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Sail (Day 17)

Sail (Day 17)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Monday, August 8th, 1892:

          2:22pm: Yes, yes, yes! I’m finally on the Brave! It’s been so long! At least that’s what it felt like. Joe, Alfred, and I were already up and awake at 5:00am, too anxious and excited. A guard named Cole came to unlock our cell at 6:00am. “We’ve got some early birds over here, I see,” he grumbled, looking like he had just gotten out of bed. Cole’s hair was absolutely crazy, sticking out in all directions. As soon as he unlocked the door, the three of us shot past him. “Huh?” Cole mumbled confusedly. Then he realizes something else. “And why aren’t the three of you wearing your jumpsuits?” But we had already dashed into the nexus by the time he had realized that, and all around us, everyone was doing the same thing. Every single inmate was escaping! The guards had gotten whiff that we were up to something, and every one of them in the prison was after us. The chief even sent the special team, who was supposed to be reserved for emergencies. The members of the special team were equivalent to actual police officers, so they weren’t incompetent at all. But by the time they had burst out of the guards’ room, the inmates had made it around the corner and were busting their legs through the back hallway. Throughout the prison, guards everywhere were yelling for us to stop and yelling for help. Rose, the last name of the inmate with the card, placed it down on the block. The doors swung open. We were in some sort of tiny backyard with a bit of grass. There was another door requiring a card leading to the front gates, and Rose unlocked that as well. The guards gave chase all the way with their best effort, but nothing could stop us. Rose put the card down again on the door leading outside, and we were now free! There were several guards outside, and they tried to stop us, but they were just trampled by the crowd of excited escapees. All the inmates yelled farewell to each other as they ran into the city in all different directions, except towards the mountain. Our team quickly gathered. “Crew, we’ve got to get back to our ship,” announced Captain Woods. “I’m afraid we’re going to have to leave you here,” said Joe. “Yeah,” seconded David sadly. We all exchanged sad goodbyes and farewells, promising that we’d see each other again. As we ran off in our separate ways, Alfred called to me, “And again, Donald, thank you for saving me!” I smiled and waved back. By now, all the guards in the prison had exited the building and were outside the walls. They had actually caught one guy, an inmate named McKinley. I hesitated, worried. “Donald, come on!” shouted Henry. The crew of the Brave was already running to the harbor. “Hold on for a second!” I replied loudly over the roar of the crowd. Dodging escaping inmates and angry guards, I came over to where McKinley was being dragged back to the prison by two very angry-looking guards. As they were marching him with handcuffs, I quickly jumped in and knocked aside the first guard. He went tumbling away. But as I turned around, the second guard punched me in the face! I went down, and he whipped out his zapper. But the guard suddenly went down. Henry and come back to help! “Come on, let’s move it!” he shouted. McKinley turned to us. “I cannot thank you nearly enough for your help,” he stuttered. “You’ll help us by getting out of here and escaping!” Henry roared. “Go!” McKinley stumbled and pursued his fellow criminals. Henry grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to our friends, who were waiting for us. “Come on, go!” cried Captain Woods. “It’s only a matter of time before the real officers come!” And it was true. With my heart sinking, I realized that not everyone would escape. But I was glad they had at least had the chance to run. But I needed to focus on myself and my friends for a bit. There was a group of more than ten cops chasing after us on horses. I recognized Tom as one of the officers from when we had gotten arrested. “Get those scramblers!” he was shouting. “And make them regret it!” Then Charlie and some of his bodyguards came rushing towards us on horses as well! “Escaped, I see!” shouted the mayor. “That will soon change! I was hoping I wouldn’t have to see you for three months, but you can never trust criminals!” With a big platoon behind us, it was hard work going. Zappers and guns were both being fired after us. I sincerely hoped that if we did get caught, it would be by way to the zapper. But I didn’t want either of those. I wanted complete freedom, along with my friends. Then I saw something dangling from the belt of one officer. “Hey! That’s our gun box!” I alerted everyone. Theo quickly doubled back, and sliding under a fired bullet, he wrenched the gun box away from the officer’s belt. “Hey!” he shouted, but he was quickly knocked off his horse by Theo. The cabin boy ran