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Sail (Day 19)

Sail (Day 19)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Wednesday, August 10th, 1892:

          6:34pm: Finally! We arrived! At 8:30am, Henry, Richard, and I were so exhausted that we had to let Cory and Murray do the paddling. Eventually, the waves got calm enough that we let just Cory paddle and Murray rest. By 9:30am, we were spotting land. And by 10:00am, we had arrived in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. We pulled into this harbor full of fancy-looking boats, much smaller than ours. Just like Vero Beach, people were giving us strange looks. We got off and scampered into the city. Captain Woods stayed behind to arrange repairs, promising that he would find us later at the Poinsett Tavern, where he suggested we should stay. But the rest of us decided to check out the rest of the city a little bit. We actually rented horses to ride around this time. Their hooves pounding on the cobblestone streets made a quite pleasant sound. We first rode south on Bay Street. Eventually, our group came to the south end, where there was the ocean. We were right next to the White Point Garden, so we checked it out. It was pretty cool and all, including pathways, military statues, and picnic areas. I certainly knew much more about the navigation of Charleston much better than Vero Beach and Havana. When I was in college back in Boston, I had studied many maps, and Charleston happened to be one of them. We rode west on Murray Boulevard for a while, passing mostly residential houses. The road curved slightly north. We finally hit an outpost of the coastal guard, so we turned east on Travis Street. We visited the Robert Brewton house on the way, which was pretty neat. By then, it was lunchtime, so we started looking for a place to eat. Turning north on Bay Street once again, we hooked a left on Broad Street and stumbled upon Oak Steakhouse, which was fine. The food there was pretty decent. We decided we should find the tavern after that, since we thought we had explored enough for the time being. But we couldn’t find Poinsett Tavern! It took literally two hours, but we finally found it on Elliot Street, only two blocks away from the steakhouse! And boy, when we found Captain Woods in the front room, he wasn’t happy. There were two floors in the tavern. We booked two on the second one, there apparently not being enough space for three. I was in the room with seven. After dropping off our belongings, we headed out again. Captain Woods had rented a horse as well, so we were good to go. Honestly, I preferred taking the horse rather than the trolley. We rode west on Elliot Street for less than a minute, and then turned north on Church Street. Our horses took us north until we hit the Dock Street Theatre. After asking around a bit, we found that the plays were good, so we bought thirteen tickets. Turns out, it was good. It was comedy play about an understudy to a philosopher. I actually didn’t understand a lot, but I got the general idea. We visited the Gibbs Museum of Art, along with the Confederate Museum, which was from the Civil War. By dinnertime, no one felt like searching for a place to eat, so we just grabbed some food from the cheese and meat place we had spotted on Church Street, really close to the tavern. So yes, we are now all back at Poinsett Tavern, in our rooms. The cheese and meat actually tasted a little better than the steak, so that’s funny. Anyways, I’m done writing for today. It’ll be interesting looking around while our ship continues to endure repairs, which will go on for whatever amount of time.

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