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Sail (Day 15)

Sail (Day 15)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Saturday, August 6th, 1892:

          6:56pm: This wasn’t a pleasant day at all. I was shaken awake at 5:00am by a guard. Dazed, I sat up and found that Joe and Alfred had already been woken up, as my bed was in the back of the cell. “Huh?” I mumbled wearily. “What happened?” “I don’t know,” grumbled Alfred. “But I want to go back to sleep. I was having the most pleasant dream-” “Will you shut up about the dream?!” shrieked the guard. His name was Derrick. “The prison’s flooding! We have to evacuate!” “What?!” screamed Joe. I suddenly realized that the toilet had been broken into pieces, and sewage water was spraying everywhere! “The toilets and sinks have all gotten screwed in the cells and kitchen,” Derrick explained rapidly. “And the prison is almost completely flooded! Run!” But just as he said that, the overflowing of our toilet tripled. Now we were completely submerged. Grabbing my backpack, I swam for the exit. Derrick, Joe and Alfred were all in front of me. Once outside the cell, we had a tiny space of breathing air. The entire prison was literally submerged! “We’re the last group out,” explained Derrick, who was now shaking in fear. “Everyone has been evacuated with zero casualties, but we forgot about this group, as it’s in the back of the cell block.” “Never mind that!” shouted Joe. “How are we supposed to get out of here? I can’t swim that far without breathing!” It was true. There was another air space right outside the cell block, but it would be hard work getting across. “The water hasn’t filled up the whole thing just yet!” cried Derrick. “Get to the top of the water! There’s still some breathing air by the ceiling!” And with that, Derrick jumped and started to swim. Alfred went next. I stumbled forward, tripped, and fell in the disgusting sewage water, although I quickly got up. But when I looked back, Joe still hadn’t jumped! “Joe!” I shouted. Joe was shaking in terror, rocking back and forth. “Come on!” I screamed. But Joe shook his head. “I can’t do it!” he cried. So I swam all the way back, also carrying a backpack, by the way, and grabbed Joe by the arm. “You have to at least try!” I told him firmly, and finally, Joe started to swim. When we were a sixth of the way through, and Derrick and Alfred had gotten through a third, the sewage water on the east side of the cells got reinforced! The entire cell block, including the prison, was now completely underwater! There was absolutely no chance of making it to the doors. But however, there were a few windows that had been impossible to reach before since they were so high. But now, we could swim right through! However, there was a problem. They were really small! Derrick, Joe, and Alfred, were now just stuck in the water, not knowing what to do. I quickly motioned for them to follow me. We swam to the edge and tried to squeeze through the windows. Since I was exceptionally skinny, I made it! I went down the waterfall of sewage water and came out into the nice, clean air. There was a huge crowd of civilians and police officers right in front of me. At the front, all the prisoners were being held by actual police officers, so there was no chance at escape. When I was spotted by the crew of the Brave, who had just looked so worried, they cheered gleefully! I ran towards them and was tackled to the ground by everyone as they danced around me in joy. “You made it, buddy!” shouted Richard. “Great job, son!” barked Captain Woods. “Awesome!” cried Henry. “Good job, I guess,” sighed Cory. “Wait,” I groaned. “Joe, Alfred, Derrick, they’re still in there.” And knocking an excited William out of the way, I dashed all the way back to the prison. “Hey! Where are you going?” shouted the police, but I didn’t listen. Joe, who was almost as skinny as me, had made it through, thankfully. But I didn’t have time to talk to him. There were already two police officers up there with ladders, and they finally pulled out Derrick, their fellow man. But they just ignored Alfred! “Hey! Aren’t you going to help him?” I shouted angrily. But when the officers saw me, they charged with zappers. One snarled, “You shouldn’t be here! Get back to the inmate section!” I darted way, and then the other, and that way, I got past them. I started to swim up the sewage water. Zapper shots were being fired, but they got lost in the water. I finally got all the way up to where Alfred was, but I couldn’t see him! He couldn’t make it through since he was so big! And still carrying my backpack for whatever reason, I dived through again. It didn’t take too long to find Alfred. He was either dead or unconscious, but I would pull him out and hope for the latter. I pushed him through and had him go first, since I had much more air. Using my backpack as extra weight, he finally went through the window. Then it was my turn. But suddenly, huge waves of sewage slammed me into the wall, and then they pulled me back into the cell block! “Don!” I heard my friends scream. My backpack tumbled through the window and outside, but I did not. Then I remembered something my father had once told me. “If you get caught in a wave or strong tide, don’t go through the force, but go sideways,” he had said. I now took his advice and quickly swam to the north. I was out of the force! I swam forward and forward, but now my air was running out. Could I make it? Pushing and pushing, the window grew bigger and bigger until I tumbled outside. I fell right on top of my backpack and passed out. I woke up a few hours later in a complete new room. “Where am I?” I moaned. “He’s alive!” screamed a voice. “Hooray!” came several voices at once. “Don!” Henry came rushing to my side and lifted me up. “Are you alright?” “I’m feeling just okay,” I mumbled. Once I got my senses back, I realized I was in a big room. Every single inmate was there, and they were all cheering for me. “Where are we?” I asked Henry. “They moved us all to this big underground room they had no use for,” he informed me. “It’s not comfortable at all. They didn’t give us anything except for some pathetic candles, and there’s so sunlight!” It was true. It was just a lot of brightly-lit candles on the floor, stone walls, a stone floor, a stone ceiling, and a stone door bolted shut. I spotted my backpack lying in the corner. Everyone was talking rapidly at once, and I could make out many different voices. Alfred stumbled up to me, accompanied by Joe. “Donald, thank you so much for saving my life!” he cried. “I owe you everything in the world. Is there anything I can do for you?” “Not much, but maybe not to snore as loudly,” I told him. Joe, Alfred, and I all laughed. “And thank you for coming back to help me, even if I got out by myself,” whispered Joe. After that, I was always the most popular inmate among everyone else. People who I had never even talked to were now coming up to me, saying hello. We all just stayed there, talking, when forty-five minutes later, someone banged on the door, shouting, “Lunchtime!” The door was opened to bring the food in, but several guards, armed with guns, stayed outside the door to ensure no one’s escape. The afternoon was incredibly boring. There’s absolutely nothing to do here! They passed out dinner an hour ago, so now we’re stuck here for the whole night.



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