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Sail (Day 16)

Sail (Day 16)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Sunday, August 7th, 1892:

          1:31pm: Goodness, that underground bunker was so horrible that I’m actually glad to be back in prison. At 4:00am, several officers barged through the door and announced that the prison had been emptied of the sewage water, and we were returning. And for breakfast, they threw us each a plate of potato chips that tasted like paper. We began the march back to prison and arrived at 6:00am. Since this was officially breakfast time with no breakfast to eat, the guards started yard-time extra early. There were some new weights to lift in the yard, but I couldn’t budge them an inch. I also tried out the jogging path, which is really just a strip of dirt circling the yard. They also moved some bleachers in as well, but there’s really no point of them. Instead of chilling out in the yard, I continued to spy on the guards. My guess was that if we wanted to blow up a wall, we would blow up the one at the yard, as that was the only wall that we could blow up one layer of and still get out. There are always a lot of guards on the yard tower, but I guess that won’t really matter. A place that the guards really protect is the guard room. I suppose that if you have control of that place, you have control of the whole prison. Plus, there are a ton of guns in there. Something’s still bugging me about the three men who somehow broke the system. I know it didn’t work for me, and I know David said that’s the only time it’ll ever work, but still, I almost want to try again. Anyways, lunch was the same slop, slop, slop. I just hate it.

          10:55pm: I think we’ve found out how to escape! Once again, I will explain. After lunch, and during free-time, our team continued to look for anything that could help us. Henry and I were looking around in the back hallway, but not close enough that we would set off the alarm. I was just staring at the wall and there was a shout behind me. Whirling around, I saw what Henry was screaming about. One of the tiles that made up the floor had broken! And that tile was right next to the marker that didn’t let us inmates past. However, when I got a closer look, I realized that the marking tiles could all be pressed down slightly! And when Henry and I both tried pressing down on some tiles, the door leading outside buzzed red and locked itself! Ignoring the fact that the guards had been alerted with the system and with the security cameras, Henry and I scampered to the door. There were more pressing tiles in front of the door, and again, the door buzzed red. “I see,” Henry mumbled. “This is a mechanical system! Weight must trigger the door locking! Since our jumpsuits are so heavy, that must be the thing that doesn’t allow us through!” Henry then observed the block that the guards placed their cards on. “There must be some specific weight to unlock the doors, the cards specifically!” he exclaimed. “This is actually a really genius system!” “But Henry, do you see what this means?” I cried. “If we take off our jumpsuits and steal a card, we can escape!” “Don, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves,” said Henry. “There are tons of guards outside those doors. While they may not have good aim, there are so many bullets that at least a few are bound to hit us. But even so, this discovery will lead to our escape. We just need to alert everyone else.” We spent the afternoon alerting every single inmate in the prison. It was hard to try to spread the word secretly so everyone would know without making it too obvious to the guards there was something at large. We agreed that tomorrow, we would attempt our mass breakout. During the night, in the safety of their cells, everyone was to remove their jumpsuits. Many people had cards from previous thefts, so we were ready. As soon as the guards unlocked our doors in the morning, everyone would blow past them and escape through the back door. This is a great plan!



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