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Sail (Day 20)

Sail (Day 20)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Thursday, August 11th, 1892:

          2:21pm: Okay, I’m not so sure about Charleston anymore. I mean, the city’s great and all. I’m not criticizing it. It’s just that there are some weird things going on around here. For breakfast, our group finished off the meat and cheese. We then looked at our maps and decided what to do next. Charleston City Hall was close, but there was really no point in going there. There was a German-friendly society also decently close, but none of us were German. Well, Doug was partially German, but it was such a tiny portion that we forgot about it. We finally discovered the Medical University of South Carolina, and since no one else really knew what to do, we decided this could be good for Doug. It was really far, though. The ride took one and a half hours. And it was summer, so I was blazing hot. We had just turned west on Calhoun street, very close to the university by now, when we discovered that the street was blocked. The police had put up a barrier and were talking to these people inside. But these weren’t normal people. These people were dressed like elves! There were hundreds of them, and many were still outside the barrier. They were of all ages and sizes. The elf-people were running around, throwing random items at passing civilians and shouting nonsense, such as, “King Jones is coming to smash you all!” And there was, “Don’t be afraid of us! We’re just spreading the word!” I was suddenly tapped on the back. Whirling around, I found a young elf-person jumping around excitedly behind me. “You got any money?” she gibbered. I stumbled away from her. “Um, no,” I mumbled, which was a lie. “Well, I suppose that’s okay, although we do need funds to keep up our supplies!” she chirped. Technically, their only supplies were horses and flags. It was total chaos. The police were running around, trying to hit them with zappers or apprehend them. Our group was stuck in the midst of it. “This is madness!” screamed Chris as an elf lifted him up and tossed him onto a horse. “Save us!” whined Richard, who was being pelted with eggs. I listened in on a conversation an officer was having with one of the elf-people inside the barrier. “Sir, you and your group are going to have to come with us for questioning,” explained the officer, whose name was Gerald, according to his nametag. “But we’re just spreading the word!” cried the elf-person. “Where do you come from?” asked Gerald, ignoring the statement and jotting something down on his notes. “Can’t say,” said the elf- person. “We come from a place far away, where none of you have ever been! We don’t come from here, that’s all I’m going to say!” “And just exactly what news have you been trying to spread?” sighed Gerald, exasperated. My listening was cut off as an elf-person riding a horse nearly trampled me! Thankfully, the horse’s head knocked me out of the way first. The horse broke down the barrier and charged inside. Gerald and the elf-person dived out of the way. “These idiots are crazy!” shouted Cory, who was being tossed higher and higher into the air by a group of enthusiastic elf-people. “You know what, team? I am not going to that university if these people are here! Get back to the tavern!” “Back to the tavern!” echoed Doug, who ran right after Captain Woods. I was turning around to follow when my backpack was suddenly yanked out of my hands! “Huh?” I yelped. “Where’d it go?” The elf-lady suddenly appeared again. “Hello, again!” she laughed. “I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure this backpack will have some useful resources in it!” “Wait! That’s my stuff in there!” I shouted, stumbling after her. She sprinted incredibly fast. There was no way I was going to catch her. But then I realized she was circling around to get to the other side of the barrier. I decided to cut her off! And was she surprised when she turned the corner! I got my hands on the backpack and tried to pull it, but the elf-lady was too strong and yanked it back. What was I going to do? I then thought about hitting her with a ball and knocking her out. It was rude, but it could work. Among the clutter of the elf-people, I found a solid baseball. I have no throwing arm, but this would at least knock someone down. I found the elf-lady in the center of the barrier. Careful not to hit her in the head, I aimed with the baseball. I’m much more of an aim-thrower than a power-thrower, and this baseball was all the power needed. It got the backpack right in the money and knocked it out of the elf-lady’s hands. For a second, she didn’t know where it was, so I ran forward. But she saw me coming and aimed a punch at my face. I slid under it, but she tripped me as I was sliding. I flew through the air but landed right on top of the backpack. Grabbing it, I hustled my way back to everyone else, but the elf-lady was right behind me, aiming a flurry of punches and kicks. She was quickly gaining, so I dived behind some horses, hoping she would lose me that way. No such luck. She knew exactly where I had gone, so I dashed out behind the horse I was hiding behind and ran to my friends. But the horse seemed not to like me very much. I was suddenly kicked by a powerful pile of hooves. I soared until I face-planted right into the side of a building. My head was throbbing, but I continued to run. But then the elf-lady appeared right beside me and kicked me forward! I flew into what seemed like a storage building. My backpack skidded loose and hit the wall on the other side. I ran for it, but the elf-lady suddenly appeared right in front of my face, ready to stop me at all costs. This was my first real good look at her. She was about my age, a little younger, little older, couldn’t tell. “You’re not getting that backpack!” she growled. But