back to us and gave out our guns. I was gratified to see my pistol again. I fired some shots and gunned down some officers with bullets to spare. We kept running like this until we reached the harbor. It was quite a big jump from the dock to the deck, but it was manageable. Chris got on first and immediately pulled the anchor away. Captain Woods got on next and hustled to his quarters to start moving the ship away from Vero Beach. The ship wasn’t completely repaired, but from my observations, we would be able to make it all the way to New York without any trouble. Theo and Richard both jumped at the same time and almost collided in midair, but Richard pulled off an amazing stunt in which he adjusted his landing spot midflight and grabbed the railing with one hand, and then grabbed Theo before he could fall. The anchor had been lifted, and Captain Woods was now ready to move the Brave once we were all on. I jumped on next, and Scott followed me. Then it was Cory, who jumped way too early and wouldn’t have made it unless I reached over the railing and grabbed his arm, and then pulled him over. Doug went next, and then Murray after him. Henry hustled his way over the railing after that, and then William, who partially slipped on the dock but still managed to get onto the railing. Now it was only Shawn and Marcus left. Captain Woods had his hands on the wheel and was ready to move at any second now. “Come on, guys!” he shouted. “We’ve got to move!” “Go! Go! Go!” Doug encouraged. “Come on, buddies! You can do this!” shouted William. Shawn went first, but he was suddenly pulled back! An officer named Gordon was behind him, grabbing the back of his shirt! “You aren’t going anywhere,” he snarled angrily. Several other officers appeared after that and ran towards Marcus. Marcus tried to squirm away, but there wasn’t enough running space on the dock, and Tom, along with some officers named Jack and Prescott had tackled him to the ground. Charlie, his bodyguards, and some important city council people arrived shortly after, accompanied by even more officers. “Well, well, look who it is,” sneered Charlie. “You are never escaping!” shouted a city council member. “These fools,” muttered Prescott. “Thinking they can escape? Well, they should think twice?” Marcus suddenly pulled out a pistol I never knew he had! He fumbled with it for a second, clearly not experienced, but managed to gun down Gordon before the officers could react! And with that, Shawn escaped onto the Brave. The officers reached for the pistol, but Marcus tossed it over to our side first. Then we pulled out our own guns. “Not so fast!” shouted Jack. He and his fellow cops whipped out their guns and pointed it at Marcus. “Drop your guns before this man gets killed!” We all complied and released our guns. “This is perfect!” cackled Tom. “Come back and rejoin us before we shoot!” Everyone just stood there. “Don’t come back for me, guys! Get out of here!” “You shut up!” Marcus was whacked upon the head. “Hey! Keep your hands off him!” cried Doug. He almost reached for his gun, but Shawn pried his hands away. “What’s it going to be? Friendship for one or freedom for twelve?” asked Charlie meanly. “I choose freedom for thirteen!” Marcus screamed suddenly. “Start steering!” And he somehow wiggled loose of Tom, Jack, and Prescott’s grips altogether and made the leap. In shock, Captain Woods started to steer the ship away. Marcus’ hand hit the railing and slid off, but William pulled him up. “No! Get them!” screamed Paul, a police officer. “On it!” shouted Jack. They all started firing away. The bullets hit the ship and took out some planks, but it wasn’t nearly enough. “Alright, fine! You’ve won this one, but this isn’t over just yet, fools!” shouted Charlie in the distance. “We still have business to attend to!” “Yeah, you guys suck!” screamed Tom. The thirteen of us turned to each other and just stood there. And then we started screaming in joy. “Hooray!” cried Shawn. “I never have to go to that blasted city again!” screamed Richard. Even Cory and Murray joined in on the celebration in their joy. It was complete happiness for the whole morning. And finally, we had a good breakfast and lunch! I missed Marcus and William’s cooking so much. Cory didn’t thank me for saving him, but I really don’t care. But those last words by Charlie kind of bugged me. I kind of got the feeling that he and his men were going to find us one day and get revenge. And I also worried about my fellow former inmates. Had they gotten caught? Did they even have a ship to escape with, or would they have to remain in the city with disguises? I found the latter quite annoying, as the sharp eyes of people like Carl can really bust those kinds of plans. And now that I think about it, I do recall seeing Carl during the chase, snapping photographs. Wow. That city’s going to a thousand mug shots at this rate. I wonder if Carl takes pictures for a living. That wouldn’t surprise me too much.

