve been able to avoid their clutches. Surprisingly, not everyone here seems to be bad. There were two guys I talked to who got arrested for tripping over a policeman and going to work too early. In fact, I’m sure there are more people here who have gotten arrested for no reason. I just can’t believe this place. For all the places we could have ended up in, we end up here? Why? This is so depressing.

          4:44pm: Well, I mean, something new actually happened today. Three guys tried to escape. You know, I never really considered it, but after watching how incompetent these guards are, I’m thinking about it. Breakfast was the same slop as lunch and dinner. I don’t even want to describe it. Then it was yard-time up until lunch. At 10:00am, I was sitting on a bench with Theo, chatting away about how prison sucks, when there was a shout. Everyone in the yard turned to see what had happened. Okay, so the doors in this place can only be opened with a card, but only guards have them. The door leading up to the guard tower and freedom also requires a card. This one guard, about my age, actually, unlocked the door. But before he could get inside, three men of about thirty suddenly completely trampled him! “Stop!” he cried, as if that was going to do anything. He whipped out his zapper, but goodness, his aim is awful. Instead of hitting one of the escaping men, he hit a completely random person in the yard! But those guys weren’t going to actually escape, right? It was too far a drop to jump off the wall and survive, and there were a ton of guards stationed on the towers and walls. They had no chance. I was soon proven wrong. Everyone in the yard watched eagerly to see what would happen. The head of the first man popped up, and then he quickly avoided a jab from a guard’s zapper. The second and third men did the same, and then they pushed past all the guards and broke for it! The guards on the walls all turned to fire with their zappers, but these shots weren’t getting anywhere close! They somehow got past the whole platoon! The next set decided that they would now shoot to kill. They fired away with their pistols. Again, these shots weren’t anywhere close. All around the prison, guards were shouting and converging on the front gate. But the guards were super slow, and the prisoners beat them to the front gate by a lot. However, the drop from the wall was way too big, and they had to admit defeat to the guards who arrived a few minutes behind. I know they didn’t escape, but seriously, why are these guards so incompetent? After that, I decided to gather everyone in my cell. I also told Joe and Alfred about my plan and invited them to come, as I was fine with having them escape as well. I then rounded up my friends one by one. Lastly, I decided to recruit the two innocent men as well. Apparently, their names are West and Donald. Hey! That’s my name as well! Anyway, it was incredibly crowded and cramped in the cell. After gathering everyone up and having Shawn and West stand at the doorway as lookouts, I spoke. “Okay, guys. You’re probably wondering why I’ve gathered you all here. Anyways, as we’ve all just noticed, the guards here are incredibly incompetent. So I’m kind of confused. Is there a reason why no one can escape with the guards being this incompetent?” “Oh, they are incompetent, alright,” said Joe. “It’s just that even if you get past the guards, there’s nowhere to go! Seriously! There’s just a big drop waiting for you to die!” From how he was speaking, I guessed Joe had tried to escape before. “But if the cards open doors, can’t we just steal a card and run?” Everyone was silent for a bit. Then David said, “That’s a bit of a mystery. The doors can somehow detect if it’s a guard or an inmate using the card. People have tried that plenty, but none of the prisoners can get past the doors. That’s why no one can escape.” “So it’s not really the guards that’s the problem, it’s the prison itself?” “Correct.” “Okay, so we just need a way to get past the wall somehow. Anyone have any ideas?” “Maybe we should team up on a guard and threaten him to use the card before we kill him,” suggested Captain Woods. “Sounds good to me,” I agreed. “Well, um, the doors don’t work if an inmate’s in a fifteen-foot radius,” said David. “What?” I cried in shock. “Yeah, that’s the flaw,” said David. “And the door closes if an inmate gets inside that area.” “But those guys got through, and they were clearly within fifteen feet!” David still shook his head. “That was a malfunction, and I can guarantee it’ll never happen again. These systems never fail.” Everyone was silent for a bit while we all thought for a bit. “You know, maybe we don’t need to get past the doors,” said Shawn suddenly. “Maybe we need to cut the wall open or something!” “And how are we supposed to do that?” shouted Albert. “What kind of stupid plan are you thinking of?” “No, he’s right!” I cried. “We could blow up the wall!” Everyone stared at me. Then Henry said, “You know, that’s not such a bad idea.” “Yeah,” echoed Scott. Everyone else voiced their approval. Alfred still looked a little skeptical, though. “And where we find the material to blow up the wall?” he asked. “I’m all for it, but only if we have explosives. Otherwise, you want us to punch the wall until it breaks?” He had a fair point. “We’ll think about it in the meantime,” I said. “I want everyone to pay extra attention to what the guards are doing and if there might be anything that could help us with-” “Guards coming!” shouted Shawn. “Everyone scatter!” I ordered. A few seconds later, I was the only one left in the cell. Two guards came charging into the cell, holding up pistols. “Put your hands up!” one of them shouted. “They are up,” I explained. “Oh,” said the guard. “What’s going on here?” asked the other guard, who was yet to lower his pistol. “I thought we saw a ton of prisoners over here. What are you all planning?” “Sir, no one was up here except for me,” I lied. “You must be mistaken.” The guards scratched their heads. “No one was up here?” asked the first guard. “No one was up here,” I repeated. The second guard sighed. “I guess you’re good for now, but we’re keeping an eye on you, uh, Thompson,” he grumbled, reading my nametag on my jumpsuit. “Have a good day, guards,” I said. “Farewell,” grumbled the second guard. After that, it was nearly lunchtime, so I lay down on my bed and just thought for a while. Could we really have a chance of escaping? These walls looked completely impervious, but perhaps. I knew there was a chance of getting killed if I got caught in the act, but I was ready to take the chance rather than spend the rest of my life in this dark place. Again, I don’t even want to describe lunch, as it sucked. During free-time, I started my observation of the guards and prison. I also noticed my friends helping too. I tailed a guard who I had never seen before, a tall and skinny one of about thirty years. According to his nametag, his name was Mason. I followed Mason at a considerable distance to make sure he didn’t notice me. He really did nothing of interest except walk around the nexus hall and shout at some random inmates. Eventually, he turned around the corner and went for the back door. I crept forward silently, forgetting about the fifteen-foot radius rule. As Mason put the card to the scanner, the door wouldn’t open. Confused, Mason whirled around in search of a prisoner. Luckily for me, I had darted back around the corner just in time. However, there was a security camera right there! From the guards’ room, which had the security feed, I heard someone shouting, “Someone tried to escape! Get out there!” Three guards with helmets, shields, and rifles charged out of the room. They spent ten minutes looking around for the criminal, but I hid out in my cell and looked down from above the whole time. Eventually, they gave up and stormed back to their room. I decided I was done for the day after that, and I just meandered around the prison.

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