suddenly, a rope flew in our direction. Turning around, I saw that Marcus and William had ropes and were trying to tie up the elf-lady! “We’ve got you, Don!” shouted Marcus. “Yeah, hold in there, buddy!” cried William. The elf-lady shouted and jumped around, trying to avoid the ropes. But she was also trying to punch me. I took a big one in the face and flew into a haystack. The elf-lady approached me, ready to knock me out, but it was too late. She was trapped by the ropes. “Thanks, guys!” I shouted. “No problem! Get your backpack and go!” replied Marcus. I darted past the elf-lady as I ran to get my backpack, and then ran out the entrance. “I hate you, I hate you!” she screamed, trying to punch and kick me from thirty feet away. Once outside the storage unit, I felt relieved to be rid of that elf-lady. But I had to escape quickly. Several elf-people were running into the storage building, no doubt to free their friend. “Hurry up and free me! I need to get after that jerk!” she shrieked. But I had too big of a head start. By then, all of our friends had escaped, some covered in eggs or milk, but we were just thankful to be out of there. We forced our horses to run all the way until we were certain no one had followed us. As soon as we were where we wanted to be, we started to complain all at once. “This is the worst city I’ve ever been to! I hate this place!” roared Richard in outrage. “Don’t blame the city, blame the idiots who came to this place!” shouted Theo. “No! We must blame everything and everyone!” screamed Cory. “Okay, okay! Calm down, all of you!” ordered Captain Woods. “I know this is bad, but let’s just get back to the tavern. We’ll pick up lunch on the way.” Again, we didn’t’ know where to go, so we grabbed some food at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Our spirits were dampened even further when we discovered there were several of those crazy people camped out next to Saint Phillip’s Church, which was very close to Poinsett Tavern. Once we got back, we all filed into one room and had a meeting. It was incredibly crowded, but at the moment, no one really cared. “I say we dump this place and move on somewhere else!” shouted Marcus. “And the food here sucks anyway!” “The food here was good,” muttered Murray, but no one heard him. “Hold on, Marcus, we can’t just leave! The repairs aren’t done yet!” cried Captain Woods. “Well, how long are the stupid repairs going to take!” screamed Richard. “I don’t know exactly, but I’m sure it’ll be ready in a few days,” assured Captain Woods. “It’s going to take a few days? I can’t cope with these guys for one minute!” exclaimed Doug, who was also a little sour at missing the opportunity to visit the university. “I’m telling you all, we can’t leave yet!” cried Captain Woods. “The Brave isn’t ready yet!” “I don’t care how long it’s going to take! Get me out of here right now!” screamed Richard. “Shut it!” shouted William, elbowing Richard in the side. “Son, please calm down,” said Captain Woods softly. Richard remained quit, although he was still breathing hard. Captain Woods continued to talk. “I know this has been hard for everyone, and I’m just like you. I hated that. But we’re going to have to stick it out until the Brave is done being repaired. And really, it’s just a few more days! Even though we saw those guys at the church, they can’t bother us! We’ve just got to lie low and relax until we’re ready. Who’s with me?” Soon, everyone was onboard with the captain. Doug, Scott, and Chris went out to buy a ton of extra food so we wouldn’t have to leave the tavern and get bothered by the elf-people. The clerk at the front desk, whose name was Austin, agreed with our plan. “Already done that myself,” he told us. “This has been going on for a few days now. The problem is, more and more are filing in from the west and infiltrating the eastern parts of the city. And there are many worse groups than that. You’re lucky yourself you ran into a good one.” “A good one?!” roared Richard, but Shawn slapped a hand over his mouth. “You don’t know since you haven’t really been to those parts, but some of those groups can get really brutal. They get really bad especially at night. I don’t even want to tell you about some of the things they’ve done.” And with that, Austin turned around and continued smoking his cigar. That was about half an hour ago, when we visited the front desk.

          9:48pm: Yes, thank goodness we decided to stock up on food! It was about 8:00pm, and we had just finished dinner, which we had tried to make as small as we could without going hungry to avoid going out. Everyone was just relaxing in the two rooms. Suddenly, we heard some shouting from outside the front doors. We all rushed downstairs to see what was going on. It was the elf-people platoon! And either this group was being affected by the night, or they were just really bad. I felt horrible for the people outside. They were being picked up and thrown around! Thankfully, no one was getting killed or seriously injured. But then things took a turn of events. The elf-people pulled out their weapons! They had guns and knives. And they also had fire sticks! But there were a ton of police out there! With their efforts, putting fire to the tavern was stopped. In the front room, it seemed like the whole tavern was down there. Austin was scuttling about, stacking furniture and shelves in front of the doors. Several people ran to help. “Best block the doors, ladies and gentlemen!” the clerk called. “It helps.” It went on like that for a little while. Our group went upstairs to the empty room where you could look down at the front. The elf-people seemed not to have managed to make much use of their weapons, as I only saw one dead person lying on the street. Pretty much all of them were being rounded up. It was a sad night indeed.



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