          7:32pm: Ah, there’s no such thing as home. It is home even if it’s a ship. The whole Vero Beach experience felt so long that I barely recognized my own cabin when I finally walked back in. Marcus has been kind of quiet, but I would be quiet too, if I had been pinned down with guns pointing at my head. Apparently, William did most of the cooking at lunch and dinner. Of course, Shawn’s back in his map room, being obsessed. Captain Woods has been so determined to get to New York as quickly as possible that he hasn’t left his quarters at all. William’s playing a board game with Marcus in the kitchen. Scott, Doug, Theo, and Chris are playing cards in the sitting room. I spent most of the afternoon staring out at the horizon and eating food. Yes, I said food. With how bad the prison food was, I just need some real food for once. Henry’s in his cabin, reading a book. And Richard keeps complaining about Cory, as Richard keeps finding all sorts of horrible things in his cabin. He also said that Cory’s trying to steal his items through the window with a fishing rod. I don’t really know what Murray’s doing, but he’s probably doing something to help Cory. And even though we have the two biggest phonies on the planet, it’s still great to be home. I’m lying in bed right now, filling in this entry. I’m just glad Shawn’s not next door, as I really can’t handle any more torture. I hear snoring from Henry’s room, so he probably conked out. Oh, there’s shouting coming from the other side of the cabin floor. I’ll look out the window. Well, it turns out that Richard’s claims are true. Cory’s using a fishing rod to jab through the window and swipe for items, but Richard doesn’t want to get to close in fear of getting hit by the hook. He tried to get out through the door, but Murray moved a bunch of furniture and blocked the door from opening. Richard keeps screaming for help. I mean, why not?

          10:11pm: Should not have helped Richard. Nope. I should have just stayed in my cabin and continued to write in my diary, but did I do that? No, not one bit. Putting my diary and pencil down on the bed, I opened the door and jogged to the other side, where Richard’s cabin was. “Hey! Stop it!” I told Cory. “But this is so much fun!” Cory cried, laughing. They had already managed to fish out Richard’s watch, a book about George Washington, two pencils, a piece of blank paper, and a few dollars. “Hey, Donald, you might want to watch out,” Murray smirked happily. “I’ve set up a few traps that might be a bit inconvenient for you.” “Huh?” “Donald! Above you! Look out!” Richard screamed. I looked up to see huge buckets of water dangling from the ceiling, and Murray was pulling a rope to turn them over! “Fiddlesticks,” I cursed. A second later, a cascade of icy water came pouring down onto me. It was like a slippery slide of death. The water rushed onto the floor all around me! It wasn’t anything life-threatening like the flood at the prison, but it was still dangerous. The water avoided Cory and Murray, but I was caught in the center of it. The current knocked me off my feet and sent whirling around in the water while it circled around the opening in the center of the cabin room. The water kept piling up, and eventually, it flipped me over the railing! “Donald!” “Help me!” I screamed. I was now hanging onto the railing with one hand. As I looked up, it soon became obvious that Murray had pushed this a little too far. “Uh-oh,” he said. Soon several more buckets came crashing down, and Cory and Murray were washed away. Since the window was open, and not wanting to drown, Richard jumped through the window. Henry was woken up by the noise, and he dashed outside as well. Henry, Richard, Cory, and Murray were all being circled around in the same way I had, but I was in a far more precarious position. Eventually, the water came down so much that I lost my grip and fell all the way down to the next floor! Thankfully, I had water to land on, and I didn’t break any bones. There was no opening on this floor, but that didn’t help matters much. The water continued to drive relentlessly. Above me, I could see the other four falling down the cascade as well. I was wrong. This was very serious! We could drown! I caught a quick break when I managed to grab hold of a bar hanging from the reading room. Henry, Richard, Cory, and Murray had washed down by now. “We’ve got to get back to the deck!” I shouted. “How?” screamed Murray. “We’re going to drown!” “We’re going to drown because of you, you idiot!” shouted Richard angrily. “Let’s all focus on getting out of here instead of blaming each other, how about that?” barked Henry. Soon, the bar I was holding was carrying too much weight, and I fell down and joined my friends, who were also being swept away at a fast pace. We got to the map room first. The water banged on the door until it gave way, revealing a shocked Shawn. “What is going on