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Sail (Day 21)

Sail (Day 21)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Friday, August 12th, 1892:

          11:52am: We’re actually at the harbor even though our ship is not ready to go just yet. After a quick and light breakfast, we headed downstairs to the front room. Austin was behind the desk, whistling. “You folks from here or out of town?” he asked. “We’re sailors. We sail around everywhere,” explained Captain Woods. “Well, that means you best get going. I’m sure the harbor’s about to be taken over by tonight, if not already.” Austin’s words had a strong point. We gathered our luggage and bid farewell to our clerk friend. We hustled to the harbor, only spotting one elf-person who was being handcuffed. He seemed to have been trying to break down the wall of a building. Our team got to the harbor and found our ship quickly. Captain Woods asked the workers if our ship was ready. “Not yet,” explained the worker. “Probably be ready by the late afternoon.” The late afternoon… I’m grateful that it’s not the night, but that’s cutting it awfully close. Plus, the elf-people have almost taken over the whole city! We’ve talked to the worker a ton this morning. “I understand your need to leave,” he told us. “The entire police force has been set to work stopping them. I’m ready to leave myself as well, even though it has to be tomorrow morning. My wife has some very important work she needs to do.” We gave the worker our luck, whose name was Harvey. It’s actually a pretty nice sight out by the harbor, but it’s kind of ruined with the anxiousness of knowing that the elf-people come out in bunches at night. Harvey, who’s apparently a leader of his own harbor team, is having his workers work extra hard for our benefit. Nice guy, he is.

          11:45pm: That did work out the way we wanted it to. Harvey and his workers pushed so hard that they were done with the Brave by 3:30pm! “Thank you so much!” cried Captain Woods. We all thanked and bid farewell to Harvey and his workers, and then set out for our ship, knowing we didn’t have time to waste. But suddenly, there was a zap, and Chris was down! Then another, and Henry had fallen! Everyone whirled around to see a group of about ten policemen behind us, armed with zappers. Their uniforms and badges said enough. This was the Vero Beach Police Force. There was no way we were leaving without Henry or Chris, so we agreed to come with them. It was a short walk. On the other side of the harbor, there were several Vero Beach Police ships full of officers! They led us all down into the brig of one of the ships. The officer who locked our cell gave us a nasty grin. “You’re in for it,” he snarled maliciously. Then he walked away. Right after he left, everyone started cursing our own luck, complaining that if the work had been finished a minute earlier, or if we had ran really fast, we could have avoided this. Ugh. I guess we’re back in the clutches of Vero Beach. I really don’t know what we’re going to do this time.




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