here?” he cried. Diving through the water, he resurfaced along with us. “This room’s almost fully flooded!” Richard shouted. “Wait! I have an idea!” I cried. “Instead of going up, which is way too hard, we go down!” Everyone stared at me. “Don, are you mad?!” Cory shrieked. “We’ll die if we go down!” “No, listen! We can get through the hole that Gavin came in through! We can swim outside, and everyone else can pick us up in the lifeboats!” Henry, Richard, and Shawn approved of the plan. Even Cory liked it. But Murray still seemed worried. “And who’s to say that we’ll even make it down to that floor? What if we drown?” “Stop being such a pessimist, you fool!” shouted Richard. The water continued to throw us forward. I hoped that our friends had recognized the situation and gotten in the lifeboats. Suddenly, a whole barrage of items flew down the opening! But it was only our belongings. I found my backpack, with everything still inside from when I was in prison. I found my diary and my pencil. I also found the Native’s stone and the family picture. Thinking that we were going to be stuck in the lifeboat for a long time, I found as many of my belongings as possible. I’d say I found about three-fourths of the food I had in my room, along with half of the clothes. I also collected most of my spare paper and pencils, and I found some of my hats. I saw my bed, but there was no way I was taking that. I did grab my pillow, though. Two-thirds of my books were found. And lastly, I found my binoculars, my pistol, my map, my lotion, my sunscreen, and my sunglasses. Stuffing all of this into my backpack with no room to spare, I thanked my backpack for being so big. In general, I’d say I’d found about two-thirds of my total belongings. Some of the others weren’t so lucky, though. All Richard found was one book and one hat, and Cory found nothing at all belonging to him! The same applied to Murray, but he grabbed a book that wasn’t his. Shawn got pretty much all of his maps, as he hustled back to the map room to save them, and a third of his general belongings. Henry got half of his belongings. But there was no time to collect any more of our stuff, as the current suddenly switched from a steady pace to a roaring pace! Huge waves of water were right behind us, and it was also hard going with my backpack. My jump-rope suddenly fell in front of me, so I stuffed that in a small pocket of my backpack. We kept swimming and swimming. We past the gym, where the balls were all swirling around. I got bonked in the head by what looked like a basketball, and Murray got knocked off his feet by a football. Finally, we had reached the staircase leading down. But there was a problem. A table had soared ahead of us and buried itself in the wall, blocking our path! We would have to swim under. Once we fell into the coal room, where the water was barely visible, we sprinted forward, trying to gain as big of a head start as possible before we got caught. It was not easy running over all the coal. Finally, the water rushed over us, and we were forced to swim. But this was different. The water was coming even faster, and we were almost submerged in water! “How the heck did you get this much water, Murray?” I cried as we swam for our lives. “I didn’t have this much!” he shouted. “I think all the pressure of the water made a hole in the wall, and it forced even more water in! That was probably explaining the really fast rush of water in this room. We were now completely submerged! But the exit wasn’t too far away. I spotted the storage with the brooms and shovels and all that. We swam and swam until we all tumbled out of the Brave, splashing into the cold water. As I had hoped, everyone else had gotten out the lifeboats and was waiting for us. Captain Woods, Scott, and Doug were in one boat. Theo, Chris, Marcus, and William were in the other. There was also an empty lifeboat meant for us. Someone had connected all our lifeboats, also connecting them to our ship so we could tow them along. Shawn splashed up to Captain Woods’ boat and was helped in. The rest of us got into the empty boat. Everyone spent a while asking if we were okay, to which we responded yes. It was made well-known that this was all because of Cory and William’s stupid prank. “Idiot!” screamed William. “Boo!” cried Marcus.  “Stupid fools!” shouted Doug. It went on like this for a while, Cory and Murray hiding behind Richard, Henry, and I the whole time. Finally, when they were done with that, Captain Woods ordered, “Start the paddling! Get to the nearest city possible, but first head a little further north to avoid Vero Beach! We’re not going to be able to reach New York in this!” Goodness me, how much longer is our journey to New York going to be delayed? It’s nighttime now, so it’s not too easy to see, but thankfully, I have my flashlight, and the moon’s out bright tonight.


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